SAMSUNG Galaxy XCover6 Pro 5G | Rugged (IP68 Rated) Unlocked (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular) | Dual Sim (1 Nano Sim + 1 eSIM) | 128GB | US…

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  • DURABLE DESIGN: Withstands the drops and spills of your demanding work environment; Galaxy XCover6 Pro stood up to MIL-STD-810H testing* and a 1.5m drop test;** IP68 rating stands up to dust, dirt, sand and water***
  • POWERFUL CONNECTIVITY: Galaxy XCover6 Pro offers faster wireless data networks 5G**** and Wi-Fi 6E***** for high-speed connectivity; Plus, it’s CBRS-ready, providing a powerful communication option to keep you on the go when you’re on the job
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Get your jobs done with a long-lasting battery that sees you through your workday;****** When you do need a jolt, get powered up quickly with a fast charger that features convenient pogo pins for easy connecting
  • SENSITIVE TOUCHSCREEN: Galaxy XCover6 Pro features a sensitive touchscreen that tracks your finger flawlessly, even when wet or with gloves on
  • PARTNER ECOSYSTEM: Make sure your employees have the right tools for the job with a rich ecosystem of software, accessories and hardware integrations; Your teams will have the edge with familiar products they already know and trust
Product Dimensions

0.39 x 3.15 x 6.65 inches

Scanner Resolution

1080 x 2400

Country of Origin




Included Components

SIM Tray Ejector, USB Cable

Phone Talk Time

44 Hours

Battery Power Rating




Form Factor


Audio Jack

3.5 mm

Other camera features

Front, Rear, Video

Device interface - primary

Touchscreen, Microphone, Buttons

Item Weight

8.5 ounces

Other display features


Special Features

Rugged Body, Dual SIM, Fingerprint Sensor, Push-to-Talk, Water Resistant



Connectivity technologies

Wireless, Bluetooth, NFC, USB-C 3.2

Wireless communication technologies

Cellular, Wi-Fi


128 GB


One UI, Android 12.0


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number


Date First Available

September 20, 2022

4 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy XCover6 Pro 5G | Rugged (IP68 Rated) Unlocked (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular) | Dual Sim (1 Nano Sim + 1 eSIM) | 128GB | US…

  1. RSP

    I have owned this phone for 8 hours, I work in IT, I literally cannot get this phone to get messages from some of my contacts still w/ the same sim card I used for my moto g power. When I configured the phone I removed most of the Samsung bloat. Samsung prevents you from removing all of it and prevents you from using gboard over their insecure & inferior Samsung keyboard. There is no setting for shaking your phone awake like my moto g power has. This phone also uses a microphone app that wont work w/ android 13 so no voice to text no matter what you do. Fast charging is slow af as well. Also hope you have a wall to usb c brick b/c this thing doesnt come w/ one. I should have bought a mototrola or fixed my current one.

    Golden lining is that the phone is super easy to work on and repair. I have not worked on mine but watched a lot of tear downs and read a lot of reviews. battery change in 5 minutes is pretty solid w/ no heat gun required. Also charging port and aux jack are daughter boards easy to replace w/ no soldering. Literally the only good things about this phone esp at this price point.

    If you are looking to deploy a fleet of them, you better know what you are doing, if my employer made me use one, i would look for another job.

    If you are a end user buying for personal use, just buy a moto g power 2022 and a heat gun. Makes more sense. Even w/ the nightmarish tear down its worth the 400 you would save and the fact that motorola phones are actually usable.

  2. Brandon Bigam

    I’m really happy with this phone! I upgraded from a Galaxy S20, so some of my comments will include that comparison.

    -MicroSD support! This is a requirement for me, and why I didn’t really consider the S21 or S22.
    -Headphone jack! I missed it on the S20.
    -Replaceable battery! I hadn’t had that since the LG G3.
    -Notification LED! I can’t say I was conscious of missing it, and wasn’t sure I’d use it. But it’s nice to be able to see charge status or if I have a new notification from across the room.
    -Rugged, grippy build, with IP68. I actually like the plastic; I don’t get the trend of slippery, fingerprint-magnet glass sandwiches (like the S20).
    -Very fast and reliable side-mounted fingerprint sensor. I hate the trend of in-display fingerprint sensors that are slow, unreliable, and leave a smudge on the screen. (The S20 is horrible about this.)
    -Gorilla Glass Victus+ for the display. It also has an excellent oleophobic coating – doesn’t easily get smeared.
    -Snappy, smooth performance with the efficient Snapdragon 778G. Gets warm occasionally but not hot and doesn’t throttle. I don’t notice a performance difference compared to a flagship (but then I don’t do benchmarks or heavy gaming). (The S20 got really hot and throttled.)
    -USB 3 with video out and Samsung Dex support. USB video out often isn’t listed on specs sheets, but it’s usually only on flagships, so it’s nice to have it here.
    -Great battery life. I can easily get 2+ days despite the not-huge battery (4050 mAh).
    -The Wifi and LTE range and speed are noticeably better than on my S20! (My rural Verizon-partner carrier does not have 5G so I can’t comment on that.)
    -Extra assignable keys
    -Reasonable price
    -Software support equivalent to flagships (month security updates,, 4 Android updates, 5 years of security updates)
    -Clear, sharp display without PWM according to notebookcheck – PWM is a dimming method that uses flicker. OLEDs and some LCDs use it – this doesn’t – no flicker! So it’s easier on the eyes than OLED if you’re flicker-sensitive. I find it to be bright enough.

    -It is a rather big and heavy phone. Think S22 Ultra with a rugged case.
    -The display is LCD, not AMOLED, and according to notebookcheck, the color accuracy isn’t great. I admit that the colors aren’t as vibrant as AMOLED – they don’t “pop” as much. But I like the display anyway, and as noted above, it’s sharp and clear and without PWM.
    -Being LCD, there’s also no Always-On Display. I adjusted by turning on Lift to Wake, plus the notification LED and really fast fingerprint sensor help.
    -It has a notch for the front camera. It’s a small waterdrop notch, but it’s still my first phone with a notch and I don’t love it. With the big bezels Samsung could have put the camera in the bezel instead.
    -Big bezels (but I don’t care).
    -According the specs the cameras aren’t as good as on a flagship. But they’re good enough for me.
    -Slow charging. 15W “Fast Charging” was fast 5 years ago with much smaller batteries. At least battery life is good, and charging doesn’t make the phone hot, and the battery is changeable.
    -The built-in mono audio is okay, but certainly not premium. Still, I can hear and be heard clearly and the volume is fine. The S20 certainly has better audio. But my friend said he could hear me better when I was on the XCover6 than on the S20, so maybe it has a better mic. Or maybe it was the better Wifi performance.

    Other notes:
    This model – SM-G736U1, USA Unlocked – is not identical to the European models reviewed on notebookcheck and YouTube, or the specs listed on GSMArena. The network bands supported are different. Also, some reviewed models have dual SIM slots plus dedicated MicroSD. This model does not. It has one SIM slot, one MicroSD slot, and supports e-SIM.
    -It’s hard to find a network bands list for the USA Unlocked model. I can confirm that it supports LTE Band 13, required for Verizon and Verizon partner support. I had to check this because a lot of Samsung Unlocked devices – like the A53 – do not support Band 13. My rural Verizon partner requires B13 and it works great. No 5G is available in my area so I don’t know what it supports there.

    That’s a lot, hope it’s helpful. Though I wish it had faster charging, I’m very happy with this phone.

  3. D.T.

    If this were just a review for the phone, it’d probably get 5 stars. It does everything you want it for, removable battery, waterproof, everything else. It’s great. However…

    The item listing says (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, USCellular) and I don’t know which of those is accurate, but AT&T certainly isn’t. And I know that’s AT&T’s fault, not Samsung’s, as the phone is ~capable~ of working on that network, but you can’t advertise a phone as being AT&T compatable when that carrier is going to actively work to deny you coverage. And they will. At best I got phone and text and no data, then I got nothing at all.

    If this phone works on your carrier, get it. If that carrier is AT&T look elsewhere regardless of what Samsung says. Look elsewhere for another carrier, preferably.

  4. dustin owen

    removeable battery
    ok battery life
    sd card slot
    headphone jack
    2 fully programable buttons
    its flat( i HATE) the curved edges hate them
    screen is not the best but is still very good just not top of line
    very slow charging like a full hour longer then the note 20 ultra or fold 4
    its all plastic and i would not call it rugged (it is very nice and good in the hand just not rugged)
    the speaker is about poop compared to the top of the rage phone
    camera is still very good but think like note 10 plus or around that time for the top of the line. by todays standard it is only ok to good not great

    in all i would say its worth the money if you miss the note 4 like i do. so many of the things i missed are here. it should come with a charger and and another battery. the only thing in the box is paperwork and the phone with one battery. the most suspiring thing to me is that i only notice a very little difference between the note 20 ultra or fold 4. thats crazy to me as im extremally hard on phones when it comes to usage not on the physical phone.

    last thing that really pissed me off. there is no always on display.

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