RaceGT Wireless Computer Mouse, 2.4G Silent Cordless Mouse for Laptop, Mouse with 6 Buttons and 3 Adjustable DPI for Laptop, Deskbtop, MacBook , PC…

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  • 【Plug & Play design bring convenience to you】After pluging the USB receiver(stored in the battery slot) into the computer,you can start using it,no drivers need to be installed.The 2.4 GHz wireless mouse provides a fast ,powerful, reliable connection, effective up to 15 meters of range, effectively eliminates delays, dropouts, and interference.
  • 【SILENT MOUSE】RaceGT cordless mouse reduced noise by 85%.Mute quite clicks makes you concentrate on your work and free you worry about bothering others.(Note: The forward Button and backward Button will make a clicking sound.)
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】RaceGT computer mice is made of skin-friendly, super durable material.Symmetrical and ergonomic design, suit for long working.
  • 【AUTOMATIC POWER SAVING SETTINGS】RaceGT wireless mouse will enter power-saving mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.You can move the mouse or clicking any buttons to wake it up.Note: powered by 1*AA battery (not included).
  • 【Wide Compatibility and Quality Service】The wireless mouse is compatible with Windows7/8/10/XP, Vista7/8 and Linux, etc., suitable for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook and other devices. If you have any questions before or after sales, please feel free to contact us.RaceGT customer service team is on call 24 hours a day to provide you professional services.
Product Dimensions

4.33 x 2.76 x 1.57 inches

Item Weight

1.59 ounces

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Date First Available

June 10, 2021



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10 reviews for RaceGT Wireless Computer Mouse, 2.4G Silent Cordless Mouse for Laptop, Mouse with 6 Buttons and 3 Adjustable DPI for Laptop, Deskbtop, MacBook , PC…

  1. J. J. Izzo

    I’m really impressed by this mouse for the price. I wanted a green wireless mouse to match my mechanical keyboard, and this fit the bill. The fact it’s “silent” (it isn’t, but it’s much more quiet than a standard mouse) was just a bonus – I like my keyboards loud and my mice quiet. Buttons quick-setup for forward, backward, and 3 DPI presets is icing on the cake! It’s been a few months and it’s holding up great both aesthetically and functionally. If you ever notice odd curser behavior, make sure you try a fresh battery – I noticed the curser likes to wander when the battery starts getting low.

  2. D. Carrier

    Ergonomically it’s very well formed. The battery lasts a stinking long time. It’s very comfortable in my hand. That’s the reason for five stars on all the features because they didn’t even ask about the most important feature of the mouse – that it -ing WORKS!

    It kinda does – it does move the mouse pointer around the screen. Just doesn’t give you any fine control to, you know, actually click on what you want to click on. I had one of these and loved it – at least I believe it was the same model as this one. The old one didn’t even break. I had to replace it because I lost the little USB plug that allows it to connect to my computer as a mouse. I got this one to replace that wonderful mouse.

    Yes, the mouse cursor moves and it does move in the general direction indicated by your hand on the mouse. That’s about as far as its usefulness goes, at least with the one I received. I have changed out the surface underneath the mouse several times and get the same results with all of them – the cursor will ‘float’ around even when the mouse isn’t moving at all. Even more frustrating is when moving the mouse in tiny increments to put the cursor on the right object, the cursor doesn’t move at all then suddenly jumps all the way across the object or just floats around my path so I can never click on the right spot on the screen. It’s never where I need it to be and always reading my clicks on the wrong objects.

    Maybe it’s my fault or something to do with my specific setup you say? Well the previous mouse worked fine with no problems. The subsequent mouse purchased at WalMart works fine. it’s just THIS one that makes me crazy enough I want to throw it at something to be rid of it. Occam’s Razor says it’s the mouse that’s got the problem, not me.

    Edit 12/29/22 – I updated my review from 2 to 3 stars because I did buy two of these. One worked wonderfully (5 stars) and one was a hunk of (1 star). This is an $8 mouse so recognize you might catch a bad one if you order this product.

  3. Kalli

    I love the color! (I got the pink one) and you can just barley hear the clicks when you hit it. the scroller is nice as well. :)) fits my hand perfectly 10/10 recommend. XD
    from a random 13-year-old you’ll probably never hear from again.

  4. Janice Chan

    It will begin working after I shake it a little. Other than that, I really like the silent click and the comfort grip.

  5. Shawn renaud

    this rechargeable mouse is the best mouse i’ve ever bought in my life… the clickers are so quiet you can not tell is your clicking the left and right clickers… the mouse is slim and the rgb light is awesome i would recommend this mouse to anyone that is looking for a mouse that has a quiet clicker

  6. Linnea Hernandez

    So I like to game occasionally but I also work on my computer. The left and right “click” buttons are silent. BUT the scroll button is not. if you’re only scrolling, it is silent but pushed in it clicks. When I game I do have to push in the scroll button a lot and the clicking does get quite annoying. Overall it is a great mouse. I’ve had no other issues. If you’re not a gamer and have no use to push in the scroll button it’s great, but if you are a gamer and push the scroll button a lot and we’re planning on a fully silent mouse, I say pass on this one

  7. E.Hans

    schon beim einlegen der Batterien brach schon eine Kontacktfeder ab , weil ich die Maus erstmal brauchte mit Heißkleber repariert. wegen Massenproducktion leidet die Qualität. Lieber 10 € mehr bezahlen als so etwas zu kaufen

  8. Jesus Gonzalez

    Me gustó el funcionamiento, su rápida respuesta de las funciones y la duración de la batería, además de la distancia qué se require para su uso, también lo seleccione por la entrada tipo c para la carga qué funciona de manera rápida

  9. Yoel

    First the good: it has great battery life, and it works. What is not so great: The left click squeaks every other time I press on it (this started about 2 weeks after getting the mouse), you also have to press harder than usual. That could be ok for someone who checks emails once a day on the computer but I do write code for a living and that is a deal breaker. The right button is a bit better, and like I said before the back/forward buttons and the scroll wheel do work just fine. Give the price, this may be good for some people but if you a use a lot your mouse, this is definitely not for you.

  10. Mangoicetea92

    Mine took some time to register being alive first few days but after that it runs smoothly.

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