Plugable Windows Transfer Cable 6.6ft (2m), Thunderbolt 10Gbps, Bundled with Bravura Software for Windows PC to PC Migration – Unlimited Uses….

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  • File Transfer – Transfer from one computer to another at up to 10Gbps-performs 5x faster than a USB 3.0 transfer cable. The included 2m (6.6ft) Thunderbolt cable and Easy Computer Sync software makes the process fast and easy
  • Fast and Efficient – Transferring 1TB of files between computers with the TBT-TRAN takes only minutes. Transferring that amount of data with a hard drive or cloud service can take hours
  • All Included – TBT-TRAN comes bundled with a 2m certified Thunderbolt 3 cable and full-use license for Easy Computer Sync software download from Bravura to give you unlimited transfers of unlimited data across an unlimited number of computers
  • Compatibility – The Plugable TBT-TRAN is compatible with, and supports transferring between any combination of Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 systems running Windows 10 or newer. Not compatible with USB-C ports that don’t support one of these protocols
  • 2 Year Warranty – We love our Plugable products, and hope you will too. All of our products are backed with a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty as well as Seattle-based email support


Connector Type

USB Type C

Cable Type


Compatible Devices

Personal Computer

Connector Gender


Data Transfer Rate

10 Gigabits Per Second

Connectivity Technology


Model Name


Number of Items


Package Dimensions

7.17 x 3.7 x 0.94 inches

Item Weight

3.84 ounces

Item model number


Date First Available

September 29, 2022



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11 reviews for Plugable Windows Transfer Cable 6.6ft (2m), Thunderbolt 10Gbps, Bundled with Bravura Software for Windows PC to PC Migration – Unlimited Uses….

  1. jimmyzaas

    This cable is properly awesome if you have thunderbolt capable devices that can take advantage of it. Although I have two fairly dated laptops now with Thunderbolt 3 connectors, I was still able to get a Thunderbolt network connection working at 20Gbps! 20Gbps! That is nuts! With the Thunderbolt network connection established, I can simply use regular Windows file sharing (SMB) to transfer files back and forth. Doing this, my speed was basically limited to my SSD speed versus the 20Gbps network connection speed. During the file transfer, it was effectively a flatline of 700MBps (5,600Mbps) which is frankly insane for two laptops from the vintage 2018 era. Super solid, no drops nothing.

    The included software is nice for those less technically inclined. If you know anything about networking, you most likely won’t need it. Simply plug one end to the thunderbolt connection on device 1 and the other end to the thunderbolt connection on device 2. If you Thunderbolt security on, allow the connection via the Intel Thunderbolt software on both sides. If security is not enabled, the connection will be automatically established. Then inside your Network Connections window (search for it), you’ll see Thunderbolt Networking show up on both devices. You can opt to change the IPs on both devices, or you can leave it on the auto-configure IPs (169.254.*.*). Then share a folder on one device, and use file explorer to navigate to that shared folder from the other device (e.g. \\169.254.*.*\share). Then you can send a file across and witness that insane speed!

    In terms of cable construction, it is fantastic. Thick, yet very soft and flexible. It does not hold shape. The two meter length is much better than shorter 3.3ft cables. No braiding unfortunately but still very well made.

    As for price, it is without a doubt pricey at $70 a pop. But this is not a cable for people just looking to charge a phone. It’s a high speed cable for data transfers. Factoring in the speed of this cable and what you would need to buy to get the same speed using actually network cards and switches and what have you, the cost becomes comparatively miniscule. For those who need to move files very fast between computers, this is an excellent yet economical choice. Funny that the cable will also be much thinner than an ethernet cable rated for that same speed. Really a no brainer unless you already have like 20Gbps network equipment in your house.

  2. SMB

    This is a fairly decent Thunderbolt cable (using USB-C connectors) capable of 10Gbps and PD 100W that’s reasonably well built as nearly all other products from Pluggable. This particular Thunderbolt cable and software bundle is really intended for people who need to transfer files between 2 Windows PCs (Win10 or above) as it comes with the data transfer/migration software to facilitate copying/moving files from one Windows 10/11 computer to another Win10/11 computer (i.e. migrating files over when you get a new computer perhaps).

    Keep in mind that not all computer hardware and Windows OS supports TB3/4 and/or USB4 protocols and these protocols (at least one, usually all for all modern computers) are required in order for the data migration to work.

    The beauty of this ‘local’ transfer of files is of the course the speed unless you have symmetric 10 Gbps Internet link (download and upload at the same speed), backing up data to the cloud only to download it back can easily take hours if not more and this is the solution for minimizing the time required. Of course your hardware has to support it and you must have Win10 or above to support these protocols.

    All things considered, this is a decent Windows 10/11 data migration bundle (Thunderbolt 3/4 10 Gbps cable plus data migration software) and it’s somewhat reasonably priced at $66; otherwise, there are better options out there if you just need a USB3/4 or TB3/4 cable by itself.

  3. Peter D

    I use USB-C cables for everything from charging devices to data transfer. I wanted to see if there was value in a $50 USB-c cable and honestly, I am unsure that there is for most people. This cable is marketed as a windows transfer cable, so perhaps if you have large data transfer it would be worth the premium to you. If you have a business where you can write off such a pricey office product, then OK. But personally, I cannot justify the cost of this cable because it is well, just a USB-C cable. Is it durable? Yes. Is it study? Yes. Have I tested it against cheaper cables to determine longevity and data transfer speed? No. There is a good video online showing Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt transfer at high speeds using proprietary software. That being said, I prefer backing up my laptop via Dropbox and when I get a new device, I just let it sit for some time and download via high speed Wifi. Does this take longer? Yes. Do I have a need for faster transfer? Not really. I am sure there is the right consumer out there for this product, it just isn’t me.

  4. Another Bored Consumer

    I connect my Surface Pro 4 to a Plugable docking station with this cable and provides full features such as ethernet, keyboard, mouse and 2 monitors. Allows me to plug in one cable and be ready for work immediately. TB4 is supported and very appreciated, as the stability and speeds are fantastic.

    Very happy with this cable, it feels premium and it worked immediately. I’ve tried cheap generic China branded USB-C cables that were finnicky and I didn’t trust them with any cable protection.

    The included Bravura software hasn’t been used, but I can see the benefits of using it.

    I’ve had Plugable accessories in the past such as USB switches and USB power analyzer, so I trust this brand with USB type devices and cables.

  5. Jason R.

    This is essentially the same cable as far as I can tell that they used to sell without the bundled transfer software from Bravura (a product key for it is printed right on a label on the cable itself). I have to say, there aren’t many situations where I would personally find myself using the software but for ease of use in simply enabling PC to PC file transfers without any network between them the software seems to be easy and very straight forward to use, I don’t think anybody would have an issue technical or not in transferring files this way. The older versions required special USB cables to accomplish this but it seems like with Thunderbolt the cable no longer needs to be “special”. It’s definitely a nice addition that gives this cable some real extra utility over a plain cable found elsewhere.

    The cable itself is built well but in a simple no nonsense way, nothing particularly fancy about the jacket or plugs on this but that stuff doesn’t really matter if the cable can’t maintain the speed you need for the length of the cable (a 2M cable alone that just works used to be relatively rare and expensive with Thunderbolt). The cable has good flexibility and feels like it should last, I’ve had no issues with the cable supporting the full feature set of my Dell work laptop.

  6. Michael W. Oliver

    Overall, I am giving this cable four stars. I give it five stars for performance and minus one star for an exorbitant price that isn’t really justifiable in my opinion.

    Also, know what you are buying here. This is not a typical USB-C to USB-C cable, this is a Thunderbolt cable and as stated on the box this cable is “not backwards compatible with USB-C or conversion to USB-A” and as long as you know this going in then there shouldn’t be any disappointment.

    As a Thunderbolt cable, this is a solid performer and you’ll be satisfied with the quality and performance, but also be aware that there are other data transfer solutions that may meet your needs for little or no cost, so just keep that in mind. If you truly need the speed of Thunderbolt file transfers and you have the means then this cable will take care of you, no question.

  7. Lee W.

    Thunderbolt cables are costly and usually default to about 2 feet. I needed something longer and the Plugable thunderbolt cable is perfect. It’s at least double the average length for a cable of this type. I can’t speak to the windows transfer capability since I will not be using it for that. I use it plugged into a dock with dual monitors, many USB devices, and ethernet. It works perfectly for that and I have no doubt it would work well for a transfer cable as well. It handles everything on the dock with ease. I do wish the cable was made from a better material because it feels slightly cheap for my liking. No stars docked for that because it works perfectly but I am worried about long-term durability. All things considered, this is a great cable with perfect length and an even better value.

  8. Truthful Reviewer

    [PROS] 👍
    ✔Thick durable rubberized material, the quality is excellent and will last for years to come without any risk of tearing over time
    ✔When inserting the cable into a USB-C port, the connection remains firmly in-tact without any looseness whatsoever and when removing the cable, a firm tug is required, in all testing the cable has remained securely connected without any worry
    ✔The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty with US customer service
    ✔Data transfer speeds are lightning fast when moving large data files from laptop to SSD or between computers

    [CONS] 👎
    ✘ During my review, I was unable to find any issues with this product. In the event I discover something in the future, I will update this review.

    [PRODUCT EXPERIENCE] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    👉The Plugable Windows Transfer Cable (6.6ft) Thunderbolt 10Gbps is currently priced as $70.00 at the time of this review. I’ve been using Plugable products for a number of years and they’ve always been stellar in quality, this particular cable is no different, as it’s amongst the thickest and more well built cable I’ve used to date. The cable itself may seem like it’s expensive, however the performance and quality is bar-none, I can’t think of any other manufacturer I enjoy as much as Plugable for docking stations and cables.

  9. Chris P.

    ::Initial experience::
    While there’s not too much to talk about when it comes to a cable, this one covers all the basics pretty well. Overall, this is a pretty good value for the market rate for a product like this. I would have loved to see a bit better price point on this, and maybe braiding instead of a soft sleek rubberized casing, but that’s not to say it lacks quality. I would recommend this, as long as it holds up over the long run.

    [: Pros :]
    -Simple, elegant styling.
    -Thin and lightweight, yet well performing.
    -Easily bended and portable.
    -Sold tips and casing.
    -Pretty good value.
    -Quality and soft cable feel.

    ]: Cons :[
    -A bit higher priced than I would have liked, but still a decent value.
    -Braiding would hold up better over the long run.
    -Not USB-C backwards compatible.
    -Some kind of Thunderbolt certification (if it exists) would have been preferred.

  10. Kingtutt419

    So Good! There are alot of companies out there that claim their product can do a LITTLE MORE than it can actually DO… Thus leaving the consumer in a position to where it’s hard for us to expect much. Plugable is the exact OPPOSITE! In my experience.. Every single Plugable product does better/more than what it claims! Coming from someone here who has grown to expect great things from Plugables products.. they STILL somehow always manage to impress me! I have reached HIGHER data transfer speeds than it claims, reached resolutions/Fps than your supposed to be able to get with the listed bandwidth
    Another thing (also not new to me from a plugable product) There is something MAGICAL about this companies products to where I will try a new setup with something that Ive already tried with similar products from other brands only to find that it doesn’t work … but then I give it one last shot with a plugable product.. and BAM .. it just WORKS with little to no effort. With this transfer cable, I have managed to make things work together that I could NOT accomplish with other cables including fully certified TB3/4 Cables!
    The only one SMALL request I would have, is that they make it a bit more clear where/how to acquire the free Bravura transfer software that comes with the cable, but the cable itself is Perfect! I’ve Already decided that I need to order a 2nd one of these. This is a VERY impressive cable here, especially for the length!

  11. DJL Sr.

    First, remember this is not USB-C, it’s Thunderbolt. After a bit of fiddling, it got it to work, and it did what it said it would but I did not get those speeds. It is clearly an option, don’t think I would do it this way again as there are so many free products that do the same without the limitations of this one.

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