Portable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, MageGee MK-Box LED Backlit Compact 68 Keys Mini Wired Office Keyboard with Blue Switch for Windows Laptop…

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  • Mini portable 60% compact layout: MK-Box is a 68 keys mechanical keyboard have cute small size, separate arrow keys and all your F-keys you need, can use it for gaming or work while saving space.
  • Mechanical blue switch: pressing the switch makes loud click sound, crisp paragraph feeling, excellent input feeling, strong mechanical feeling and long service life, providing precise tactile feedback for typing and gaming.
  • Classic charming blue LED backlit: Customize multiple illuminated LED light effects, supports about 15 backlight modes, press Fn + Ins can control it, FN + ←/→ control backlight speed, FN + ↑/↓ control backlight brightness.
  • Full anti-ghosting Keyboard: all 68 keys are no conflict, grey black mash up design, ergonomic suspension double-color injection keycap, double kickstand feet adjustable typing angle and detachable usb cable, both practical and beautiful.
  • Extensive Compatibility: MageGee MK-Box mechanical keyboards use USB 2.0 connector making it compatible with Windows (2000, XP, ME, Vista, 7, 8), Linux and Mac, plug and play, no drivers or software required.
Product Dimensions

12.1 x 3.9 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight

1.45 pounds



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Date First Available

April 13, 2021

12 reviews for Portable 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, MageGee MK-Box LED Backlit Compact 68 Keys Mini Wired Office Keyboard with Blue Switch for Windows Laptop…

  1. Kymani

    I’ve only had casual use with this keyboard and a few keys stopped working I’m fuming considering what I paid specifically the Q WJ

  2. tony

    The keyboard is what I was looking for. I was searching for a smaller size keyboard with had the arrow keys. I am an illustrator and designer so I use photoshop/illustrator very often so arrow keys is one thing I use very often. I was using a dell keyboard hooked up to my laptop but I wanted a change so I picked one of these up. I like that you can change the key caps (though some of the key caps it came with I’m unsure where they fit). I do like that it came with extra key caps that are in a different color. I’m unsure if it’s hot swappable but that wasn’t the purpose on why I got this key board. The keyboards cable is detachable through usb c which is a plus for when I need to unhook my board to move it aside. I with some small mods can improve the keyboard more and it does just fine for me right out of the box. It doesn’t have rgb which can be a turn off to some but for me I was just fine with a single color backlight (which has various settings). All around I’m pretty pleased with the keyboard so far.

  3. JC

    I was looking for a little keyboard for travelling. I wanted something mechanical for both typing and gaming. While this little baby is certainly not on the level of Cherry MX Brown (my loves), it gets the job done. The layout makes sense – even the F-keys which require pressing of the function key are fairly easy to hit when you need them. I think the keys are 90% size, but I have no trouble touch-typing on it quickly and without errors. I paid about C$36 which seemed like a bargain to me. Shortly after I got it, my wife borrowed my main keyboard and I had to use this for a few weeks. It didn’t bother me at all. Perfectly competent little thing. If it fits your use, I highly recommend.

  4. adam haskins

    I’m used to my high end mechanical, but needed a spare and wow I actually like this thing. My only complaint would be fuzzy edges on the lettering, but you get what you pay for. Very sturdy body, switches might be a hair lighter force required than a normal MX red. It could break in a couple years and I’d say job well done.

  5. Family in MA

    The keyboard is an excellent value, the keys respond well to fast typing and key spamming and the keycaps are nicely curved. The plastic frame is rigid enough for typing on the lap without being heavy. There is some noticeable cost-cutting. The keycaps are opaque (white, orange and black), so the backlighting shows the key sides but not through the key caps. It is functional, but not what I expected from my experience with other backlit keyboards (Mad Katz, Keychron, Logitech) where the keycaps are double-shot. I will probably replace the ABS keycaps when the silk screen lettering wears off.

  6. Krystyna


  7. Nader S.

    This keyboard is great, but I am having a problem with the alt button; when I press alt+f4, the tab is not shutting down, even though when I click it using my laptop key, it does work, so something is wrong with the alt+f something. The overall keyboard is one of the best out there.

    Okay, I figured it out by mistake, and it is weird why they didn’t mention it in the instructions…. So to press Alt+F(any button), say F4, you need to hold left Alt+ Fn Button + F4. And boom it works, I figured it out by mistake, still surprised why they didn’t mention it in the instructions.

  8. Jack

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  9. Adam

    I purchased this for under $25, so I will review as such. I got the yellow keycaps with blue switches.

    One of my hobbies is to buy dirt cheap mechanical keyboards and mod/improve them as much as I can. Sometimes I fall in love with them, other times I just give away as custom made gifts.

    This caught my attention because it is pretty rare to see a removable USB C connection in the right spot on cheap mech keyboards, I’ve retrofitted one with a after market port and it was such a pain I said I would never bother again.

    For the price this is a pretty good keyboard, although one of the loudest I have, and I’m currently neck deep in about 15 different mech keyboards. The switches are soldered on and are Jixian blues. Reviews aren’t great and I would agree. They feel fine but sound obnoxious. I havn’t tried the red switch option of this board but I would go that route if I ever repurchased, probably duller to the ear with similar feel when it comes to this grade switch.

    However, sound aside this is really nice to type on, and the cheapest 60% with USB C I have seen. The keycaps it comes with are really nice doubleshots and it came with a bag of extras, even some that don’t fit on this board, like number pad big 0 and long vertical enter. Mine shipped all white and grey, and a bag of yellow modifiers/space/numkey/FN/backspace etc. Also a red esc cap.

    I immediately took it apart by removing all keycaps and removing six screws. Pretty solid board, but a big empty echo chamber of a base. I added one layer of Zip-n-fit foam to the deep well towards the back, than another full panel layer to the remaining space. I put 5 layers of masking tape on the back of the board and screwed it back together.

    This helped a long with the “pinginess” and reverb but the switches are still really load. Replacing the switches will be my next project but a long on as there are 136 pins to solder. Won’t probably be worth it, but it’s my wierd hobby and I will report back.

    My plans for this are my travel board for hotels. I recently lost a very expensive keyboard in baggage check and would rather just have $25 loss over the aggravation and hassle over a $150 claim with the airlines. If I was traveling with my wife though, she would tell me to throw this thing through the window because it is so loud.

    I guess if you are single, or plan to use it in a place with no one around, and budget is a concern and are willing to take it apart and make some adjustments, this is a very good $25 keyboard. For anyone who has a great mechanical keyboard or are in earshot of 50ft of someone, this probably isn’t for you.

    Edit: I bought another one with red switches. I highly recommend going with red’s, it feels better typing, and sounds 1000% better.

  10. Coty Walters

    I was very happy with my old mechanical blue switch keyboard but i wanted something a bit smaller as my desk space isn’t very large, and I wanted more mouse travel, so a 60% keyboard was the right way to go. upon scrolling through amazon, I decided to give this MageGee keyboard a shot. Overall, its a great clicky mechanical keyboard that’s very quality feeling. I liked the position of the type C port because i wanted to use one of the coil style power cables. The keyboard comes with a whole bunch of extra key caps, and a tool to remove them, as well as a type c power cable. the keyboard sits a bit higher than my previous one, so a wrist rest might help with that. Also, there are 2 legs (technically 4) that you can use to adjust the angle of the keyboard with which is quite nice in this price range. My only complaint is that the keys they give you are not transparent so they don’t light up. Also, the keyboard does not offer RGB, but the blue backlit keyboard still looks very good, and, there are lighting settings you can adjust to make it static, wave, rainbow, pulse and so forth. overall, for $30, a really fantastic keyboard

  11. Deveraux

    If you want to buy this keyboard because of it’s blue switches and you’re looking for sound value, don’t.

    This thing rattles like no tomorrow.
    This keyboard literally sounds like it’s hollow, every click you can hear a metallic like ringing noise following after. They spacebar not only has the metallic echo but also kind of squeaks.
    I don’t know if it was just my keyboard or just the blue switches but it’s really bad for me so I advise avoiding the blue switches.

    They keycaps are alright, the build is fully plastic and the keyboard isn’t too heavy nor too light. It’s usable, The FN keys work, but it sounds horrible. I can’t refund it anymore sadly so it’s just going to be a for show keyboard for me.

    It does come with a key cap puller but it’s a cheaper one so it isn’t worth using as you risk breaking your keycaps.

    The RGB is only light blue, but it does have different modes and you can turn it off which is nice.

  12. david crowder

    like i said for the price you cant really find anything much better but tons of way worse keyboards. great as a entry level first owned mechanical keyboard. it might not be a early 90’s ibm but she will do pig.

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