PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

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  • Play in comfort with a wireless headset fine-tuned for 3D Audio on PS5 consoles
  • Featuring USB Type-C charging and dual noise-cancelling microphones, you can keep the party chat flowing with crystal-clear voice capture
  • Wireless adaptor : Enjoy up to 12 hours of wireless play thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. Connect to PS5 and PS4 consoles as well as compatible Windows and macOS computers using the included adaptor
Product Dimensions

8.66 x 5.12 x 8.86 inches

Item Weight

1.76 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 1, 2020





13 reviews for PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

  1. Samir

    J’ai commandé ce casque pour comparer avec le steelseries arctis 9 qui fait deux fois sont prix que j’ai eu à 179€ contre 89€ pour le pulse 3D donc j’en vous fait une petite comparaison pour ceux que ça intéresse et je vous dirais à la fin lequel j’ai gardé :

    L’arceau est vraiment tres confortable sur le crâne, sensation qui rappelle celle du arctis par contre les mousses sur les oreilles sont beaucoup plus rigides je trouve (si on compare) mais rends le casque plus stable sur la tête alors que le arctis si vous baissez la tête le casque tombe.

    Niveau qualité de son je n’ai pas été déçu, je trouve le son très correct (attention je ne suis pas du tout audiophile) pour moi la qualité de son se vaut sur les deux casques avec un peu plus de basse sur le pulse 3D. Et pour la spécialisation les deux sont identiques pour moi.
    Quant au micro il est largement suffisant pour discuter avec vos amis en chat, mon ami me parlait avec et je l’entendais parfaitement, celui du arctis semble un peu meilleur quand j’entends mon retour voix mais en jeux je ne vois aucune différence.

    Ensuite la solidité, le pulse 3D est totalement en plastique et légèrement plus léger mais ne semble pas spécialement fragile, ce qui m’inquiète vraiment c’est comment se passera le vieillissement du similicuir dans le temps.

    Enfin la compatibilité avec la PS5 vous n’aurez évidemment pas mieux en ce qui concerne la balance avec l’audio du chat et du jeu par exemple là où sur le arctis 9 c’est impossible avec la ps5 malgré qu’il ai lui aussi cette option, il y a aussi le niveau de batterie du casque que vous retrouver à l’écran comme pour la manette, impossible aussi avec le arctis.

    Bon pour conclure très bon casque pour son prix vous n’aurez pas mieux je pense pour du sans fil et une compatibilité totale de toute les fonctionnalités sur PS5, malgré tout ça j’ai quand même garder le arctis pour son confort car je joue parfois 10h d’affilé voir plus et aussi la batterie de 20h malgré que celle de 12h du pulse soit largement suffisante pour 95% de gens dont moi la plupart du temps, et enfin car le acrtis est compatible avec tous les appareils Bluetooth (et vous pouvez l’utiliser tout en gardant le son du jeu en même temps) alors que le pulse l’est seulement avec PlayStation et Pc.

    Je l’ai donc revendu à un ami qui en est ravi.

    Désolé pour mon commentaire très long mais je pense que ça peut aider ceux qui comme moi font beaucoup de recherche avant de se decider.

  2. Zianna Cruz

    Such a perfect Christmas gift!

  3. Mikol

    They work good.

  4. 🌺🌺

    Headset is beautiful 😍 , it’s not too heavy and is very comfortable on the ears. In the box is the following: The headset, the wireless receiver, a USB charging cable, an audio cable if you prefer a wired connection and instructions.

    The headset has 2 hidden microphones, so no more mics getting the way or having to fold them out the way aswell. The headset seems very well made aswell. It’s strong plastic and has an auto adjustable inner rubber strap (see pic) which adjusts to the shape of your head for maximum hold and comfort.

    The speakers sit on the outside of the ear and when I put them on just to see how they fit, I noticed they reduced alot of the outside noise. This is promising for gaming as when sound is coming through the speakers, you know you won’t be interrupted by background noise. These are built for optimal gaming sound. They feel soft and spongy and have a leather style outer material. They are really soft and comfortable on the ears. The headsets are made with 3D audio aswell. If your not sure what this means, to put it simply, say for example your playing a game and your sat on a chair for example and someone walks all the way around you. The speakers will play the sound as it would sound in real life with the footsteps moving around you rather than just blasting it directly into your ears, the sound “moves” as it does in real life. The speakers will be immerse you in the game and it allows you to hear everything and what direction it’s coming from. It really is brilliant.

    As for the price £89.99 is really fair for the quality. Alot of people were expecting this to be much higher priced but Sony have done good with the prices of the accessories. It really is worth picking one of these up to go with your amazing new PS5 (I can’t wait for mine to arrive, only 1 week to go! 😲)

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review and I hope this was helpful to you 🥰

  5. James Rogers

    Very good sound but I can still hear my Wife in the background when trying to focus on games which can be distracting especially when she raises her voice or even worse steps over the barrier I created to prevent her standing in front of the TV.

  6. Emily O

    I got these as a gift and my husband is obsessed. He said they’re the best headphones he has ever owned. Noise cancellation is great and sound quality is top notch. He highly recommends.

  7. MyKeyReviews

    ▬ Introduction ▬▬▬

    The PULSE 3D Headset was primarily made to go alongside the launch of the PlayStation 5. This is an official Sony headset and is “fine-tuned” to work best with the PS5 featuring ‘3D Audio’ with games that support it. With that said, it is compatible with other devices such as:
    • PlayStation 4 (Wired & Wireless).
    • PC/Laptop (Wireless).
    • MP3 Players/Smartphones (Device must have an AUX port).

    The headset is NOT Bluetooth, so if you are hoping to use these with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you will be sorely disappointed as It connects via a wireless adaptor (USB Dongle).

    The main features of this headset are:
    • 3D Audio (Limited to PS5).
    • Dual hidden microphones.
    • Rechargeable battery.
    • Easy-access headset controls.
    • Side-tone (microphone monitoring).

    ▬ Box Contents ▬▬▬

    • PULSE 3D headset.
    • Wireless adaptor.
    • USB-A to USB-C cable (for charging).
    • Audio cable.
    • Instruction manual.

    ▬ Design & Build Quality ▬▬▬

    Like all other official PS5 accessories, Sony are keeping the colour theme in-line with PS5 console with a white matte finish on the headband and everything else is a matte black. The matte finish is great as it’s not as much of a finger-print magnet like gloss black.

    I genuinely love how the headset looks from the front and back, though I’m still unsure of the design choice in regards to the headband as it curves around the ear-cups; I think it’s slowly growing on me but certainly not something I liked the look of when I first saw it.

    Build-quality is questionable… Whilst I love how lightweight the headset is, the components feel borderline cheap as it feels like cheap plastic. At the same time, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to suddenly break/snap, so here’s to hoping they will last!

    ▬ Set-Up & Using ▬▬▬

    First of all make sure you have given the headset a decent charge before you use them.

    Once charged this headset is very straight-forward to set-up as they are pretty much plug-in and play:
    1) Plug the wireless adaptor into your PS5/PS4 USB port.
    2) Turn on your console and log-in to your user.
    3) Flick the power switch on the headset so it turns on.
    4) The console should automatically detect the headset. If it doesn’t, go into your device settings and ensure it has been selected.

    When using the headset wirelessly, you will need to adjust two different volume settings on the headset:
    1) Volume (this is the OVERALL volume).
    2) Chat – Game (this is the audio level ratio between incoming chat and game audio).
    I typically press ‘Game’ on the headset several times, then I press ‘+’ on the volume before adjusting the ratio.

    If you can hear your teammates but not the game audio, most likely you will need to adjust the ratio by pressing ‘Game’ a couple of times. If vice versa, do the opposite.

    There are some other quick access buttons available on the headset:
    • Microphone mute button (A quick way to mute your microphone should you not want people to hear you).
    • Microphone monitoring (When enabled, you will hear what your microphones pick up so you can hear yourself when talking).

    If you have run out of charge or for some reason want to use it wired, connect the headset to your DualSense or DualShock 4 controller via the included audio cable. If no game audio comes out of the headset, make sure the audio output is on ‘All Audio’ not ‘Chat Only’. Note that when using the headset via wire, you won’t be able to use the functions on the side of the headset.

    ▬ Comfort & Sound Quality ▬▬▬

    I’ve had some long gaming sessions whilst using these (6 hours+) and they are mostly comfortable but I do find that after a couple of hours, I can feel a slight of pressure underneath my ears which causes a minor amount of discomfort. I think this is due to the fact you don’t adjust the headset by moving the earcups or headband to your size, instead the headset features a inner suspender headband that adjusts to your headset but it’s a little loose so doesn’t lock into position exactly how you want it.

    The audio quality is brilliant! Considering at the time of writing this review I have been using it with the PS4 as they PS5 isn’t out and I am pleased with the results. The audio is fairly well balanced and makes it really easy to hear footsteps in Call of Duty (very important); dialogue is clear, gunfire sounds good and the bass from explosions is decent but not overwhelming.

    I also use these to listen to music be it on Spotify on the console or with my MP3 player and like a variety of different genres so it’s nice to have a headset that delivers music clearly no matter what genre.

    I had asked my friends to give me feedback on the microphone, they stated they could clearly understand me when talking through the microphone, however, it became very apparent that it also picked up other noises too easily and very loudly. Something as simple as me handling a chocolate wrapper, my friends suffered with an earful of noise (my previous headset did not pick these sounds up so easily). The microphones are supposed to be noise-cancelling but that’s more ambient noise, so bare that in mind when using these.

    Battery life is expected to be around 12 hours at mid-volume, so may vary depending on how loudly you have the headset set at. With it being USB-C, you can expect the charging time to be decent and if you have a long enough cable you can use whilst charging.

    I also would like to add that the wireless range on these are pretty good too as I was able to walk in the kitchen and remain full connectivity whilst talking with my friends.

    ▬ Final Thoughts ▬▬▬

    Whilst there are a couple of flaws, the PULSE 3D headset is generally a very good headset, especially as it has an RRP of £89.99 which I think is a fair price for what you get.

    If you are in the market for a wireless headset with guaranteed PS5 compatibility or are wanting a PS4 headset that’s futureproof, then I would definitely recommend these.

    ✔ Pros:
    ✓ Wireless and backwards compatible with the PS4.
    ✓ Easy to set-up and use.
    ✓ Well-balanced audio quality.
    ✓ Microphone monitoring is a great feature.
    ✓ Decent wireless range.
    ✓ Good battery life.

    ⸗ Neutral:
    – Long term comfort is questionable.
    – Build quality is not overly great but at least it feels durable enough.

    ✖ Cons:
    ✘ Microphone can pick up too much sound.
    ✘ If wireless adaptor is lost, you cannot get a replacement.

  8. sheldon fraser

    I really like these headphones. Definitely an upgrade from my last set. The buttons do take some getting use to. But once you get them down packed, the headphones are great.

  9. Jason

    They are very comfortable, east to use and sound really good. The noise cancellation isn’t all that good but, overall, impressive headphones

  10. CKB MA

    I tried a few headphones before getting this ones and I’m very please with the quality and functionality/features . Do not waste your money and time looking at other headphones, these are the best! I highly recommend this product for PS5!

  11. Jamie A

    I was using regular audio technica wired headphones plugged into the PS5 remote. Night and day difference with these new ones!

  12. Zachal

    # Lieferumfang
    Sony PULSE 3D-Wireless Headset
    USB Sender/Empfänger
    1,5m USB-C auf USB Kabel
    1,2m 3.5mm Audiokabel mit Goldkontaktstecker

    # Mikrofon
    Dumpf, trotzdem noch besser als viele “Gamer-Headsets”

    # Sound
    Damit bin ich voll zufrieden.
    Bass -Kickbass ja, Nachwums bleibt auf der Strecke. Mitten klar und die Höhen wurden angehoben.

    # Verarbeitung
    Das Headset ist mit 292g leicht.
    Kopfbügelband: drückt nicht und ist super angenehm.
    Ohrpolster: aus Kunstleder und riechen leicht. Nach nur ~30min spüre ich bereits wie meine Ohren warm werden
    und ich das Headset auseinander ziehe zum “Luft holen”. Die Ohrpolster lassen sich via Klicksystem einfach herunter nehmen. Hoffe da liefert Sony noch Velourpolster nach.
    Rahmen: Die Hörer haben gerade mal 0,5cm Spielraum um zu wippen, kein Gelenk.
    Das Headset drückt nach mehreren Stunden noch, ich hoffe das gibt noch etwas nach.

    # Buttons & Anschlüsse
    Es gibt nur strenge Knöpfe zum schieben oder drücken.
    Man kann also auch gemütlich am Kissen liegen ohne das unabsichtlich etwas ausgelöst wird.
    Besondere Funktionen sind z.B: Wenn man den Mikro-Mute Button drückt, springt der ung 2mm heraus mit einer orangenen Markierung.
    So hat man durch drüber streichen sofort die Gewissheit, ob man gemutet ist oder nicht.
    Es gibt eine Monitoring Funktion, dass man sich leicht selber hören kann.
    Die Funktion selber bringt es kaum. Man hört sich nur sehr sehr leise und ich kann ein leichtes Grundrauschen wahrnehmen.
    Es ist zum Glück halboffen und nicht komplett geschlossen.
    CHAT-GAME Lautstärke steuern. Für viele sehr wichtig.
    Wenn man CHAT + Lautstärke(-) kurz hält, blinkt die LED Anzeige Lila je nach Akku-Stand. 1x, 2x, 3x(voll) + piept.

    # Akku und Reichweite
    Vor dem Erstbetrieb habe ich das Headset 2h laden müssen.
    Nach 4h Betrieb verteilt am Tag (Film und Musik hören) habe ich 1/3 Akku verbraucht.
    Die Sony angegebenen 12h sind also zu erreichen.
    Durch 3 Wände funktioniert die Funkverbindung stabil und ohne Unterbrechungen, nicht schlecht.

    # Technische Daten
    Eingangsleistung Headset: 0,65A
    Eingangsleistung Sender/Empfänger: 0,1A
    Akkuspannung: 3,65V
    Akkuleistung: 1000mAh
    Kommunikationssystem: 2,4 GHz HF
    Maximale Reichweite: ~10m *hängt von unterschiedlichen Faktoren ab
    Verwendungszeit bei komplett geladenem Akku: Bis zu 12h bei mittlerer Lautstärke

    Fazit: Das mit dem Kopfdruck wird jeder unterschiedlich empfinden. Einfach testen und selber entscheiden.
    P/L top!

    Updates wird es als Kommentar hier darunter geben.

  13. Malone

    Very easy to install, all you have to do is plug in the usb drive and thats all! Great noise cancellation and very comfortable to wear. Can wear them for hours and it doesn’t hurt my ears. Call of duty sounds great on these and you can hear footsteps easily. Highly recommend these for any gamer looking for a nice pair of headphones at a good price.

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