Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag (MagFit) Compatible with MagSafe Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max Case (2020) – White

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  • Magnet integrated shock absorption clear PC back case
  • Raised lip to protects screen and camera
  • Tactile buttons for solid feedback and an easy press
  • Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max (2021)
Product Dimensions

3 x 0.4 x 6 inches

Item Weight

1.45 ounces

Item model number


Special Features

Shock-Absorbent,Built-in Screen Protector,Slim Fit

Other display features


Form Factor






Country of Origin

Korea, Republic of

Date First Available

September 14, 2021

13 reviews for Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag (MagFit) Compatible with MagSafe Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max Case (2020) – White

  1. Alessio Bonfante

    Bella bella questa cover, realizzata in un materiale morbido ma non troppo. La discriminante che mi ha fatto propendere per questa della Spigen piuttosto della originale è stato proprio il materiale: Quella originale è fatta di un materiale plastico piuttosto duro, che rende soprattutto scivolosa la presa. Questo materiale è relativamente morbido (anche se siamo lontani dalla morbidezza del silicone, questo non si piega per niente) ma ha un buon grip e non si ha la minima idea che il telefono scivoli dalle mani.
    La protezione sembra buona, in quanto la cover è davvero spessa, e questo porta il device ad essere davvero largo (come se il max non lo fosse abbastanza), probabilmente una cover più sottile potrebbe essere più maneggevole.
    Il sistema magsafe è ottimo, il magnete bello resistente e non lascia spazio a “staccamenti” accidentali. Ho il portafogli magsafe che è bello saldo (e merito del grip della cover, non ruota minimamente quando attaccato), e nemmeno l’alimentatore magsafe sembra staccarsi con facilità.
    Nota super positiva: agli angoli ci sono dei micro rialzi, praticamente invisibili all’occhio, che consentono al telefono quando sdraiato di non ballare, a causa delle fotocamere sporgenti. Quindi quando appoggiato si può usare perfettamente senza incorrere in fastidiosi movimenti.
    Insomma, una bella cover protettiva che lascia vedere il bel colore del vostro iphone. Approvata!

  2. Neobutt

    I bought two of these as a gift and I thought spigen was doing good on their cases. As looking at the case I thought they will be sturdy and durable but they are quite flimsy and easy to scratch and the bump on the corner is not that safe for phone.
    very disapointed.
    In the past I used mous case which was excellent for drop.
    but this aint good for your money.
    Colour have gone brown

  3. Jo Aska

    The case is well fitted and the magnets work well initially. However after 6mo of use the case rapidly yellowed, in fact faster than other Spigen cases I have had despite its “anti-yellowing” claim. The magnets of the vertical section pulled loose from the case and dropped out (sticking to the phone if I remove it from the case, loose of the case itself). The plastic at the back of the case is so soft that it abraided when joined with a magnetic ring, even though that ring itself was covered with a soft touch material. Given the elevated price, I feel Spigen has cut the quality of its offerings in recent times.

    I contacted customer service who sent a replacement case, but it took weeks and required multiple follow-up emails to get a response. However the replacement case appears to be made of a more pliable plastic, possibly they changed the formula to slow the yellowing. All plastic will yellow when exposed to UV / chemicals but I’d hope it to last 12 months before significant yellowing.

  4. Vítor Rêgo

    Easy to hold

  5. Nick

    Star added for the fast way Spigen sorted problem.

    This will be the last Spigen case I will buy I’m pretty disappointed with it. Initially I thought it was great but just over 2 months later….

    As others have said magnets now pop out when I take the phone out of the case…. It’s not like I take it out lots either only been out 4 times max..

    Case has very noticable yellowing allready ….

    This was not a cheap case and I expected better 🙁

  6. Roland Harvey

    I normally go for Apple cases, on my previous phones. I have had Spigen before as well. But the last two phones have had Apple leather cases. Both performed very well. But then most of the time my phone is in my pocket or plugged into the car.

    With the new iPhone 13 pro max I wanted to see the lovely colour that I had bought, still be protected and of course take advantage of the MagSafe charging.

    At the price point of the Spigen, you cannot complain. It’s rock solid. Have I done drop tests? No. But it fits excellently, looks like it would protect the phone from a fall if the phone hit the ground on the corners or back. And charges via MagSafe without issue.

    On the rare occasion I have taken the phone out of the case, I occasionally have the small magnetic bit stick to the phone rather than the case. But this is easily put back into its slot in the case.

    The only other thing, which is personal preference, is that on my last Apple leather case the bottom of the phone was exposed (the case grips to phone on the sides and top). The negative of this is that if had dropped the phone in a certain way I could have damaged that socket/speaker/mic area. The positive of this is that the swipe up gesture is easy. There is no restriction of the lip of a case.

    The Spigen, because it does protect the socket/speaker area doesn’t make it as frictionless to swipe up to unlock the phone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a problem. I swipe and unlock without issue. But I just feel a case when I do it. But then again the speaker/socket area of the phone is protected.

    Brilliant case at the price point.

  7. Dulce G.Alonso

    I work in receiving and I was on power equipment 9 feet up and my phone fell. NOTHING HAPPEN TO MY PHONE!! My friends where like dang what kind of case is that!!

  8. Amrish Thakkar

    Very well made, and Bette than original apple one. I had the apple one, but it was very slippery. This one has a nice grip to it, and it is very sturdy.

  9. Robert

    Only just got it and the only MagSafe accessory I have is the official apple MagSafe charger but it works.
    Had the Spigen Rugged Armor case before this but the MagSafe only worked with it if you left it on the table and lined it up correctly.
    The graphic on the back says A16 for the processor but the iPhone 13 series had an A15, not a big deal, still a neat looking case.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  11. potatomonster

    protective – gets dropped ALL. THE. TIME. corners get scuffed, but my phone is shiny
    clicky, tactile buttons – I’m VERY particular about this. Perfecto.
    durable – the hard back plastic is essentially unscratched after a 11mos in my pocket with who-knows-what.

    expensive – competitively priced, but $25 is still ridiculous for a piece of clear molded plastic.
    YELLOWS – see photos. I don’t mind, made my sky blue phone look “vintage” and well-worn. Still, when i re-bought the case clear and shiny I felt like I got a brand new phone.

  12. Jason Eisenberg

    I have now purchased 4 of these and I am about to purchase my 5th. It turns yellow after 3 months but other than that it is the best case I’ve owned in every other way. I can’t stand the yellow but I like the case so much that I’ve decided to just replace it every 3 months rather than look for alternatives. I’m paying $120 per year for this case… I wish they could fix the yellowing.

  13. Keith M

    Disappointed with this, Spigen are usually my go to cases but although sturdy this case is heavy and bulky. But then the MagSafe magnets fall out when I take the phone out to clean it of pocket dust. Poor quality here I’m afraid. I’ll be going back to genuine Apple cases as I’m now doubting this to protect my £1300 phone !!!

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