Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Black

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  • Absolute Protection = Dual Layers + Air Cushion Technology
  • Exterior card slot holds up to 2 cards
  • Shock-absorbing TPU interior + polycarbonate exterior
  • Not compatible with Wireless Charging
  • iPhone 14 Pro Case Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro
Product Dimensions

6.01 x 3.01 x 0.55 inches

Item Weight

1.49 ounces

Item model number


Special Features

Shock-Absorbent, Card Slot

Other display features


Form Factor








Country of Origin

Korea, Republic of

Date First Available

September 7, 2022

13 reviews for Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case (2022) – Black

  1. John R

    Just received the Spigen case for my new iPhone 14 Pro and it is every bit as good quality as my previous case. My issue is that I really wanted a color case so I order the Metal Slate thinking it to be a blue color. Turns out that the blue is so dark I thought it Black and was going to send it back – then I put it next to a black item and yes, in the least obvious sense, it is sorta dark, dark, dark blue. So save a buck and just buy the Black case. Spigen needs to work on their color choices to make them more obvious.

  2. D in TO

    This is my 3rd version of this case I had the same case on An iPhone 8 and 12. It my go to case. Holds 2 credit cards/ids. Possibly squeeze in a third if the cards don’t have raised numbers. Protects the phone and much sleeker than putting a wallet on the back of the phone. It could have a bit more grip on the sides but I think this one for the 14pro has a little more grain than the others. Overall would recommend and but again

  3. Traveling Reader

    I love these cases. I put my drivers license and debit card in it, and that’s all I need – I rarely even take a purse with me anymore.
    The only drawback is that they are not particularly sturdy. After a couple of months or so, the sliders become brittle. If you drop it, they tend to break. If the door pops off, it’s difficult to put it back on without breaking the sliders.
    The hardest part for me is that I use a magnetic phone holder in my car, and the magnet is pretty strong. I have to be extremely careful to slide the phone up and off the holder, otherwise, it will rip the door off.
    But really, these are the best “wallet cases” out there. And they’re not expensive, so I don’t mind buying a new one every couple of months.

  4. Dennis

    Upgraded my phone and knew I wanted another Spigen Case.

    Feels great in the hand and slide on back is crisp and secures solidly.

    Case is light weight but super sturdy and doesnt make the phone IPhone 14 Pro feel much larger. If anything, the case makes it easier to hold.

  5. Mark Quainoo

    This case by Spiegen is very well designed and adopts all the outstanding features of German engineering.

  6. Big Dave

    Why did I waste my time with a cheapo alternative product? I purchased a competitor product for half the price and it was useless – buttons that could not be pressed they were so stiff. I’ve had Spigen before and they fit beautifully and all the buttons are properly protected and still work nicely. Don’t waste time and money – it’s worth the extra for this kit.

    Would have given it 5 stars but this case feels a little slippy to me. I don’t want really grippy rubber – then you have trouble slipping it into a pocket. But just a little bit more grip would have been nice. Me previous Spigen case was just the right balance of grip.

  7. Laura

    I just received the iPhone case so I cannot say how long it will last but I like how slim it is. Able to hold 2 credit cards which is enough.

  8. Big Art

    I keep (3) cards on me at all times. My DL, and two credit cards or one CC and some cash. Slightly snug with three but no issues with it. As long as your not constantly dropping your phone like a teenager, your phone will be protected from a fall. I’ve dropped my once or twice and no damage to my phone or case.

  9. Trendy

    Benutze diese Hülle von Spigen seit Jahren an meinen Handys. Super Qualität. Bei dem explizit sind die Seiten aus einem angenehmen, rutschfesten Stoff. Beim Kartenfach bleiben oft Fingerabdrücke hängen und das Material ist etwas rutschig. Aber nicht dramatisch.
    Nach ein par Monaten ist mir jedoch aufgefallen, dass meine Kamera immer dreckig ist und es daran liegt, dass die Hülle einen zu dicken „Rücken“ hat – der Übergang zwischen Kamera und „Rücken“ auf der gleichen Ebene ist und man somit ständig mit dem Finger auf der Kamera landet. Das hat man mit Hüllen ohne Kartenfach nicht, da dein Finger vor der Wölbung stoppt. Werde mir eine neue Hülle kaufen müssen.

  10. Amanda

    Love it! It holds 3 cards, 2 without numbers printed and one card with numbers.. its slim and has a bumper to protect my screen. Seems like its built well.

  11. Kelly G

    Great phone case and fits my 14 Pro perfectly. I can fit 3 cards (DL being one of them) in the pocket. I have a screen protector and camera protect and still fits perfect! It does show finger prints on the back but easy to wipe off. Nice solid case; super happy with my purchase!

  12. Angela

    I’ve had this brand phone case before I upgraded my phone and loved it. I bought a different brand to fit my new phone and it broke within a couple months and was bulky. Big mistake! I went back and bought this one. It’s light, durable, holds 3 cards and easy to hold. I’ll be sticking with spigen.

  13. ninadora

    I repurchase this case with every new phone. I wish I could get something fun and cute but, love this case too much. It is extremely sturdy and light weight. It is perfect for carrying 2-3 cards (3 without raised numbers). I even added a stick on pocket to carry my metro card in, bringing the total to 4-5 cards.

    I have one hand, so I can attest that this makes access to your cards super easy.

    I had one case break a little but it was still fully functional, just chipped. I cracked one screen when my phone caught a sharp corner on the face while falling– a freak accident. I’m a total clutz and these are a wonderful compromise between weight, bulk and protection.

    Spigen, please produce this in some cute colors at least!

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