RAPOO Silent Wired Mouse, 1000 DPI 5ft Cord Quiet Button Optical Computer Mouse, Left Right Hand Use, for Laptop Chromebook Mac Notebook, Matte Black

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  • ✅Silent Mouse – Reduced click sound and same click feel eliminates noise and distractions for you and others around you.
  • ✅DURABLE & ERGONOMIC SHAPE – 5,000,000 times clicks using experience brings long life span. Symmetrical Design makes it convenient for both left and right hands, streamline shell is very comfortable to use it all day
  • ✅High-definition-1000 DPI tracking engine. Enjoy responsive and smooth cursor control with the 1000 DPI high-definition optical tracking engine
  • ✅Anti-slip and Silent Scroll-The grille anti-slip pattern on the scroll wheel ensures fast, easy and accurate scrolling. Almost little noise when you slowly scroll it. Please note: Middle button click is not quiet.
  • ✅Quality Guaranteed & One Year Warranty- We are the designer and manufacturer for Rapoo mouse and keyboards, we have been engaged to providing the best products to our customers. All the products are hassle-free One Year return and refund or replacement.
Product Dimensions

4.65 x 2.48 x 1.57 inches

Item Weight

2.98 ounces

Item model number



1 AA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 3, 2018


Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co., Ltd.

Country of Origin


13 reviews for RAPOO Silent Wired Mouse, 1000 DPI 5ft Cord Quiet Button Optical Computer Mouse, Left Right Hand Use, for Laptop Chromebook Mac Notebook, Matte Black

  1. Matthew Gore

    This is a good, basic mouse. No problems at all with tracking, it looks nice, feels nice in the hand if you don’t need a huge mouse. Buttons work well, scroll wheel works well. Light weight, but not so light that it feels like it will be crushed under my hand’s weight. Good, solid choice, and since it’s wired, it never needs charging or new batteries.

  2. Anna Scott

    Right & left buttons are silent (took some getting used to!). The middle scroll button is not silent and has a click sound.

  3. r.

    I got this because I wanted a white mouse and this looked good in the photos.

    It’s about as normal as mice get. Three buttons with the middle one also a wheel. Red light for the mouse ‘ball’ that dims after 3 seconds of inactivity. The red light shows through the top if it’s on full. That could be a nifty feature or annoying depending on your preference (I’m finding it distracting).

    The buttons are quiet-ish. About the same volume as the Amazonbasics mouse. It’s a bit large for my hand, but it has the advantage of not being hand specific so I can use it left or right handed.

    It loses one star because the button is sensitive well into the body of the mouse so my palm is pressing on the buttons when I don’t want it to. I’ll probably switch to my old mouse and keep this as a backup while I keep looking for a white mouse that meets my needs and aesthetic.

    Other than that, it’s a half-decent basic mouse for pretty cheap.

  4. RomaKrelian

    I have always been a fan of simple peripherals. I like a mouse that is plain, wired and functional. It is advertised as a quiet mouse and it absolutely is. This is exactly what I wanted.

  5. ee Wen

    This is the 4th mouse I bought. All I wanted is a normal comfortable simple functional silent mouse.
    First of all the left and right button is as silent as advertise ( love it)
    the scrolling is silent too. the middle mouse click is not. it’s as noisy as the normal clicking sound. ( the seller said it’s silent when I ask about it.)
    When I read about the bad sensitivity about the mouse. I didn’t believe it. How bad can a mouse sensitivity these days?! Until I actually got the mouse I truly understand it. I am working with 2 screen. I need to lift the mouse up and reposition my cursor. when I lift up the mouse the cursor follow. You need to lift high enough to loose the mouse connection. that way my mouse disappear on screen. It’s so stressful to find my cursor every few minutes. If you are working on a single screen probably more forgivable .
    Other than that the price is a good deal for a silent mouse but sorry I use mouse 80% of my time I can’t work with this.

  6. Dennis

    Everything about the mouse is good except for the sensor. Instead of it being in the center or the left side; it is on the right. And the sensor seems to have a longer range than most. So picking up and angling the mouse with your thumb to try and readjust the position still gets picked up and the cursor moves. I had to train myself to pick up the entire mouse to readjust it, which is frustrating.

  7. tsezar lorman


  8. Ariel J.

    I needed a silent mouse bc of my new born: when I’m playing vg the constant sound of the clicky-clicky of the left click made almost impossible for her to sleep. Now sleeps like a log. But beware, the middle 3rd button still make sounds like a normal mouse. Totally recommend this mouse.

  9. Misty Gorley

    When I have to buy a new mouse, the number one characteristic I look for is quiet. I have a brain injury that makes me sensitive to repetitive noises, and since I work from home and use my computer most of the time, quiet is important. I bought this one and cannot believe it is very nearly silent, both the buttons AND the roller ball (unless you go really fast, and even then it’s still reasonably quiet). Usually, it’s only one or the other that’s quiet, but this one gives you both. My brain keeps having a sensory deprivation moment because it’s looking for the sound, and there is none I notice unless the room is quiet or I actively listen for it.

    I was concerned when some people said that it was too sensitive or moved too quickly, but I thought I’d try it knowing I could adjust my mouse settings or else return it. It definitely moves much more smoothly than any other mouse I’ve used, but I just slowed my cursor speed down a few notches, and now it moves the same as my old mouse. If it weren’t so tall, it would be perfect, but it isn’t so tall that it’s uncomfortable so far. I just have to get used to it.

    Overall, I definitely recommend this mouse, especially if a quiet one is important to you.

  10. Erl

    Works as it should. No batteries needed. Prefer a bit more weight. Would buy again.

  11. KIKI

    Didn’t expect I can bought this excellent item for this price.I have been using it for 2 days, it works excellent,really worth the price! I really recommend this one for people who want to buy a regular USB mouse^^

  12. Julie

    nice mouse …just got it ..took it out for a spin and its great. i like that it fits in my hand and moves fast. cant ask for better

  13. Thomas

    Very quiet buttons and wheel. Good click/scroll feel. Slightly more sensitive than average (DPI/movement). Good shape, fits well in medium/large hands.

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