SENZER SG500 Surround Sound Pro Gaming Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone – Detachable Memory Foam Ear Pads – Portable Foldable Headphones…

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  • [FOLDABLE & DETACHABLE EAR PADS]: Features flexible headphones with telescopic arms and detachable ear pads. The headphones fold inside the arm, making them perfect for easy storage and travelling and the ear pads are magnetic, allowing them to be conveniently attached and removed, making them easier to clean and maintain compared with other headphones.
  • [COMFORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN]: Comfortable for kids and adults alike, the detachable memory foam ear cushions are extremely lightweight, allowing for up to 8 hours usage without excess pressure build up, meaning you won’t feel any discomfort even after many hours of gaming. The overall weight is only 0.66lb; approximately 40% lighter than standard gaming headsets.
  • [NOISE CANCELLING ANTI-STATIC MICROPHONE]: The bendable microphone arm can be fixed to any position to ensure the clearest voice pick-up, and filters out surrounding environmental noise and eliminates static. The Senzer SG500 noise cancelling headset with microphone provides real-time in game chat without delay, making it easier to communicate with team-mates, friends and family without unnecessary interruptions.
  • SURROUND SOUND CAPABLE: Proven to enhance your gaming performance, this surround sound gaming headset gives you crystal clear audio and provides you a truly immersive video game experience. Pick up the direction of gunfire, vehicles and voices more clearly, as well as enjoying a more enhanced audio experience as subtle sounds like footsteps, wind and rain are projected with more clarity and precision.
  • [PLUG AND PLAY MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY]: Works with most modern devices which include a 3.5mm jack like PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Older version requires adaptor), Apple Mac, Laptop, PC & Mobile. No drivers or downloads required, simply Plug & Play, making it the ideal headset for travelling or as a gift, safe in the knowledge it will fit a multitude of devices.
Product Dimensions

5.9 x 3.8 x 5.9 inches

Item Weight

10.6 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 24, 2020



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13 reviews for SENZER SG500 Surround Sound Pro Gaming Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone – Detachable Memory Foam Ear Pads – Portable Foldable Headphones…

  1. Andy

    First things first, I love the sound, comfort, and lightness of this headset, along with the dial to adjust volume on the headset itself, not just from the source.

    The one con is the mic. I haven’t actually gotten a chance to test the mic on my Xbox yet but attempted to use these on my laptop for work calls, and the mic is almost inaudible. Part of that is because I have a larger head, so the mic itself doesn’t quite reach all the way to my mouth; if it did, would help this issue a little.
    Hoping this is mainly due this being a laptop, and not PC (as it has the specific audio/mic jack adapter for PC), and also hope to test these soon on the Xbox. If I find a different outcome of the mic for gaming, I’ll update this review, but first use doesn’t leave me too hopeful.

  2. Princess

    I’d like to note it says gaming Xbox and playstation but has an adaptor in the box to split the mic and make it compatible with many PC set ups too.

    Good noise cancellation, budget entry level, one for the kids.

    Quite chunky, limited adaption in size. Would suit early teens.

  3. Amazonoholic

    It attracted me with very affordable price and noise cancelation microphone functionality.
    I’m not heavy game player just needed one with decent quality to use on work morning online meetings and able to enjoy my games.
    Considering it’s price range sound quality great, headset compact and adjustable. I have a bit bigger head still covers perfectly and extra room left. Mic made from flexible extension which easy to direct and adjust.
    Keep in mind it’s not Bluetooth build in, it’s cable so no need to charging just plug and use.
    Cable quite long and volume adjustable on manual control together with mute option.
    Overall considering it’s price range very well build headset. So far happy with it.

  4. longshanks

    I got these as my previous set won’t charge anymore due to the USB socket breaking.
    I wanted a wired set due to charging issues on previous sets the wire is long enough to be used on my PC and my ps5
    The headset is comfortable to wear due to the soft ear muffs I have sat with them on for about 3 hours without issue
    The sound quality is really impressive I wasn’t expecting it to be great due to the price of these but they perform really well, (I use them for warzone)
    They look pretty cool too

  5. John

    As long as you proactively guard the inline volume control, you will get a reasonable life time out of this product. Sound quality (barring the ‘built to fail’ volume controls crackles and channel cuts) is quite good for gaming. The removable and cleanable ear pads are awesome. None of my voice interactions have complained about my voice quality due to the mic. The wire frame does not deform or crack badly from accidental misuses. Cable length and durability is quite nice as well. Added a 3″(8cm) pigtail as a breakaway for safety, and am going to reorder a new set here in a few days as backup. For the price, 10/10 would recommend.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Headphones are overall good value. A few places where they could use improvement:

    -Mic is a little rigid and sort of stays in place which is close to my face. I would’ve liked a more flexible cord.
    -Sound quality is noticeably less than my hypex from 5 years ago. Things feel a little distant in game.
    -Earpieces are strong as hell and noise-canceling is top notch. Gets toasty though after an hour or so of gameplay. Guess you can’t have it both ways.

    Overall good value for such a low price but I will likely be dropping more $ for quality headphones

  7. Gil Benjamin Bitton

    The Headset are sufficient for all gaming purposes, as well as other purposes. However I don’t play E sports games so, exclude those.

    The Headset rest snugly on the ears, in a way that isolates noise. However, when wearing glasses, some people may find it annoying, and even painful.

    The Microphone is surprisingly good. But the surround sound is normal for 5.1 standards.

    I might be worth mentioning that at first the Headset appears small, however they are sufficient for my somewhat big head.

  8. Marco Montepeque

    They strong. Dropped it like 4 time and haven’t broke. I play r6 with these and the work so nice they got my ears bleeding🤤🤤😍😍 recommended be me. Get them Fr fr. I wrote this while pooing 🙂

  9. Parker

    I ordered these last second as my beloved pair of headphones broke right as I got in call with my friends for the night. I got them in the same day. For their scarily cheap price, these headphones are very VERY good. The only gripe I have is petty and it’s about sound quality. It sounds a tad echoey- but I’m also VERY picky about the sound from my headphones. Overall, a wonderful purchase. I totally recommend these to any gamer that needs a budget headset.

    Also, as a side note. If you have a longer/chunkier face, like me, these headphones take a little bit to get used to, as the adjustment options aren’t as good as other, more expensive, headsets.

  10. Ariel

    Right out of the box, they are a lovely, sturdy pair of headphones. I have a large head and most headphones put too much pressure on my skull and I have to take them off after a short while because of the pain. These fit very well on the top of my head, but not by my ears. My ears are quite small, so a lot of the cover ear pad was sitting on the side of my face.

    Well packaged.
    Feels solid.
    All the cords are covered in braided fiber so they don’t feel like they will easily rip and tear.
    The overall design is attractive.
    The fold well in on themselves for storage.

    The microphone is flexible, but out of the package it doesn’t stay where it is placed. Moving it around some more may help loosen it up.
    The ear covers are too big for me. (Tiny ears)
    Not much noise cancellation without sound playing.

    Why I am returning them: Sound Quality and Volume
    The headphones came with the sound dial turned to the max position. I had to turn the volume up on my device significantly to get a decent level through the headphones.
    The sound is much flatter than what I am used to. I normally use Skullcandy earbuds or Beats earbuds and there is a noticeable difference between the sound quality. The bass is soft, and the music overall loses its vibrancy.
    I purchased these because I am returning to office and need a way to block out the office sounds that is more comfortable than earbuds. Had the sound been better, I would have kept these as they seem to be made of quality material.

  11. Simon Barley

    Was skeptical as had similar priced headset before. Sound quality is impeccable and the headset itself is far more comfortable than my previous set.

    Only fault i can pick on is the microphone isnt as plyable so kinda sits in the same place despite where i move it too. Other than that amazing value for money.

  12. Rico

    I was expecting a budget model headset and that was what I got. I actually like the sound, bass is pretty good, mic works. I don’t think it has any surround or noise cancelling features. There’s a mock turn knob on the left/microphone cup. Could have done without that. It seems to fake a function that it doesn’t have.

    I actually bought it because I want a foldable headset for travel. It can turn one earpiece inward and the next against it. It doesn’t flip both pieces together inward. Exactly like the pictures already with the product and comments.

  13. Matthew Lindemann

    I just got these headphones today so I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. I can say that they are loud and the microphone works pretty decent. I don’t think these headphones are made for listening to music. I know they’re gaming headphones but I saw reviews saying you can use it for music so I thought I buy this because I really like how the microphone looked on this. But the music does not sound all that good. It’s pretty loud but it doesn’t sound clear it’s more bass like rather than it sounding crisp clear. Hopefully you get what I’m trying to say but overall they’re great for gaming. I got these for voice recording not gaming tho.

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