Snpurdiri 60% Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Mini Keyboard,Built-in Steel Plate, Membrane Keyboard but Super Mechanical Feel for Windows PC Gamers(68…

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  • 【60% Compact Design】Would you like to have a small keyboard like 61 keys keyboard, but with separate arrow keys and edit keys? Snpurdiri K68 is your best choice. It is easy to carry, and can also meet both work and gaming.
  • 【Super Mechanical Feel】This is a membrane mini gaming keyboard. But the unique structural design and built-in steel plates, etc., make it have a very similar black switch mechanical feel. Come on, Give it a try and you’ll know.
  • 【Ergonomic Health Design】The 60 percent keyboard is designed based on the natural form of the hand, wrist, and elbow structure. Evel high and low keys ergonomic design,double foot stand, all this keep your hand in a most natural state to minimize hand fatigue after long time use.
  • 【Good-looking Appearance】This RGB keyboard provides 10 RGB modes and 8 single rainbow backlights. You can go straight into your favorite lighting mode unlike before.Popular black white color combinations,and the built-in steel plate makes the Snpurdiri 60 gaming keyboard more high-end elegant posh.
  • 【After-sales Guarantee】Snpurdiri wired 60 keyboard is more stable than wireless keyboards, no delay. Within one month, you can also return or exchange for free. Your satisfaction and happiness will be our motivation and direction to pursue continuous product upgrades!
Package Dimensions

13.82 x 5.98 x 2.24 inches

Item Weight

1.34 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

March 27, 2022

9 reviews for Snpurdiri 60% Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit Mini Keyboard,Built-in Steel Plate, Membrane Keyboard but Super Mechanical Feel for Windows PC Gamers(68…

  1. Avatar of Michael Larsen

    Michael Larsen

    I got this keyboard for a dark soundbooth and wanted something that would backlight but be able to type quietly on and it checked both boxes. I don’t typically do much typing _while_ recording, but it’s nice to have only a subtle keystroke here and there to edit out or have software avoid.

    I have not tried doing any gaming on this, but the keys don’t feel terribly sturdy or robust to me so I expect you’d get about as much success out of any other cheap membrane keyboard as you would this one so your mileage may vary.

  2. Avatar of E. Griggs

    E. Griggs

    Plugged in and worked great on my 10.13 system with little fuss. The system can not find the mouse and so I am unable to map the additional buttons beyond the left, right and scroll. Not a deal breaker, but disappointing. I imagine that they would be more customizable on a Windows machine. They ergonomics of the mouse fits my medium-to-large hand.

    The colors are nice, with three brightnesses and three color combination settings. The colors will “breathe” by getting dimmer until they go out and then will regain brightness until they are at 100% again in a cycle, but do not chase or do patterns. There is also an energy saving mode that will turn the lights on the keyboard off if you are not using it.

    The keys on the keyboard feel good and have a nice click to them. The size and spacing of the keys is also nice, especially if you are used to typing on a smaller laptop keyboard like I am.Very much like my MacBook’s keyboard, except a much different feel with the mechanical style keys. The weight of the keyboard is also enough to keep it from sliding around the desk.

    For what it is and the price point spent, I am pleased with my purchase. I would have liked to see the keyboard have some sort of programmed light show, but besides that, I think it is a good value vs function.

  3. Avatar of Derek VanHoose

    Derek VanHoose

    I love this keyboard! I didn’t buy it for gaming, I bought it for regular use. I love the way the keys feel and the sound it makes when typing (weird, I know). It changes to three different color patterns and is just a fun keyboard. This is the second one I purchased I love it so much…one for home and one for work.

  4. Avatar of JustWantToHelp


    There are no per-key LED, only a couple of LEDs for the whole keyboard, resulting in uneven backlit. What is worse is some keys are not able to see clearly in the dark while some area of the keyboard is too bright, hurting your eyes.

    Keys so far are accurate but I wish they have per-key LED.

  5. Avatar of Jenna


    Personally I think this keyboards’ main attribute is the RGB settings. Since this isn’t exactly a mechanical keyboard the keys don’t have switches nor any stabilizers. When I first tried it out some keys made weird squeaking noises(which I found out later on it wasn’t connected with switches and the space key was held down with a metal “stabilizer”). But overall it still works and feels alright so you’d expect this for how much it costs.

  6. Avatar of Kindle Customer

    Kindle Customer

    I went to this from a full-size keyboard, so it’s taking some getting used to. They keys are a good size, and the spacing is right for me. I wish it had a Fn key on both sides, but other than that I have no complaints. I currently have the lights set to solid yellow, and I like it a lot.

  7. Avatar of PaulaJ99


    I am not a gamer, I am a grandma ha ha. but I am so happy that I purchased this keyboard for myself. I had trouble seeing the numbers and letters on my old keyboard, so the back lit board with a good selection of colors suits me just fine. I was also tired of changing the batteries all the time. The wire is long enough to easily reach my computer. Also, I spilled a cup of coffee on it, thought it was a gonner and I was ready to buy a new one, but once it dried out I found that it still works perfectly.

  8. Avatar of Savanna martensen

    Savanna martensen

    So, I bought this after grabbing my steam deck dock hoping I coumd use it for those games that dont work right with the typical controller set up. After a simple hook up (just plug and play) everything worked seemlessly. I switched to desktop view on my deck and quickly it did what was necessary to run the keyboard and mouse. Within a minute I was able to use my deck like a computer. It even works in gaming mode. So don’t listen to folks that say you need bluetooth capable devices, cause you don’t. A simple wireless dongle set up works just fine.

    Coupled with a comfortable lap desk the steam deck with this keyboard and mouse set up has been an awesome purchase.

  9. Avatar of Hugo Licona islas

    Hugo Licona islas

    Se cumple con el producto ofertado

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