POV Case 3.0 Small black – suitable for GoPro HD Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2

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  • Compact and easy to use
  • Perfectly shaped compartments for your GoPro camera & accessories
  • Sleek and Lightweight
Product Dimensions

8.66 x 6.69 x 2.68 inches

Item Weight

14.96 pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

December 28, 2012


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9 reviews for POV Case 3.0 Small black – suitable for GoPro HD Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2

  1. Avatar of ActiveWoman


    Does what it’s supposed to and is of a really good quality. Bought for my fella and he has high standards too! He loves it as well. It’s going on a brutal wild camping tour of the Outer Hebrides and I’m confident that it will be up to the job. It would benefit from a waterproof bag but I’ve made one for it.
    It’s small but as you may know, when wild camping you can only transport so much on your back or your bike. Wouldn’t want to risk taking the fab Hero 3 Black Ed without this case so….it’s coming with us!

  2. Avatar of Kindle Customer

    Kindle Customer

    Over all I liked the shell design, other than the material seems to attract or make it hard to remove dirt.
    You can fit exactly the items displayed in the inset’s picture, so if you bought the Hero 3 Black surf edition and not looking to add chest or head straps this will work fine.
    Like the foam and snug camera fit (except noted in the con).
    Can easily find what you are seeking (compared to searching a camera bag for a small part)

    You can fit exactly the items displayed in the inset’s picture so if you are like me, wanting everything in one place this will not work. You cannot add a head strap, a 2nd Skelton case (in place or the float), suction cup mount (too bulky for this case) extra batteries (more than one and recommended if using wifi which drains the batteries) and battery charger, other mounts, etc.

    No handle or strap, so have to carry it like a book (hard to do while filming and walking) or take up space in a backpack.

    Camera/case compartment is designed for small mounting shoe, so using other attachments means stripping everything down to store. Limited to what you can store and the sd card slot and the two long thin slots are a waste. It would be better to have another open storage area and two battery slots.

    Pocket on top shell is almost useless due to clearance. Some items like the mounting shoes and cables prevented closing as it met with the camera housing.

    Other than that feels like it would provide reasonable protection under normal use.

  3. Avatar of Roberto Vivancos

    Roberto Vivancos

    Pretty good case for gopro and gopro accessories, I’ve been using it for 2 years to keep gopro stuff in the same place but I feel that I could have gotten a slightly bigger size as I struggle to fit everything in the case, (go pro, extra case, grenade grip, usb cables and spare batteries).

  4. Avatar of A. Cresswell

    A. Cresswell

    I bought a GoPro not so long ago and a few add-on’s for it. I then ordered an SP Medium case. It simply wasn’t big enough. It’s hard to complain about the case because the case quality was excellent. So good in fact that if you check out my purchases I went back and bought the bigger case from the same manufacturer. No my grumble is the case manufacturer should have though about a bigger single GoPro case from the start and they should find a way to take more representative picture. As you might have guessed from the comments… The Large case is for TWO GoPro. However it really perfect for 1 GoPro and a load of add-on’s etc. So 4 stars for the SP Medium Camera Storage Case not being well thought out.

  5. Avatar of Lonegunman


    Ordered this for a friend abroad.Case is decent quality but really made for Gopro 3/4 in the underwater housing. My friend has just got the Hero 5 and although the camera fits in the cut out inside the case it’s not a perfect fit.Still it works and there’s room for a battery and other items.

  6. Avatar of Sonny Craven

    Sonny Craven

    This rating pertains not so much to the product but to the seller’s quick reaction to a listing in which the photo of the merchandise did not match the item.
    It must be noted the product is of good quality and is well-made. The clam-shell design is reinforced to protect everything inside and will no doubt hold up to moderate rough-handling and drops from low-level heights or even waist-level drops. It does have one pre-cut insert in the bottom compartment to hold Go-Pro gear but no where near the number of items that would have been possible if the case matched the photo which accompanied the listing. The listing featured a case that had pre-cut foam in both the lower and upper lids of the case. The case I received, however, only has this feature in the bottom compartment – and the upper lid has instead, a net for cords and, perhaps, an instruction book.
    Once I pointed out the discrepancy to the seller, and stressed that it did not meet Amazon requirements requiring listings to match items sent to buyers, the seller took immediate action to resolve the matter. He explained the ASIN generated a photo for a case no longer available. Regrettably, this case would not meet my needs, given the GoPro gear I own that needs a case with adequate space.
    Such quick action by the seller – and the well-built quality of the case received – earns the 4-stars rating, with one star deducted for the inconvenience. Sellers have the obligation to monitor their listings routinely to prevent such mistakes. Bottom line: if this case meets your needs, rest assured, this seller stands behind the product.

  7. Avatar of Jeffrey W. A.

    Jeffrey W. A.

    I purchased this case to go along with my Go-Pro Hero 3+ Black edition camera.

    The case itself has some structure to it and definitely seems to be sturdy enough to handle some abuse and provide additional protection for your investment while traveling. The foam slots are nice and cover most of the basic accessories, such as an extra memory card, an additional battery, A/V cables, manuals, etc. The large open slot is big enough to store the WiFi remote, mounting adapters, extra camera housing door and even a wall charger.

    I do not consider the case great for several reasons. First, I would like to have seen more slots for extra batteries. For some reason they made the decision to have two slots for LCD BacPak’s. Now I am sure some people find this useful, but I think most people would rather have room for more batteries since many of the people I know don’t have a single BacPak, let alone two. For those that have the larger camera housing to fit the GoPro with BakPak installed I don’t know that it would fit inside this case. That being said, you can use the BakPak slots to hold additional batteries, so all is not lost. The other thing I don’t like about the case is the mesh pocket. It sits right over the camera case lens, which I believe will create scratches over time. I use an old microfiber cloth to lay over the camera before closing the case.

    Am I happy with the case overall? Yes. Do I think there is room for improvement? Definitely. It would be nice to see a few different cases in the same size with layouts to meet a variety of needs.

  8. Avatar of Dr Russell

    Dr Russell

    Pictures show the latest incarnation of this great case which is for the gopro hero three plus. The shape of the camera is smaller than the older gopro and the new SP case is designed for the form factor of the new model with removeable foam sections for the older camera shape.

    This case is the old version which will fit the new model camera but not exactly. A bit of a shame as I ordered from a seller showing the newer version in the pictures.

    Overall great case however…

  9. Avatar of Travis


    I had a lot of questions when I was looking at this case on Amazon and some of them I couldn’t find answers for so I just went ahead and bought it and couldn’t be happier! This case was offered with 2 different layouts of the interior compartments, an older design (which is pictured on Amazon) and the newer design (which I wanted). Well the case you get is the newer design which is different from the picture. Some people may not like this but I was glad it wasn’t the one pictured! This new design works better with the GoPro Hero 3+. The 3+ has a slimmer housing than the older cameras and this case has smaller cutouts to hold the camera tighter. But it also features removable pieces of foam so the bigger older housings fit too. This works great for me because I have an older housing for when I use the lcd touch back pack. So I have one compartment that fits the new smaller housing and then the other compartment I removed the extra foam pieces to fit my bigger housing. This case also has a slot for the remote! I will say that the case fills up quickly but I also have a lot of extra back doors and extension arms in the case. One complain I do have is that the 2 slots for the back packs don’t allow you to store the LCD touch screen in its case. This isn’t a big deal as I’m sure it will be just as safe in the foam but I may cut one for the back pack slots bigger to allow the case to fit. Overall this case is really versatile and great for storing my GoPro! Be sure to check out my pictures to see how the case actually looks inside.

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