ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air PC Wireless Gaming Headset, Surround Sound Headphones with Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone, 50mm Drivers, 24 Hr Battery…

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  • STELLAR WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY – Exceptional signal strength provided by a low-latency 2.4GHz wireless connection via USB transmitter that’s practically as reliable as wired
  • 24-HOUR POWER – Enjoy over a week of battery life with the Elo 7.1 Air, letting you play all day and night on a single charge
  • EXCEPTIONAL 7.1 SURROUND – Precision-tuned 50 millimeter neodymium drivers deliver exceptional 7.1 surround sound so you can pinpoint enemy locations for a clear competitive advantage
  • MIC MONITORING TECHNOLOGY – Adjustable mic monitoring so you can hear the level of your own voice to prevent shouting into the mic
  • SUPERHUMAN HEARING – Turtle Beach exclusive Superhuman Hearing setting lets you hear subtle, game-changing sounds so you can live up to 20 percent longer and win more. Data from Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing study conducted by Real Industry, May 2021
  • AIMO INTELLIGENT LIGHTING ENGINE – The AIMO illumination ecosystem takes your setup to another level, synergizing with other AIMO-compatible devices to create a vivid lighting aesthetic
  • GLASSES FRIENDLY COMFORT – Superior memory foam cushioning featuring ProSpecs Glasses Relief System alleviates pressure on glasses
Package Dimensions

10.08 x 9.76 x 3.19 inches

Item Weight

1.46 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 10, 2021



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7 reviews for ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air PC Wireless Gaming Headset, Surround Sound Headphones with Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone, 50mm Drivers, 24 Hr Battery…

  1. Caleb S

    Definitely my favorite wireless gaming headset yet. After several months, I’ve had no major issues with them, so I feel comfortable recommending them generally. I do have a couple warnings and a few nitpicky gripes detailed below.

    I’ll say the battery life is excellent. I can go well over a week in between charges, compared to my previous headset which I needed to plug in twice a week or so. Audio quality is great. The fidelity is decent, and the balance feels good when the EQ is set to default, which I recommend keeping it at.

    The comfort level is insane. I have massive ears that stick out an unfair amount, so I still haven’t found headphones that I can wear for more than about two hours before it starts hurting, but I find these need far less repositioning than other headphones. I’ll also say that the headband is very well-designed. I expect this sort of band on studio-grade headphones, so to find it available here is epic. You don’t need to adjust the height, they just go on and you forget about them unless you’re walking around or bouncing (as they have some springiness to them).

    Some warnings about these headphones:
    – NOT ACTUALLY SURROUND SOUND! Most headphones use an audio filter that gives spaaace to stereo output, but this headset goes so far as to accept 7.1 audio in and then condense it down to stereo on the headphones. The surround sound boxes you can check garble the otherwise okay audio just like any other alleged surround sound headphones will.
    – The knobs are software-based controllers, they adjust the volume set in Windows, etc. This may or may not be what you want. I prefer an analog dial on my headset to allow for finer adjusting.

    I do have a few gripes, which I’ll add so y’all can be aware.

    – The companion software is a bit clunky, and it turns out the onboard memory only remembers…nothing? I was at least hoping the headset would remember that I wanted the RGB off, as it’s impressively bright, which is fine for most people, but I find the light to be rather distracting and painful in low-light environments.

    – The headphones take several seconds to connect. Anywhere between 10 and 60, though usually 20-30, so as long as you don’t forget to turn them on until you’re game is loaded, it’s no real bother…sadly I’m rather forgetful.

    – No headphone jack…why? I don’t get why that’s so hard, and to rub salt in the wound, the USB-C jack is for charging and firmware updates only. These headphones are literally wireless only for audio. Thankfully they can charge while in use, unlike other headsets I’ve used.

    – Also the second knob is microphone feedback. I don’t know why it exists, as I generally can hear what I’m saying out loud, and it doesn’t help with hearing other people (ex. parents/spectators) as the microphone does good at keeping that noise down. Most other headphones will use that to adjust voice chat volume, which I’d prefer a lot more.

    – Finally, these headphones are surprisingly loud. Too loud, if you ask me. I do prefer my volume set a lot lower than most people, so keep that in mind, but if I were to guess at what normal folks would like, I’d wager you wouldn’t want these set above 40-45 percent in Windows. Louder than that, and you’re likely to degrade you’re hearing. Keep that in mind if you’re buying these for a child who may not know better.

    Overall, these headphones are great, so long as the small drawbacks don’t really get bother you. Personally, I’d expect a bit a little more seamlessness from $100 headphones, but I got a much cheaper used pair, so I’m quite satisfied with what I have for what I paid.

  2. calbff

    I was pleasantly surprised by the audio quality for the price point. The headphones are huge, but that’s to be expected and is intentional. The build is solid and the mic is great.

    EDIT: A couple weeks after I bought this, I managed to get the end of the mic wet and fried it. I contacted customer support and asked if and how to buy a replacement mic, and they immediately offered to to send me a free replacement, which I got in about a week. You don’t see that kind of move very often these days, and it was really refreshing. Highly recommended.

  3. CB

    Son loves it (especially the colours). Really nice headset. Sounds great. Has a helpful feature which let’s you hear yourself through the headset, and this can be silenced if you don’t like it. I’m actually trying to find one for myself with this feature that has a standard 3.5mm jack, but so far, no luck. Would love if they made one just like this with the jack option.

  4. Dustinwild

    Found these on rtings website as best headphones under $100, but they are extremely disappointing.
    Two things, you can’t turn off the mic monitoring on playstation, nor can you use these with PSVR. There is no 3.5mm audio jack input on them, so the Playstation will not work with a VR headset, on both PS4 and PS5. Tried them both. Just won’t work.

    The sound quality is good though, so if you don’t mind hearing yourself breath, and talk over your game audio, these are for you.

  5. Ken Rodman

    Roccat ELO 7.1 Air Wireless Surround Gaming Headset – PC/Mac/Linux
    The headset arrived as promised and the headset is comfortable and the sound quality is good. The add on SWARM software does not perform as advertised. The 7.1 and 2.0 are identical and the voice modification just doesn’t work. I’ve reported the problem and it has been acknowledged and I am waiting for a reply.

  6. Luis Prado

    Había leído anteriores comentarios que me hacían dudar de la calidad de estos headsets en general; pero a primera vista no voy a negar que la caja en la que viene empaquetados se nota sencilla, donde solo es una simple caja de cartón y por dentro vienen protegidos solo por empaque de plástico donde vienen montados. Al verlos, no se nota que sean de materiales de baja calidad, se notan robustos y la parte de la diadema se puede ver el metal del armazón y la parte acolchonada con recubierta de piel que al tacto se nota de buena calidad, los controles se encuentran en una buena ubicación y firmes, el cable es de buena longitud y aparte el que esté recubierto de hilo tejido, lo ha sentir de una gama más alta. Una cosa que no me pareció es que debería de traer una cubierta para el conector usb, así como lo traen sus mouse. Otra cosa que podría estar bien es que también se podría agregar un cincho tipo velcro para enrollar el cable excedente y dejarlo a una longitud a gusto de cada quien. Dejando esas dos cosas anteriores de lado lo demás me pareció perfecto. Ahora por último, el utilizar el software propietario le da una mejor utilidad de headsets o mejor dicho se aprovechan al 100%, también los ocupo para otros sistemas operativos como Linux y el sistema los reconoce muy bien, la única diferencia es que no se guardan los cambios realizados en el software en Windows para ser utilizados en Linux, algo que con los mouse si se logra. Espero me duren un tiempo razonable para que sea una muy buena compra en relación calidad/precio.

  7. baloneyjustice

    Over all I really like these but I wish they had a few things little bit differently. The construction of these is mostly way better then what I expected. For the 40 dollars I payed or the 70 you might pay for them, they seem to be really well constructed and not likely to break one of the cups off should you drop them on a hard floor. (And now you know what killed my $35 dollar headphone..)

    First off the fit is vary good, and they are really light feeling when I compared them to a set of headphones I got a year go. But I guess they also feel a little smaller then them my ears touch the cups. I have been wearing them now for hours.. but I feel like the old pair I had where far more comfortable just because they had ear cups that where 4 and half inches tall, while ROCCAT Elo 7.1 use 4 inch tall cups.

    I like the fact the top head band does not need any adjustment needed to make it it fit. It just pulls everything into place so it fits and holds in place. Though I wish it would loosen up a little, and the main metal headband part just had softer spring to it. If you have a bigger head then me.. you might find this set of headphones uncomfortable.. but I think my medium sized head feels fine in this.. but people with small head will find this most comfortable.

    The controls being behind the left ear cup is perfect. The controls on my previous set where on the wire which was ok.. but this is far smoother to reach to and change as needed. This is the best place to put these now that I gotten a chance to use this.

    Sound seems to be good, (but not perfect… I would rather have more deep bass and these just seems be on the more high pitched treble sound side more then I like.) I hoped into a video game called Rust and tried to sneak around with sound to see if the surround sound was good. The sound was good enough for that, and for discord the sound was perfect. Noise cancellation on other programs really depended on the program…but for my purposes I found it worked well most of the time.

    I tried downloading the drivers from the maker for this… I heard no chance in the behavior of the headphones so it might just be malware or malicious tracking software. Since I heard no change, I would not recommend it installing and will be looking at finding some other program to deal with sound levels, but even without it, the sound from the headphones is vary livable.

    While really not a important feature.. it also would be nice if I could of somehow locked the color the RGB leds to Red… they cycle through colors and wreck the fact everything else I got is red lit.

    The Microphone is kind of disappointed on these headphones. The way the headphones are designed, when you put them down on table, the mic always get pushed and away and you need to put it back into place.. I would of much rather it be a boom arm that you can push out of the way when you want eat or drink.. I guess I could just pull it out of its socket or bend it out of the way, but the boom arm of most gamer sets is way nicer since I used to that.

    One crazy feature of the mic is the second dial lets you pipe in sounds from around you more clearly. So for a while, I was vary confused why I could hear myself talking and the sound of my typing as I wrote… weird, could be helpful if you want to hear things around you while you play games.. but I don’t like how it just echoes my talking back at me, so Rather just not have it on…

    I would buy these again.. Of course, I got a great price, they are much better built, and work well enough. I am clumsy off and will drop my headphone on the floor again… so rather then buy another set when that happens I much rather have a nice set that can just keep working. The only problem is the cheaper set I had before this kind of spoiled me with the good features they had even if otherwise they where cheap crap. It just be nicer if if the sound was not diminished, or the mic was on better armature so I liked using it. I suspect if you have a really expensive set of headphone before and then switch to this you should be pleasantly surprised, but if you got really good sound out of your cheap headset, then you might feel a bit like I do.. Just make sure you get them on sale is all I am saying.

    Edit 1.1 So the day after purchase I found that the software I installed had started up a Hud program that lets me control the lighting of the head set, so I can now set the headset lighting to red and match it too my other computer related devices.. a big nice.. and also let me tune the levels of the sound though a equalizer, letting me have that vary deep base sound I thought I was missing from the headphones.. these changes that the ROCCOT Swarm program lets me apply to the head phone are really huge quality of life improvements over the headphone and I can see I feel like this is a great head set now.. and now I have no good reason to compare them to a set of 35 dollar headphones. The only thing that I don’t like is the microphone is not on a armameture but considering all the other great things this headset does.. I’m not so bothered anymore and will just try to get a headphone hook to hang them on.

    If you are reading this.. I hope this helps you with you if you are thinking of purchasing headphones from Roccat… and will try to answer any questions to do with the ROCCAT Elo 7.1 USB Wired Headset.

    Sep 22, 2021

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