Razer Cobra Gaming Mouse: 58g, Gen-3 Optical Switches, Chroma RGB Lighting, 8500 DPI Sensor, PTFE Feet, Speedflex Cable – Black

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  • 58G LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN — Built to fit most grip styles, the mouse allows for fast, precise control and feels comfortable to use during long gaming sessions
  • GEN-3 OPTICAL MOUSE SWITCHES — Unrivalled durability and speed with switches that have an extended 90-million click lifecycle and eliminate double-clicking issues, boasting a blistering 0.2 ms actuation time without debounce delay
  • CHROMA LIGHTING WITH GRADIENT UNDERGLOW — Customize the mouse with 16.8 million colors and countless lighting effects, creating a more immersive gaming experience as the lights react dynamically with hundreds of Chroma-integrated games
  • PRECISE SENSOR ADJUSTMENTS — Fine-tune the mouse’s sensitivity with precise adjustments in 50 DPI increments to achieve a truly tailored play style
  • SPEEDFLEX CABLE — Provides greater flexibility and is designed to produce minimal drag, perform quicker and more fluid swipes, and offer a higher degree of control
  • 100% PTFE MOUSE FEET — Made from the highest grade of PTFE, the Cobra’s mouse feet on the front, rear, and sensor ring allows it to glide smoothly across any surface




Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎2.04 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.71 x 2.46 x 1.5 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎4.71 x 2.46 x 1.5 inches



Power Source

‎Corded Electric



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎June 29, 2023

10 reviews for Razer Cobra Gaming Mouse: 58g, Gen-3 Optical Switches, Chroma RGB Lighting, 8500 DPI Sensor, PTFE Feet, Speedflex Cable – Black

  1. HyperFokus

    When i receive my hyperpolling wireless charger to really feel a difference. But right now, its been pretty good, a little small for me but u get used to it. The fact that u csnt double click is amazing, keeps my consistency up in fast paced games where if u double click it could mess u up and get u killed.
    Battery life is something i cant talk much on sense ive only had it for a day, but will update on it when i get more playtime with it.
    Performance wise, cant beat it, ive had other razer mice that were okay, and typically wouldnt beat a $50 HyperX mouse, but with this mouse u can actually feel the difference and it actually has helped me improve just off of a couple hours of playtime.
    Now my main thing that i dislike, is thr weight. Its not heavy, but ive been using a 59g mouse for a bit now and the difference is noticeable in games that need precision like valorant, cs, or OW. Ive always kinfs thought that light mice were a bit of a gimmick, but now i understand it and swap back to my old mouse when playing Val. But for fortnite/apex its great imo.

    Rgb=cool ig, 5% fps boost fs
    Overall, wish it was a bit bigger for my hands, and a bit lighter, which kinda go against eachother ik. But its definetly worth it honestly, definetly a step up from previous Razer mice.

    The 8khz hyperpolling wireless charging thing made my experience way better, up to 5 stars. Kinda sucks that it costs 70 dollars but whatever. It is insanely smooth and dont have to worry abt batterh life sense u just pop it on the charger. 10/10

  2. ChristianH

    I have S/M hands and play palm/claw and fits my hands quite well. It’s super light. I’m not a fan of wired mice anymore as wireless is the same if not faster( data to prove that on YT) as wired but I can’t justify the price for wireless for me. However the mouse clocks are responsive. The finish a great. The side buttons are a huge step up from the OG Viper which is what I have. They protrude nicely and clicks are very good. Cord is light braided and with a bungee it’s much better but isn’t needed. Lift off distance is extremely low unlike steel series which is a huge plus. Bounces are not an issue. Over all I’m super happy with the mouse and absolutely worth the price and the hate the Cobra is understandable because Razer made a lazy choice but honestly I like the mouse and works for me. Take that for what you will.

  3. Adolfo Vargas

    Got this mouse a little over a month ago for my younger brother. Great mouse on the smaller side, by an amazing brand and a great price. I was told it’s amazing and he absolutely loves it. A great gift for someone or a nice item to treat yourself too. Amazing for gaming or any use really

  4. Phanukorn

    ele é bem leve facil de manusear cabo muito flexicivel isso é otimo,o produto em si não tenho nenhuma critica mas só entregaram na casa errada

  5. HyperFokus

    This review is for the Razer Cobra Pro (wireless ver). Razer built a feature rich mouse that can do it all with excellent build quality (no creaking, side flexing or M1/M2 wobble) compared to the mice from other brands.

    A lot of critics wanted an ultra lightweight ~50g Viper mini, not this. But for the people who care about having a feature rich mouse with excellent build quality, ability to cycle between multiple devices using different connections (Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, wired), this is a great mouse that also happens to have the latest and greatest tech for top tier gaming performance. There’s a profile button on the bottom of the mouse that allows you to cycle between different profiles, which is useful if you wanted to have a profile for your laptop that turns off the RBG lighting, reduces the poll rate to 500 Hz (save battery) etc.

    The mouse has on-board memory, so you can save your profiles and settings, then uninstall Synapse if you so please. The only con is that the RGB settings are still not saved with the on-board memory profiles (c’mon Razer). The M1/M2 buttons have a crisp, slightly higher than normal audible click and the side buttons are placed well and feel great. The rubber side grips are molded into this model, so you cannot remove them. This is not great if they wear down, as they cannot be easily replaced like grip tape. The shape of the mouse is 99% the exact same as it’s predecessor, the Viper mini.

    From a technical perspective, this mouse is capable of 4K Hz polling rate, but only if you purchase the HyperPolling dongle or the Dock Pro from Razer, otherwise it defaults to 1K Hz polling. The mouse is not as heavy as everyone is lamenting online, as it weighs in at ~76g. If you take off the dongle cover on the Razer Cobra Pro, you can get the mouse down to ~74g and which improves the balance in my opinion. For reference, here is how much some popular mice weigh among the big two:
    – Logitech G305 which is similar in size, weighs 99g.
    – G Pro Wireless is 80g
    – G Pro SuperLight is 61g
    – Razer Viper Ultimate is 74g
    – Razer Viper V2 Pro is 59g

    Battery life:
    – 170 hours on Bluetooth
    – 100 hours on 2.4GHz wireless (1K Hz polling)
    – 33 hours on 2.4 GHz wireless (4K Hz polling)

    Overall, I really like this mouse from Razer and personally, going up in weight from ~50g hasn’t had any impact on gaming performance, I adjusted very quickly and actually don’t mind the extra bit of weight (high sens). In the future, a lighter V2 with no rubber side grips would be ideal.

    – Excellent build quality (no creaking, flexing or M1/M2 wobble)
    – Top tier sensor from Razer
    – Multi-device capable (Bluetooth to your laptop, 2.4GHz dongle in your desktop. even wired)
    – Gen 3 Razer optical switches (no double clicking like mechanical switches)
    – Mouse wheel is rubberized, feels great
    – Medium weight mouse at ~76g (74g if you remove the dongle cover)
    – USB-C connector
    – Top tier 2.4GHz almost zero latency wireless connection

    – Built-in rubber side grips (if these wear down, you’re stuck with it instead of just replacing grip tape)
    – RGB settings aren’t stored in the on-board memory, so you’ll have to keep Synapse installed if you care about specific RGB settings
    – 4K Hz polling rate requires the additional HyperPolling dongle or Dock Pro (sold separately)
    – could be lighter (~60g range), but not a deal breaker

    Bonus review:
    The wired version of the Cobra is almost an exact replica of the Viper Mini wired, but with improvements to the sensor for LOD (lift off distance) and now has the Gen3 optical switches.

    Try this mouse and be the judge for yourself!

  6. Adolfo Vargas

    This is to replace my Viper Mini which after a year of gaming the left button is loose. It still works fine but it does rattle. I hope this Cobra will will not have the same problem.
    I like Razer mice but unwilling to pay premium prices. These budget minis suit me just fine.
    Deathadder V2 Mini is nice but too low on the right which cause my pinkie to rub on the mouse mat.
    Viper Mini has a comfortable shape but the left button did not last long.
    Logitech G102 has a shape I like but the switches are too sensitive which caused many accidental right clicks. Besides, they are still mechanical switches whereas Razer mice have optical.

  7. kelvyn

    The Razer Cobra wire gaming mouse is good for the price

    – Feels ergonomically comfortable
    – The 3 skates at the bottom really make the mouse movements feel smooth like butter (I use a desk mat)
    – It comes with a button to control it’s sensitivity
    – It has an rgb illuminated logo and bottom-rear rgb lights that can be controlled with the provided software (Razer Synapse)
    – It also has a scroll wheel with a grippy texture which is nice
    – It has 2 configurable buttons that users can customize to suit their needs

    None so far

  8. Marcus

    Not sure why there’s hate but i love this mouse. I’m very familiar with the entire razer lineup since the original naga and have used many other brands.

    This mouse is small for my XL hands (gloves) but the wider grip at the bottom edge makes it fit easily for my ring finger and pinky. The 75g weight is not heavy but i’m also a large guy that works out (6 ft 3 230 lbs) so maybe it’s just light to me. The weight seems somewhat back heavy but it is comfortable for me and does not give me fatigue.

    It’s your typical razer mouse with an amazing sensor and amazing tracking. I use it for fps like valorant, cs go, r6 siege and even mobas like league.

    Buttons are not mushy and have an instant click feel. It feels like an extension of my hand.

    If you’ve used a viper before, just imagine it as smaller but without the gen1 mushy clicks.

    But yeah, awesome mouse and easy to make flick shots and track enemies in games. Scroll wheel is not stiff but i dont care about that. It has a satisfying feel as you pull down and push up on it.

  9. Joe

    I have viper v2 pro and this mouse feels just like it but $100 cheaper. It is not wireless but you barely feel the cable moving around when you move your mouse. If you are on the budget and want the same effect/feeling as viper v2 pro then I recommend this mouse. But if you like big mice then this might not be it for you.

  10. Joe

    Me llego en buen estado, la caja contenía:
    -Sticker con logotipo de razer.

    Me costó acostumbrarme, ya que el anterior ratón que tenía (razer deathadder v2 mini) tiene una forma un poco diferente, pero eso ya es más personal.

    -El material se siente un poco “barato” pero se siente bien de igual manera.
    -La iluminación es buena y se puede cambiar con el software de razer así como también se le pueden agregar macros.
    -Es muy ligero, por lo que para jugar es muy bueno, ya que no cansa la mano o muñeca dependiendo de como juegos.

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