PlayVital Full Set Skin for Steam Deck, Decal Stickers for Steam Deck Handheld Gaming PC – Blue Nebula

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  • Specially designed for Steam Deck,not compatible with any other model
  • Full set protective skins with precise cutting to perfectly match with Steam Deck, does not affect the touching area and the haptic feedback during the game session
  • Made of premium adhesive vinyl stickers, it won’t cause surface damage or peeling, no sticky residue or odor left. Smooth touch in hand, adding comfort while holding your gaming device
  • Prevent your gaming device from accidental scratches or bumps during daily use
  • Easy installation, please search with “PlayVital Full Set Protective Skin Decal for Steam Deck” on YouTube for specific details
Product Dimensions

7.87 x 1.97 x 4.33 inches

Item Weight

1.76 ounces



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Date First Available

July 8, 2022

13 reviews for PlayVital Full Set Skin for Steam Deck, Decal Stickers for Steam Deck Handheld Gaming PC – Blue Nebula

  1. eden188

    The Steam Deck is the best device I have bought for 2022, but this review is not about the Steam Deck, but I like it so much that I have kitted out the Deck with a number of accessories.

    One of which is this skin for it. The seller provides many different style of skins for the Deck, for me, this colourful one looks the best in my opinion. The surprise (as many have said) is that this comes with 2 skins. I have only needed to use 1 and spent a nice 30 minutes to apply this carefully with a credit card (to smooth the bubbles out) and made sure the holes align properly with the Deck.

    There is a textured surface which gives the Deck a nicer feel which it also covers the touchpads to make the front look consistent with the rest of the body. Note, that the skin does not affect the touchpads at all.

    Some have made comments about some part of the skin has started peeling, there are certain parts that have started, but these are those folded parts where there are little adhesion to the Deck, e.g. the top and bottom of the screen. I simply use the hair dryer and the credit card to push them down again. They are not visibly or peeling bad, I just have OCD to make sure it is as smooth as possible.

    I have bought a body case for the Deck anyway, this provides and additional protection AND to prevent the skin sides from catching, which would cause the peeling problem more prominent.

    I would say this is a really good value skin for the Deck, I have looked at other brands like EasySkinz, etc, but they don’t have as many designs and much more expensive.

    If you have time on hand and have patience to do this properly, your Steam Deck would look amazing after it is done (as shown in my pictures).

  2. Duc

    The installation was not too bad. The print quality is decent. However, the adhesion is not good enough, especially around the edge. I used hair dryer to dry to fix the adhesion issues but the edge still does not hold down.

  3. Amazon Customer

    You get two packs, unfortunately the cut is not a perfect fit which means you have to spend ages correcting small areas and will still have a crinkle somewhere, also the instructions want you to put a hair dryer on it for two minutes to set the adhesive on corners and bends, make sure your battery is completely empty otherwise you risk the battery exploding

  4. bwcixxxokcg

    Had some slight trouble installing the first one, but that may have been on my part as I haven’t installed many skins.
    I like the feel of it and the print quality is good. Comes with two skins so which is great so I can try again later when I feel more comfortable about getting it on perfectly.

  5. Nathan W. Gibson

    Would give 5 stars if it was cut better and was a little more accurate.

    For the price and comparison to others I think it’s a good trade-off. The laser cutting leaves something to be desired. The vinyl is not 100% accurate but very close. They provide two full skins per pack so you can try if you completely fail the first time. The laser cutting missed a spot on both prints I purchased so theres a small jaggy. Sometimes the laser cuts too deep and you have a hard time separating the print from the paper and the paper comes with. Even perfectly aligned in the center of a zone, you’ll still have some minor misalignments.

    The instructions are weak and are for a ps4. This is a much more intricate install. Dbrand has a good install video that will suffice but you take the same approach because dbrand uses 3m paper. You’re best to just freehand it. It will not be pixel perfect. Using a hairdryer does help to smooth it out.

    A word of advice is to carefully pop out all the speaker pips before you remove the vinyl from the paper because its near impossible to remove them later. They should just stick to the paper when you peel but they don’t.

  6. G-Q

    The whole piece feels short in width, I had to stretch to barely match the screw holes on the back, and almost covers the SD card slot instead of leaving a hole for it. In general the vinyl feels good but cut is terrible. Cannot recommend

    Edit: contacted by seller and they said a new set cannot guarantee to be better fit, but they offered a refund. Bumping the review to 4 stars

  7. Aaron

    If you have a stand on the back or a case.. or a battery holder, it will eat the adhesive up. Had it for a few weeks and only the bottom and top are not looking good. But it can be exacto knifed. I have allot of attachments so things are rubbing against it. It is good quality but be ware if you do have attachments!

  8. M. Chua

    I only used the front of the skin since I have a case. It was a bit of a pain to remove the skin from the backing as it’s not cleanly cut. As you can see in my pic, there’s a bit of a tear since it got caught and was stubbornly stuck in the backing. Cutouts are not perfect but close enough. The skin does not adhere well on the top and bottom of the steam deck, luckily I have the case to cover it. For the price it’s the cheapest around. Some minor mini bubbles would come back after a while. Overall it’s okay for the price. I don’t regret getting them.

    Update: the heat from the screen is making it worst. The top and bottom part of the skin just won’t stay on. I went ahead and cut them off.

  9. Stephanie Morris

    This skin is just what I was looking for. I have a cherry blossom cover on my Nintendo Switch and wanted to have a matching theme with my Steam Deck. This definitely got the job done. I have a clear case over the skin, and it looks great underneath it! One thing I will say is to take your time when applying the skin. It’s not a perfect cut fit necessarily, but it’s pretty close. It was good enough for me.

  10. Jon G

    The printed pattern on the back doesn’t mirror the front, i.e. the colours don’t go in the same direction. The blue starts at the left side of the device regardless of whether you’re looking at it from the front or the back, so when you’re looking at it top-down you can see the colours don’t all flow in the same direction.

    It’s not the worst issue in the world, and the texture & feeling is still nice and it’s easy enough to install.

  11. Anastasija AJ

    Overall I’m happy with the skin and it’s price.
    The pack includes two sets of skins and it was reassuring to know that there was a back up, should the installation gone bad.

    I found it easy to reposition the skin when it gone on wonky around buttons. I had two minor issues. The narrow bands at the top and bottom of the bezel need lots of attention with the hair dryer, they just don’t stick super well due to the curve. The second issue, is the small curve next to the grips, I couldn’t resolve a tiny crease. Thankfully, both problematic areas are almost fully covered by a hard cover, so the skin looks almost perfectly applied

    The pattern is flipped on the back, which means that it looks mismatched. Colours at the front don’t match the back, which is mildly annoying.

    To conclude, it’s a pretty good skin, if you don’t mind taking it slow with the application, and mismatched front and back patterns.

  12. Mary Javier

    The cover is very pretty and you get two sets in the box. Sadly, even after heating with the hairdryer, the top and bottom of the cover on the screen lifts and doesn’t stick properly, allowing dust to get in. It happened for both skins so I might have to buy an alternative product. Disappointing!

    Update: I had to cut off the top and bottom parts of the vinyl over the steamdeck screen because it was lifting and just collecting dust!

  13. G. Willikers

    These are /alright/. There’s two in the pack and the first one I put on without a heat gun after cleaning the deck with 90% alcohol because I was impatient. The skins have a nice feel to them and the image on it was pretty good quality. It took about two weeks before the edges started peeling up. Not a lot just enough to catch cat hair and be annoying. The thin strips around the screen don’t stick for anything. I peeled that one off and it left quite a bit of residual glue which I cleaned off pretty easily with more alcohol. The second skin I put on with a heat gun. Went on much easier and has a much flatter feel to it. It’s been on much longer before I started having issues with peeling, mainly on the sides where my fingers got up to the triggers and on the back buttons. This is a nice temporary skin to keep the deck safe while you wait to get a better skin but don’t plan on it being permanent.

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