Redragon Gaming Mouse, 58g Ultra-Lightweight Mouse Gaming with 12400 DPI, Lightweight Honeycomb Wired PC Gaming Mice, 6 Programmable Buttons and…

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  • 🎅🏽🎄【ULTRA-LIGHT GAMING MOUSE】This mouse gaming weighing in at just 58g, providing you operation without effort , making your mouse moves faster than ever. Advanced ventilation would keep your palm be cool and fresh all the time, ideal for minimising palm sweat during a long-period using.It’s definitely a good choice for a Christmas gift🎅🎁
  • 🎅🏼🎄【Adjustable DPI up to 12400】The wired gaming mouse adopts advanced PAW3327 Sensor, offering you with 5 adjustable DPI (200-12400) in different gaming scenarios, delivering superb responsiveness and accurate control during gaming.
  • 🎅🏾🎄【PROGRAMMABLE GAMING MOUSE】6 buttons can be programmed by the driver. It supports DPI, RGB, Button and macro editing. You can update the profiles for different gaming purposes. The driver can be downloaded from Redragon website. for notice, The gaming driver is compatible with windows only.
  • 🎅🎄【HIGH QUALITY LIGHTWEIGHT MOUSE】The anti-skid scroll wheel and durable smooth TEFLON feet pads are designed for ultimate gaming control. The left and right sides thumbs rests are designed so that each of your fingers has a suitable position on different grippe positions, it helps reduce hand fatigue, Its click life up to 20M clicks, combing with the 1.8m ultraweave braided cable, it helps mouse movement faster and wider in the fast-paced gaming.
  • 🎅🏿🎄【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】This honeycomb mouse is perfectly compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11/XP/Vista/Mac OS. Working well with all major computer brands and gaming PCs, laptop. Come with 1 year warranty and 24 hours customer service. No after-sales issues to worry about.
Product Dimensions

5.12 x 2.76 x 1.57 inches

Item Weight

2.05 ounces

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Date First Available

August 2, 2022



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6 reviews for Redragon Gaming Mouse, 58g Ultra-Lightweight Mouse Gaming with 12400 DPI, Lightweight Honeycomb Wired PC Gaming Mice, 6 Programmable Buttons and…

  1. Robert J. Newell

    This is a great mouse, no doubt about it. It’s very light making it highly portable, but it’s not cheaply made or flimsy. It has a braided cord and seems to really be tailored to keeping the weight down. Still, it’s substantial enough to allow for accurate movement with enough “feel” so you know what you’re doing. The pads on the bottom keep it from skipping while allowing it to move freely (I hope these don’t wear quickly; the little booklet specifically points out that the warranty doesn’t cover these).

    The colors, something all gaming mice and keyboards seem to have, are not bright enough to be annoying as they are on so many other devices.

    The mouse has four buttons, one big one on each side of the scroll wheel and two smaller ones on the side. They are programmable. Well, they would have been, and so would the colors and the mouse sensitivity. And that brings up the one problem I found.

    The little booklet with microscopic print is well enough written and understandable. They suggest you download the software. Great, I’d like to do that. What’s the URL? Oh, you mean we didn’t tell you? Oh well!

    Nowhere does it say a thing. Finally I looked on the BOX to find the Red Dragon URL. I went there and went to their download section. This model is the “Bomber.” Oh — sorry — can’t find software labelled for a Bomber mouse. There are Bomber earbuds, no mouse. I downloaded something based on matching the picture with the mouse in hand, hoping to get the right software.

    Let’s go — oh, that’s right, Windows only. I’m on Linux. No software for me, even if I got lucky and downloaded the right one.

    I’m not a gamer so I don’t really need to make adjustments. The mouse works fine out of the box, pure plug and play even on Linux, and it’s a great mouse. I give it four stars—one off for making it hard to find the software, and then making you guess what to download.

  2. Daniel J

    TLDR: This is a good mouse but feels cheap. It lacks some of the features that you will find from Steelseries, Logitech, or Razer. It is also a fraction of the price. If you want a very comfortable, decent mouse without the features that the big dogs have, then this mouse will work for you.

    If anything changes I’ll provide an update.

    The Good:

    -Ergonomic Comfortable Feel: One thing I like most about this mouse is how it feels. The thumb and ring finger rests on either side of the mouse provide for a very comfortable experience. The hand is in a far more natural posture and reduces strain on the wrists. I am currently battling golfer’s elbow that is shooting pain from my shoulder to my fingers. When using my other mouse, a Logitech Triathlon 720 (at work), I can feel the pain start into my fingers because of the posture of my arm and wrists. Swapping to this mouse relieves that pain. This mouse is a bit longer too, which contributes to a better feel for the wrist. The mouse is extremely light weight.

    Clickiness: At first I thought that the feel of the buttons were cheap, and they are, but they are very comfortable and after using it for a few minutes I came to prefer the feel of these buttons over those of my logitech.

    Open Body: The back of the mouse is open, and you can see straight through it. While casually working, I can tell that my fingers may begin to sweat on the plastic towards the front of the mouse, but on the back I did not. I can attribute that to the breathability of the back of the mouse. This also makes the mouse light weight and it glides very smoothly across the mouse pad.

    DPI Switch: Switching DPI is very easy and each level has a color to correspond to it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that there is no way to go back to what you were on originally, you have to go through every DPI setting to get back to where you were. This is a Con for this mouse.

    The Bad:

    My main take away as a flaw for this mouse is that it has an extremely cheap feel. There are no options to add weights to the mouse and it is very light. To the point that it seems that this mouse is extremely cheap. I have disassembled gaming mice before and the internals are far more robust than what can be seen inside of this. There seems to be a small circuit board, an LED and the connectors for the buttons.

  3. Joshua Boyette

    Lightweight, cable feels great.

    Mouse body feels a little cheap

  4. Liam

    This is a great budget gaming mouse with a couple of minor issues. The first thing I noticed taking it out of the packaging is just how light it is. Even the cord is made out of a flexible and lightweight braided fabric. I find it to be pretty good looking, especially as far as budget mouses go, and it feels great in the hand as well.

    For the most part, the build quality seems very good and I expect this mouse to hold up well. My only concern is that the slider pads have some scuffs already after only a couple weeks of use.

    The DPI is easily adjustable using the button on the top of the mouse. There is also software available that allows you to customize the lighting and remap the buttons. There was no mention of where to download this on the package or instructions, but luckily it was fairly easy to find on the Redragon website. The software itself is basic but does what it needs to.

    At the current price of $20 you really can’t go wrong with this mouse.

  5. S. Jung

    You can customize the RBG lighting on the mouse wheel. The wire is a nice cloth fabric which makes it real nice and doesn’t cause unintended inference from moving the mouse like sometimes get with the regular plastic wire.

  6. Hunter

    It’s a very good and functional mouse and the middle button changes sensitivity

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