Redragon Gaming Mouse, Wireless Mouse Gaming with 8000 DPI, PC Gaming Mice with Fire Button, RGB Backlit Programmable Ergonomic Mouse Gamer, Rechargeable, 70Hrs for Windows, Mac…

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  • ⚡️【Fully Programmable Gaming Mouse】-This wireless gaming mouse make it possible for you to remap the buttons, assignment of complex macro functions, change RGB backlit effects and speed, adjust DPI in a wide range(250-8000) to fit your different needs via redragon driver, It’s a good choice for gaming and working.The gaming driver is compatible with windows only.
  • ⚡️【Enhance Your Gaming Immersion】With 9 Adjustable RGB Backlit modes, you can adjust backlits effects via mouse or driver to create you fancy gaming environment and light up your game atmosphere.
  • ⚡️【Born For Victory】 Never miss a gaming mouse that adopts Rapid Fire button ((1 Click=Triple Clicks) while you are gaming, it helps you beat your opponents quickly with just one click.
  • ⚡️【High Precision Sensor】Features with 5 default DPI levels(500/1000/2000/ 3000/4000) and multiple adjustable DPI(250-8000) via driver, you can easily adjust the moving speed, and experience a smooth, fast response and accurate tracking gaming experience.
  • ⚡️【Ultra Long Battery Life】The rechargeable wireless gaming mouse has a battery life between 35 hours (RGB on) and 70 hours (RGB off) on a single charge, provide you with non stopping will auto sleep after 1 minute of inactively for power saving.The wireless mouse also can be used wired while charging.
  • ⚡️【Professional After-Sales Service】We provide every Redragon customer with 24-Month Warranty , Please feel free to contact us when you meet any problem. We will spare no effort to provide the best service to every customer within 24 hours to help you.
Product Dimensions

5.12 x 2.76 x 0.04 inches

Item Weight

4.8 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 20, 2022



13 reviews for Redragon Gaming Mouse, Wireless Mouse Gaming with 8000 DPI, PC Gaming Mice with Fire Button, RGB Backlit Programmable Ergonomic Mouse Gamer, Rechargeable, 70Hrs for Windows, Mac…

  1. Kalunda Smith

    First off, it’s important that I point out that I didn’t buy this for gaming, but for daily work primarily so it’s through those lens that I am reviewing this product. Also, I didn’t install the software as I didn’t want any additional bloat, but you will probably need it if you want more control of the colors and battery status etc. I have used it for a month or so to get a good feel for how it is.

    Now with that out of the way, some important things I wanted to mention about the mouse that weren’t clear that might benefit others.

    – DPI or dots per inch affects the speed at which the mouse will move across the screen. If you are noticing very slow mouse movement (saw some reviews mention this), then increase the DPI and see if that gets you to something you like. The buttons are labeled in the manual. You can also try adjusting mouse speed in your OS (I’ll leave that to you to figure out for your specific OS).

    – Report/polling rate affects the frequency at which the mouse communicates with the computer. In theory, the higher, the better accuracy, but also the greater drain on battery as it has to do more. Without the software, the rates correlate to color flashed on the scroll wheel when you set it using button on the bottom of the mouse. The rates allowed are 125 red/250 blue/500 green/1000Hz pink.

    Ok, so onto the pros:
    – Cost is fairly good. Considering you are getting a wireless mouse that can be plugged in and function as a wired mouse, it’s fairly affordable.
    – Very accurate and I notice no lag with usage. I run at 250Hz poll rate (blue), though to be honest, I don’t really notice any difference at 125Hz. Again, not gaming, so your mileage may vary, but give you can bump it up to 1000Hz, it should be adequate for most. I did confirm the poll rates online. You can google for sites that will report the detected poll rate of the mouse if you are interested in seeing it and from those sites, I did see the mouse was polling at the rates they claimed.
    – Rapid fire works as claimed and triggers 3 left mouse button clicks. I don’t have a need for it so can’t speak to how well it works in games or if the software allows any tuning of the rate at which it clicks 3 times, but there’s no way to do it on the mouse itself.
    – Battery life is ok. I get roughly a week out of it using it for work. I have it on normal power on mode which means the LEDs are on so long as the mouse is actively getting used. I also use it on 250Hz polling for reference. LEDs go out after a minute and mouse goes to sleep after 5. The scroll wheel blinks red to let you know it is running low and will light up as stable green when fully charged (at least it is supposed to though it doesn’t always do that but that may be related to the con listed later on about this).
    – Uses USB-C.
    – Wireless connectivity is stable. I use it 95% of the time wirelessly and only plug it in to charge and don’t really notice any connectivity issues/lag.

    – It admittedly feels and looks cheap in some respects. The plastic feels very cheap. The scroll wheel looks probably the worst in that regards as just mostly plastic wheel that has a rubber tire or sorts on it. That said, the wheel feels and behaves fine for the most part and I care more about the function than the form so I don’t necessarily care too much, but if you want something that looks premium, this probably won’t do.
    – About that scroll wheel, it doesn’t have horizontal tilt if you want to scroll left/right. That may or may not matter to you. For gaming, probably better it doesn’t, but for normal work, I prefer having it so it was a bit of a let down for me.
    – LEDs are decent. They are RGB as you can see the same sections change color, unlike some that claim to be RGB but really only light up one color, but that said, you can see the individual sections. It doesn’t look seamless as the colors transition down the mouse in some color modes making it very obvious where the different LED sections are. Probably would have required more LEDs to get the nicer affect, but it still looks fairly decent as a whole.
    – No way to keep the LEDs on. It turns off if it’s idle and as I type most of the time rather than use the mouse, it is off a lot. For those who care about having it on all the time, just know that won’t be possible.
    – Deep sleep after 5 mins is a huge annoyance. You have to scroll the wheel or click to re-wake it. While the other stuff I have listed is mostly superficial and I don’t really mind at the end of the day, this ‘feature’ does bother me. I would prefer if it could wake on motion or something.
    – The charging/wire is a bit finnicky. I sometimes have to unplug and replug it multiple times for it to really make a good connection and get detected by the computer/charge. At first I thought I just wasn’t seating it in all the way, but that was definitely not the issue. It also seems that it prefers having the plug go in with the cable flipped in a specific direction. Given this is USB-C and you shouldn’t have to care which way it plugs in, so it adds to the cheap feel of the product. I might have gotten a defective component or something here, so you may have better luck with this. While annoying, it is still overall functional and not worth the headache of an exchange for me. I just put some tape on the usb cable to indicate the side it wants up and it works most of the time now when I plug it in that way. This alone probably cost it a star.
    – Ergonomics are a bit average for me, but that is hugely personal preference and depends on your anatomy so it’s hard to knock it for that too much. I prefer a slight slant to the mouse with the left button a bit higher than the right to allow me wrist to rest in a more comfortable position, but that’s not for everyone.

    Overall, for the price, you get a decent mouse. Most of the cons again are rather superficial, but if you are getting something like this with LEDs etc, the look and feel is what you are getting it for so the fact that it looks and feel slightly on the cheap side is a bit of a let down. I wouldn’t discourage buying it necessarily for just that (probably docked it 1 start just for those things combined), and given a choice, I’d buy this mouse again if those were the only issues, but I get it if that is enough to make you say no. The bigger issue for me is the poor usb-c connection/port and the lack of wake up on motion.

    Hopefully this review helps you.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Like the title says, this thing really impressed me.
    i wasnt expecting much, but this thing is really cool. Doesnt feel cheaply made at all, the manual is easy to understand.
    I’m not a hardcore gamer, i’m more of a casual player and this thing is perfect for me, plus the RGBs look really good with my keyboard
    also, the scroll wheel is slightly concave and fits your finger nicely
    smooth movement with the cursor as well

    feels like a $100 mouse for a fraction of the price.

  3. Hai

    Works perfect wired, a little small for my hand unfortunately. Nice colors and decent customization, no rgb sync with popular programs though. The latency is kinda annoying when I used it with the receiver, havent tried BT
    Construction feels nice, buttons feel clicky enough

  4. Hai

    The mouse is great. NO SOFTWARE. I had to dig deep into the web to find it. There is NO BATTERY INDICATOR. so you just use it until it’s dead. Not very handy but whatever, the price was right.

  5. Jay

    Great for gaming. Cheap and rgb. It’s also USB c and has good battery life

  6. ryan cooper

    Works great as a mouse. I Like the extra button options that i can program. Appreciate the lights as it just adds a nice touch with the computer keyboard. Good componets for a casual gamer

  7. Amazon Customer

    So far i see nothing wrong about the mouse after a month. It’s many lightyears better than my $9.00 mouse that glitches the DPI. Whenever i sometimes move my mouse and it randomly X out all my tabs without moving it to that direction. Which is annoying as hell.

    Im not too critical about mouses but i will give my realistic and honest opinion from my experience. Very beautiful design and color options. In a normal perspective it’s 100% worth it for gaming and work. If you’re going for superficial things that will give you a premium feel. Then you won’t be completely satisfied. I’ve tried many mouses such as the Gpros, Glorious, etc. It definitely doesn’t compare when it comes to features and battery life. But what i mostly like is that it’s a bit over average ish. It’s better than 80% of the mouses that i’ve bought on Amazon. I know it’s an oddly eccentric and egregious claim but it’s way better than most of the cheaper mouse than this.. you can find.

    Well i just said i never really experience any issues with it. But I can presume and rule out some possible issues from a different person perspective. What others might think about it. I don’t have issues with connection problems but some might do depending on what monitor they use. For its cheap price, I would notice the plastic feel of it. But with the slightly above average contemporary features for a good deal. Again if you’re going for superficial like advanced settings, etc. Then your expectations are staggeringly out of place with its regressive appearance and performance. I would point out the sleep mode that occurs before a minute. Which shuts off the RGB, i mean it could bother some people who like to show off.

    Overall thought, this mouse in particular is better than a typical mouse. Way better than getting a mouse from your dad (if he’s cheap). But eh this is my overall opinion from my experience.

  8. Daviid Ro

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     Compre esta marca por recomendación de un amigo y he de decir que estoy muy contento con la compra. Muy buena respuesta, muy cómodo de usar (y mas en almohadilla, no como mi caso) y la batería duradera, especialmente si lo utilizas en modo eco (que es mi caso ya que las luces no son necesarias para mí) lo recomiendo!!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Muy bueno, no conocia la marca y me gusto, la bateria dura bastante sin activar las luces, con luces dura muy poco, menos de una semana en mi caso que lo ocupo diario. Los botones funcionan bien, muy comodo y el sofware de la computadora muy bueno para configurar los botones, espero me dure mas que los otros que habia tenido que no pasaban de un año, lo que siempre se daña es el scroll, si se daña el scroll cambiare mi reseña, pero por mientras calidad – precio, muy buen producto.

  10. Kalunda Smith

    Great for moderate gamers that do not 100% need ultra fast latency. Cannot beat the cost compared to higher wireless gaming mouse and ergonomics are great.

  11. hshea

    7 frei programmierbare Tasten, auch z.B. durch die Speicherung von Tastatur-Kombinationen. Präzise, Zeigergeschwindigkeit einstellbar, Licht individuell ein- und auch komplett ausstellbar. Da kann man wirklich nicht meckern und für den Preis schon nahezu perfekt.
    Ich für meinen Teil kann diese Maus nur wärmstens empfehlen, Daumen gaaanz weit hoch!

  12. Rickee_r

    Very good mouse, I Don’t use it for games but it’s great for everyday use. Comfortable in my hand, the buttons are very good and I like the lighting effects. Had a bit of trouble with the app on my Win10 but I think I downloaded the wrong app for the model (the web page is not great) but now I’ve sorted it, all is good. Haven’t had it long so can’t comment on the endurance but all okay so far.

  13. Mark Ratajczak

    I am very pleased with this gaming mouse it matches my aesthetic and set up perfectly and on top of that is very responsive when gaming I love how I have so many options on setting the sensitivity is very lightweight it feels great in the hand even during long hours of gaming. It got to me a day late but it was worth the wait.

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