Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Slim, Compact, Silent, for Laptop, Tablet, MacBook, Android, Windows – Black

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  • Samsung Bluetooth Mouse Slim, Compact, Wireless, Silent Clicks, for Laptop, Tablet, Macbook, Android, Windows | Easy Pairing with Samsung PC & Mobile Devices | (Swift Pairing with Windows10 and 11 – Black
  • Portable and elegant, the Bluetooth Mouse Slim lets you set up and get to work with all-day comfort. The sculpted design supports your hand for a good grip, and it’s slim enough to slip into your laptop bag so you can keep it on hand.
  • Pairing the mouse is as easy as following the instructions in the pop-up on your laptop. When you put the mouse in pairing mode, your laptop will discover it, and you can quickly connect and get back on track with wireless comfort.
Package Dimensions

6.34 x 3.54 x 1.54 inches

Item Weight

5 ounces

Item model number



1 AA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

June 23, 2022



13 reviews for Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Slim, Compact, Silent, for Laptop, Tablet, MacBook, Android, Windows – Black

  1. mario

    lo uso para tablet samsung y sin problemas

  2. Happy Camper

    This works wonderfully with Samsung tablets. I love Samsung products. This would be fun to use with a TV!

  3. Andres Araiza

    Really good looking mouse. It is small which is good for me and slim. The clicks feel great and connects really quick. I got really disappointed at first because the side buttons are not supposed to be able to be customized. But, by searching X mouse button on google and going to the highrez website you can download a safe program(Checked before downloading if it was safe), and easily customize the button side keys.

  4. Gpe Luna

    Buen producto compatible y fácil de emparejar

  5. BL

    Very comfortable and quiet.

  6. Neil V. Moore

    The bad:
    1. Bluetooth only = bad. I should’ve known better than to buy a bluetooth-only product as all that did was set me up for a bad time.

    2. Scroll wheel is buggy. It scrolls things left to right rather than up to down in many applications. No way to configure.

    3. Polling rate is really bad. I tried using this on my Steam Deck and aiming in a first person shooter was no fun at all due to the inaccuracy due to the polling rate. I could flip the mouse upside down and visibly see the blinking, which tells me the polling rate was catastrophically low, probably due to the fact that it’s a bluetooth only mouse.

    4. Connection issues: This mouse had trouble connecting to anything except for my Samsung Phone, which it connected to just fine most of the time. I thought I could use this mouse for remote desktop sharing on my Samsung Phone, and it failed for that purpose due to it scrolling windows horizontally rather than vertically. So, I investigated using it on my Steam Deck, and it never stays connected, and reconnecting it is a nightmare requiring me to restart the Steam Deck, go into desktop mode, fumble around in the Linux bluetooth settings, forget device, reconnect device, etc etc. It was a nightmare.

    The Good:
    1. It’s comfortable and durable, but really that’s about where the pros end.

    1. Avoid purchasing this mouse even if you have a Samsung device. It’s not worth it. It offers nothing except a popup on your device asking to connect to the mouse, and if you’re unable to figure out how to use basic bluetooth in your phone to connect off brand mice, then you probably don’t even need a mouse, period.

    2. Do yourself a favor, get a wireless mouse that includes a wireless USB dongle kind of like the Steelseries Aerox 3 or a Logitech G Pro gaming mouse, and then plug that dongle into any standard USB 3.1 port. I used the JSAUX dock for the Steam Deck. Zero connectivity issues when doing it this way, and the polling rate is excellent resulting in perfect aiming and mouse movement.

  7. Nobody

    Love it for my Samsung s23 ultra and Galaxy book pro 360!

  8. Amazon Customer

    Used with a galaxy tablet S 9 ultra. And it’s working fine. The only problem I had was trying to find the right language on the (very small) instruction pamphlet.

  9. Laker

    Easy to connect to the Samsung keyboard and to a Samsung tv. Great product works great. Great slim design.

  10. Debashis Ghosh

    Works perfect. No glitch easy connect to my Samsung galaxy s8 + tablet . I love this.

  11. Ammar Mahdi

    Its the best mouse I ever seen in my life.. it connects in 2 seconds.. work smoothly 👌 it worth every penny.. good size.. so comfortable

  12. Steve Furukawa

    Samsung products are good.

  13. Diego

    No tiene una antena que conectar en tu PC/Laptop se conecta muy facil, es muy silenciosos, me gustó!

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