SAITECH IT 2 Pack USB 3.0 Male A to Female A Extension Cable High Speed 5GBps for Laptop/PC/Printers – 3 Meter Black

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  • USB 3.0 uses less power, but has increased power output – up to 4.8 Gbit/s. Compared with the USB 2.0 transmission speed, USB 3.0 is 10 times faster
  • Length: 3M. Higher transfer rates up to 5 Gbps. Full-duplex data transmission support for new transfer types in the future
  • Compatible Devices: Laptop / PC / Printers / keyboards / hard disks / mice / Etc.
  • Increased device current draw to better provide power for High power demand devices
  • Features shielding that provides protection against noise from electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals, keeping your signal clear with less loss of bandwidth for higher performance
Package Dimensions

6.5 x 5.79 x 1.46 inches, 8.15 Ounces

Date First Available

May 20, 2022


Saitech IT PVT LTD

13 reviews for SAITECH IT 2 Pack USB 3.0 Male A to Female A Extension Cable High Speed 5GBps for Laptop/PC/Printers – 3 Meter Black

  1. Karlitoz

    Si funcionan bien

  2. L.Mclean

    Does what it say. How long they last????????

  3. T. L. McCulloch

    used as USB Extension cables for my TV’s why in the world dont they put the cable connections where they are easier to connect cables too? all my wall mounted TV’s are very hard to connect cables to when they are mounted on the wall. now i can connect usb thumb drives easy at the edge of the tv’s

  4. sanz

    Lo q buscaba, quedo perfecto para los poder conectar mi usb a la tv


    Used this to extend the four ports on the back of a desktop where it’s hard to plug in and out typically (vertical USB ports on a PCI-E card), this makes it so much easier to plug in and out USB Devices without feeling like I’m going to mess up the card.

    For me this is the perfect use case for these, to get a tinge of extra flexibility in hard-to-reach areas or to save stress on a USB port you don’t want to plug in and out too much (headsets or gaming adapters come to mind). Worked well for me.

  6. DRF

    Works as expected. Well built for longevity!

  7. Tribalvision

    Ever try to get your flash drive into the USB port on the TV when it’s mounted to the wall? It’s difficult.
    I use these short extensions to simplify this procedure. I plugged the patch cord into the TV and velcro’d the female end to the back of the TV near the edge. This gives me easy access to add or remove the Flash drive.

  8. aramoi87

    Cheap and good quality,

  9. Ricardo R.

    … so I got this short USB 3.0 extensions to do the trick! I have a Samsung G9 monitor that has a USB 3.0 Hub in the back of it but underneath a cover so having to remove it every time I need to connect a USB device is a no-go. WIth these extension I can keep the cover on and have access to the 2 USB 3.0 ports inside the hub (There are 2 USB 2.0 ports that I am using for my webcam and my keyboard+mouse dongle). Works perfectly!

  10. nick a.

    Perfect for what I needed , just a slight extension of 2 cords

  11. Xavier U.


  12. Amando Guerra

    Muy Buena Calidad y Fácil de Instalar…

  13. Caltrop

    did a home made 4x docking port for my USB Hubs

    a 2×2 board, aluminum angle, dry wall screws, & rubber feet
    all mounted to 2 USB Hubs

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