SOMIC G951S Purple Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, Phone, Detachable Cat Ear 3.5MM Noise Reduction Headphones Computer…

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  • ♪(^∇^*)HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Built-in 40 mm high fidelity speakers, which can produce rich sound quality, vivid sound field, high sound clarity and sound shock feeling. The high standard of hardware configuration, providing a excellent gaming and immersive experience of video, capable of various games.
  • ♪(^∇^*)AMBIENT NOISE CANCELING: Large size earmuffs with outstanding passive noise-reduction bring less interference and let you enjoy your game or video.
  • ♪(^∇^*)STRONG COMPATIBLE: With 3.5MM plug, which can be compatible with Xbox one, Nintendo switch, PlayStation 4, computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone.
  • ♪(^∇^*)ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The omnidirectional microphone can be 360° flexible bending and be sensitive to pick up the sound clearly. The headband is self-adjustable for your head. Cozy protein leather ear cushions, ultra soft and skin-friendly. And lightweight design make you comfortable even for the long time wearing.
  • ♪(^∇^*)SPECIAL APPEARENCE: With purple outlook and detachable cat ear shape, attracting young girl and nice gift for girlfriend, women and kids. And please know that real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
Product Dimensions

10.39 x 8.5 x 4.41 inches

Item Weight

1.1 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

March 27, 2019



13 reviews for SOMIC G951S Purple Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, Phone, Detachable Cat Ear 3.5MM Noise Reduction Headphones Computer…

  1. Cora Seery

    She loved the purple color,that the head phones ear pieces were soft not plastic. The sound was great!

  2. Maya

    It’s very comfortable and not heavy. The quality is amazing and the sound is VERY VERY good.

  3. yasmin

    it was working fine at the start (almost 2 weeks ago). I havent dropped my headset, haven’t messed with the mic or anything. I always take it off really carefully and stuff cause im worried it’ll get messed up. But now suddenly the mic isnt working, which is really annoying and frustrating cause its legit only been 2 weeks and its alreadly broken?!?!! Is there any way i can fix this?? Tts not working on anything and i can’t use it for gaming or school anymore cause of this. Honestly mainly dissapointing since i was really excited with them and now i can barely use them for their purpose. Inevitably, my dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  4. Brynn Golladay

    I absolutely love this headset as far as build and sound quality. The design makes it really easy to remove the ear pads and wash them thoroughly, I’m unsure whether you can remove the top pad where your head goes or not but it’s still very easy to clean if your careful with the mechanisms and they’re very comfortable to have on all day ^^ the only downside I found with this headset is that the mic doesn’t seem to work with my PC even though i attached the dual adapter to it which is very unfortunate and odd considering it works with my phone but otherwise this is a great product if you don’t need the mic! (I also thought the sides of the headset and end of the mic lit up but that was my mistake for not checking 😅) EDIT: I have unfortunate news, after one year of daily use, the wire gave out. It was a great headset but if you plan on using your headset very frequently I wouldn’t go with these and opt for a different headset.

  5. Lauren

    These are the cutest headphones ever.
    I love the purple colour and I use a PS4 so they fit perfectly with my control.
    They aren’t soundproof so if you have them on loud then everyone can hear you so bare this in mind if you need to be quiet. But I live on my own so I don’t care about that. And considering the price compared to other gaming headphones on here then you can’t complain.
    They are quite big. I’m an adult and they definitely won’t fit a small child.
    I’m happy that I look cute af whilst absolutely thrashing everyone online.

  6. Gemma

    The design of these headphones is great! However the comfort not so much the foam pads around the ear could have done with being a bit thicker I don’t know if I just have ears that stick too far out but I found my ears aching after a short period because my ear was being pressed by the speaker part itself, extra padding could have avoided this. As far as noise cancelling it does cancel some but not all as I game in the same room as my partner I can hear him while playing loud games talking to me, this could be improved with the thicker padding? . Sound quality seems good to me in regards to game and voice chat audio but I do have it on quite high and the only complaints I’ve had from the mic is that it works too well 🤣🤣🤣 don’t put it too close to your face ot don’t breathe 😆

  7. MacAndCheese Master

    Cons: They’re painful on the ears

    Pros: Everything else is awesome!
    Great Microphone (Gotten good reviews from teammates on my mic sounding nice)
    Good noise cancellation (I can only hear our fire alarm when it goes off, so that’s good!)
    Long chord (not annoying or in the way)
    Well made (good material, won’t break easily)
    Cute (of course! Haha!)
    And anything else I missed!

    Alrighty! So yes, I uploaded a ton of photos, but I myself am very skeptical about buying things online because half the time, no one ever shows the full product. So! Here’s my review! I’ve been wearing this headset for about 4 and a half months now since I bought them. The only reason I give it a 5.5 star rating, is because the thing darn hurts my ears! Every day my ears are so sore from the headset, and I don’t even wear them for long. But! I’m a 20 year old female who weighs 81 pounds.. so I have a pretty small head and small ears for such a large headset. So it may not be the headset itself, it may just be me who’s small and should’ve found smaller ones to wear, haha! With that being said, in the description it says these are suitable for children. The look of them is cute, yes, but as far as wearing them, I feel like the headset will just be way too big for kids. My 4 year old nephew tried them on and you couldn’t even see half his face anymore, haha! So I’d recommend these for adults, not kids. With the negative part out of the way, the positive side to these is practically everything else. They’re very sturdy and long lasting I can already tell. The volume is perfectly easy to adjust and definitely easy to hear. It sounds so much like being in a movie theater, they’re definitely great on the noice cancelling. And as far as the microphone goes, it’s super easy to adjust and just move anywhere you’d like. I also talk very low and softly, but no one has ever complained about not being able to hear me through the mic, so great microphone as well! I bought the stand along with it and it’s pretty neat too to sit on my desk. I don’t use the stand as often as I thought I would though. But yeah! And as you might see from the photos, I tried to measure the ear caps so you could get an idea of the size it’d be around your ear. The overall circle size is 3.5 inches going both horizontal and vertical, and the inner part of the circle is 2.5 inches.. going both ways as well. (I hope that makes sense, but the photos show it if it doesn’t, haha!) Anyways! I think that’s pretty much it!

    So 2 questions you might wonder about, and then I’ll end this review:
    If my headset broke, would I buy one just like it again?
    As awesome as it is, I wouldn’t. Only because of how much it hurts my ears. Like, to give you an idea, it seriously gives me headaches from putting them on. But!

    Do I regret buying them though?
    Absolutely not! I would definitely check your ear size before buying them though.. just sayin! Haha! Thanks for reading all of this and have a blessed day! =)

    P.S. Shipping was super fast (I had received it on the exact day it said it’d be delivered). The box was beat up (as you can tell from the first 2 photos..I think from shipping damaging it, not from Amazon). But it was also wrapped in plastic wrap and the headset inside was not damaged at all. 👍😁 So overall, the delivery was a 5 star as well.

    Alrighty! I think that concludes everything officially! Bye! 😆

  8. orion Morris

    had some trouble getting the mic to work properly and they get uncomfortable after a while but overall good

  9. Sony

    i didn’t realize there wasn’t a usb connection, i would return it but it’s pretty cute and works pretty decently for gaming sound quality is crisp too on my switch and ps4

  10. Ivory

    The volume is adjustable and goes up really high. Awesome for hearing footsteps. Mic is super clear in patty chat. Better quality than my Razers I paid $100 for.

  11. r.h.b.

    This is a really fun gaming headset with microphone attached. Its in a cool looking purple colour and it has detachable animal ears. It is great for gaming on lots of different gaming platforms and u can also use it on laptops, computers and tablets. U can use it plugged into a music system for great quality surround sound music. Also use it to answer phone calls while plugged into your mobile phone. The padded ear pieces are very comfortable to wear even for long periods of gaming or listening to music. It would make a great gift as its in a nicely packaged gift box. The coolest gaming headset i have seen for a gaming girlie who wants to have some fun.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Microphone stopped working after six weeks just outside the return period so now useless for gaming. Plus points look cute. My daughter likes them and they are comfortable. Bad points. Average sound quality, broke within a few weeks, clip on ears fall off easily, instructions only in Chinese so guesswork to get it working, no warranty or support. You can get better for the money. Avoid

  13. Jazmine

    they’re so cute, but when i wear them too long my ears start to hurt because of the headphones pushing against my glasses😭 so i probably wouldn’t recommend if you plan on wearing them for hours and hours AND need glasses. i mean it’s bearable sometimes but i don’t like the feeling.. i like the sound quality though, but i haven’t had any headphones like this before so i don’t have anything to compare it too. overall i like them!!

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