OnePlus Nord N30 5G | Unlocked Dual-SIM Android Smart Phone | 6.7″ LCD Display | 8 +128GB | 5000 mAh Battery | 50W Fast Charging | 108MP Camera | Chromatic Gray

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  • 108MP Triple Camera with 3x Lossless Zoom and Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) – titanic main camera that captures clear, high-detail photos with 9-in-1 pixel binning tech that absorbs more light for brighter, more colorful images.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 Chipset – With up to 8GB of expandable virtual RAM that will have you swiping and switching between apps at blistering speed.
  • 50W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition + 5,000 mAh Battery – A day’s power in just 30 minutes. SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition charging and Battery Health Engine technology increase the battery’s lifespan and prevent over-charging.
  • 6.7” 120 Hz Display + Dual Stereo Speakers – Lose yourself in your favorite movies and shows with a massive LCD display and a speedy 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate that saves on battery + 200% Ultra Volume Mode to tune into the dual stereo speakers.
  • OxygenOS 13.1 – Fast and Smooth experience and incredible features including Quick Start and Gaming Tools, with Game Focus Mode and improved app optimisation.
  • 5G Enabled Dual-SIM – The OnePlus Nord N30 is the perfect entry-level 5G phone, featuring premium specs and an affordable price. *5G compatible with T-mobile, Google Fi, Mint Mobile, Metro by TMO, Simple Mobile. 5G available in selected areas, please check with your carrier. (Dual-SIM is SIM & SIM/MicroSD)
Package Dimensions

7.32 x 3.9 x 2.72 inches

Item Weight

1.04 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)




128 GB

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB



Special features

Dual SIM

Other display features


Other camera features


Audio Jack

3.5 mm

Form Factor



Chromatic Gray

Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

OnePlus Nord N30 5G, Charger Adapter, Type-C Cable, Welcome Start Guide, SIM Tray Ejector



Country of Origin


Date First Available

June 5, 2023

Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

Standing screen display size

6.7 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

8 GB

Battery Capacity



1.04 Pounds

Charging Time

47 minutes

5 reviews for OnePlus Nord N30 5G | Unlocked Dual-SIM Android Smart Phone | 6.7″ LCD Display | 8 +128GB | 5000 mAh Battery | 50W Fast Charging | 108MP Camera | Chromatic Gray

  1. KatzenBooks

    I no longer close myself out of apps (except just now, bc this phone has a twisted sense of humor). Like any new setup, it just took a little getting used to. For example, I added a screen protector, not realizing it came with one already on it. I don’t expect to upgrade for quite a while, but when I do, I probably won’t even bother looking at other brands. OnePlus is the way to go – the Nord n30 feels and acts like a much more expensive device than it is.

    I had never heard of the OnePlus brand until recently, but they seem to have a very good reputation. The Nord n30 kept topping the list of best lower-cost phones, so I took a chance and I’m so glad. My old phone was glitching a lot, basically acting like it was on the verge of total failure. I wanted to get something of reasonable quality, and fortunately, Amazon lets you pay in installments with no interest. That makes a big difference when money is tight, and at the holidays in particular.

    It’s thin and light, and the screen is about as big as it can get without being ridiculous. That’s perfect if you’re 40+ and don’t see as well anymore. The downside is that if you happen to have small hands, it may take some getting used to – it’s just the slightest bit of a reach. The display is bright and beautiful, and it’s super quick with no lagging. If you watch videos or listen to music you’ll notice that the sound quality is amazing, particularly with earphones.

    I take a lot of photos, so the camera was important too. This one is very nice and I’ve gotten some excellent pics of the cat (and really, what else are cameras for?). I tested it on notoriously difficult holiday lights at night, and it did very well. Looking forward to landscapes and snow scenes. And more cat. The only thing that bugs me is I keep accidentally minimizing apps by swiping too close to the bottom where the functions are. That’s something you have to acclimate to, but hopefully I’ll get there soon.

    Overall this is an excellent choice if you want a high quality phone that doesn’t cost half a month’s rent.

  2. Disturbedfred

    Had my N30 for a couple months now and can say it’s as nice as my 7Pro before it and much better than the Pixel 6Pro I’m still using off and on. Everything is buttery smooth, fast and just works great. Pics are great too, although I never had an issue with any of my OnePlus phones pictures. Great battery life and love the fast charging, especially compared to the turtle slow and very picky charging of my Pixel phone. Don’t have hands on with any other entry level handsets, but I can’t believe the Nord 30 isn’t about the best of the bunch.

  3. Justin Time

    I’m conflicted even writing this but here goes…. This thing is impressive for the price paid.

    I am a HUGE Samsung fan. I HATE Apple. I always spend the most money for the newest phone with as much memory as offered. My thought being it will last until the next time I need a phone. It will remain relevant, the tech won’t be obsolete, and presumably I’m buying a quality product.

    That mentality has served me well… Until it didn’t. My S22 Ultra is having connectivity problems. We’ll it really isn’t that old and I owe $700+ on it still. So I was in a tough spot, fixing it means a bill probably North of $300(maybe more) and then I would still owe the money on top of it. I didn’t thi k either option was right. Paying it off seemed too expensive. Fixing it seemed silly, and ultimately too expensive.

    So in the short term I went and found the cheapest phone I could stomach. A Motorola something or other for $150. It had 4G of RAM which caused Microsoft Teams to not even start on my phone. It just instantly crashed. So for awhile I just used that as my Hotspot for my Samsung (which had its drawbacks for sure).

    That isn’t working. Alright I can still return this Motorola. What else for a little more money might be better? A refurb? Nope… Still $300+ in anything I would accept. I read. I researched. I finally come to the One Plus. Lots of nice things are said about the phone and fresh of my recent “cheap phone” experience, let’s just say I was dubious.

    It goes on sale for $230. Alright for $230 I’ll bite.

    I got to tell you… For a $230 it’s hard to gripe. Is it perfect? NOPE. is it a flagship Samsung phone. NOPE. For $230,I give it some grace. RAM 8G which is so so, it supports virtual RAM up to 16G. Not as good as real RAM but MORE than serviceable. 128G of memory alright that’s not great but guess what… It supports an SD card. Boom. Doesn’t matter. The OS is largely free of anything I hate. It’s functional. Some quirks here and there… But I adjusted pretty darn quick. The quick charge battery may be worth it alone. This thing just amazes me how quickly it charges. Is it good for the batteries longevity? I doubt it. However at $230, I don’t really care. I am a POWER USER, a 5,000ma battery is good. Still not good enough for me. I figure I’d need a 10,000ma battery maybe a little more to meet my demands. The fast charge though, it gets lower than I like, blast it with the supercharger, 20 minutes later and I’m back in the game. The finger print scanner, I didn’t think that it would be natural or useful where it is on the side. Not true. Dang thing works flawlessly always.

    True downsides. The camera… It surely isn’t a Samsung. Now, I’ll give it props, in full light and still photos it’s adequate. Not great, but it does the job. In the dark though… Oi oi oi…. Hot garbage. The screen gets bright, it really does, but it needs to be brighter, by… Shoot I don’t know: 25-35%. It’s manageable though. I honestly think those are my only gripes.

    Its responsive and plenty fast at running the things I need it to do. I’m kind of shaken up about it because I’m not sure at this point I’ll maintain my same theory about phone ownership. At $230 for…. 70% of the goodness let’s say, I have a hard time thinking that $1400 for a new phone makes a lot of sense. Bravo One Plus. This is impressive.

  4. Tadeo Herrera

    Los atributos están a la altura de un gama alta.. la velocidad y su estética los mejores y no se diga la calidad de la cámara y el sonido por el precio es excelente !!!

  5. Yalal Besereni

    OnePlus smartphones are known for their sleek design, high-quality displays, fast performance, and a clean user interface. They often come with powerful processors, ample RAM, and large batteries to provide a smooth and efficient user experience. Additionally, OnePlus devices usually offer impressive camera systems with multiple lenses for versatile photography.

    When reviewing a specific model like the OnePlus Nord N30 5G, it’s essential to consider its display quality, processing power, camera capabilities, battery life, software features, and overall user experience. Detailed comparisons with similar devices in terms of price and specifications are also helpful in evaluating its value in the market.

    If you have any specific questions about the OnePlus Nord N30 5G or any other topic, feel free to ask!

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