Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone

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  • Improved Auto Hover Allows Easier Control In Between Commands
  • Eight One-Touch Stunts Are Visually Impressive
  • Auto Launch And Land For One-Button Stationary Hover And A Gentle Landing
  • Dual Flight Mode Provides Choice Of Auto And Manual Mode
  • Packaging may vary

Sky Viper

Model Name

Sky Viper DASH Nano Drone

Age Range Description

12 +



Included Components

Drone, 3.7V 100mAh lithium polymer battery, controller, one set extra blade guards, instruction manual

Skill Level


Item Weight

7 ounces

Control Type


Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Polymer

Are Batteries Included


Product Dimensions

5.04"L x 2.52"W x 5.98"H

Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Release date

September 17, 2018



12 reviews for Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone

  1. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been playing with this thing for a couple weeks now. I’m new to quads/drones and am surprised how easy it is to fly and how durable it’s been. It comes with replacement blades, but I haven’t needed any yet. I stay in hotels a lot for work and it’s the perfect size to fly around a hotel room when you’re really bored.

  2. Cheve

    The drone is decent quality for the size and it’s literally only a bit bigger than a U.S Dollar Coin. The problem is that the drone is so small and speedy that the auto-hover clashes with it. Also, the weight is nearly non-existent so it can be off-balance at times even when it’s perfectly calibrated. Controller is cheap but guess that’s wht you get when you buy a 20 dollar drone. I’d only recommend if you absolutely want the smallest drone on the market.

  3. Dystiney

    Bought for my step-son and he loves it. Such a neat little drone and works very well.

  4. t93cobra

    Once upon a time in the techno-verse, there lived a wise old man who decided it was time to join the ranks of the drone enthusiasts. Enter the Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone – the tiny aviator that turned grandpa into a flying ace!

    Now, let me tell you, this drone is like a magical carpet ride, but with propellers instead of a genie. Grandpa, with his decades of wisdom (and a bit of mischief), decided to give the Dash Nano a whirl. And oh boy, was it a hoot!

    First off, the ease of flying this contraption is like a Sunday stroll in the park – even for someone who remembers when rotary phones were considered high-tech. The auto launch and auto land features were grandpa’s favorite, as he could make his drone take off and land with the grace of a seasoned pilot.

    But wait, there’s more! This little marvel can do flips – yes, you heard it right, flips! Grandpa couldn’t resist showcasing his newfound drone acrobatics to the neighbors. The Dash Nano became the talk of the town, making the local birds jealous of its mid-air gymnastics.

    Now, onto the modes – it’s like having a drone with a split personality! There’s the normal mode for leisurely flights, where grandpa could survey the neighborhood like a high-flying detective. Then, there’s the sport mode – for those days when he wanted to feel the wind in his imaginary drone hair and adrenaline in his drone veins. It’s like giving the drone a turbo boost, and grandpa loved every second of it.

    In conclusion, the Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone has transformed grandpa from a wise old sage into a drone-flying sensation. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s downright hilarious watching him navigate the skies like a pro. If an old man can handle it with ease, anyone can! So, whether you’re a tech guru or just a mischief-loving grandparent, the Dash Nano is the drone for you. Happy flying! 🚁✨

  5. Shane T.

    Fun little drone perfect for indoor flying. There’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s relatively easy to control, pull off cool barrel rolls and flips with the touch of a button. It would benefit from having propeller guards though, as I broke 2 propeller blades after only a week in flight. And unfortunately the spares included were incorrect, I received only 1 A spare and 3 Bs, but it comes with 1 year of free replacement parts. It’s not really free though, it costs $13 USD to ship to Canada, and they only send you 2 sets of blades, but that’s still cheaper than anywhere else I could find. They don’t make it easy though, the website on the box is incorrect, it should be, and you are required to fill out a form, and complete a laundry list of requests and pay the shipping before the ship anything out.

  6. Kindle Customer

    Very durable. Landed in water without any ill effects. Crashed multiple times without any damage. Great for indoor use. Would recommend for young and old.

  7. Gentleman Farmer

    This is a reorder for us, we either lost the controller or it broke? Unfortunately the new controller only controls the new mini drone. I was hoping I could fly both but I can seem to find way to make that happen?

    Anyway, easy to fly, great for indoors and a good value for the money. Lots of fun!

  8. German Sampedro

    Buen producto

  9. JF

    Really fast when set on high speed mode and great to buzz around the house. Trim works well but also pretty fun just to fly about. Runs for about 3 mins flat out and take 10mins to charge.

  10. Amazoncan Customer

    All the cousins loved these for indoor winter flying. Free replacement parts.

  11. Sarah

    I actually bought this as a Christmas gift but enjoyed it so much I bought a second one for me because my cats love it. It takes a second to figure out how to fly only because Im not a drone user. Just an FYI don’t play with it if you have a wall right behind you or it might bounce off the wall and go into your long hair and you will spend the next 20 minutes carefully removing it from the rats nest it just created in your hair. But other than that it’s super fun and my cats love chasing it around.

  12. Kaiser Soze

    I had another small drone that I had been flying indoors. This one was even smaller, so I thought I would try it. Because it does not have headless mode, it is more difficult to fly. Indoors, it will bang against a wall sooner or later. And the problem is that when it does this, it goes completely berserk and races across the room in a random direction at speed that does not even seem possible because it is a much greater speed compared to speed at which it flies normally, in sport mode. The first time it did this, I was lucky that it didn’t break something that would have been costly to replace. The second time, I got lucky again. If I keep flying it indoors, sooner or later it will break something and I’ll regret having flown it indoors. I’m going to stop flying it at all. I would send it back if I hadn’t already thrown away all the packaging.

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