SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless – Super Light Gaming Mouse – 18,000 CPI TrueMove Air Optical Sensor – Ultra-lightweight 68g Water Resistant Design -…

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  • 68g Ultra Lightweight – When quick movements and large swipes matter, Aerox 3’s super light design allows for faster and more accurate reaction times in game.
  • 200 Hour Battery Life – Engineered specifically for optimized power consumption, the Aerox 3 Wireless battery delivers up to 200 hours of continuous use without sacrificing performance and weight.
  • 100% Virgin Grade PTFE Glide Skates – Designed with 100% pure PTFE to provide the smoothest swipes and enhanced control for super light mouse movements.
  • TrueMove Air Sensor – A custom true 1-to-1 tracking sensor co-developed with PixArt specially for wireless performance. This 18,000 CPI, 400 IPS, 40G optical sensor delivers the speed and accuracy needed to improve your gameplay.
  • AquaBarrier – The first ever gaming mouse to receive an IP54 rating, providing water resistance and protection from dust, dirt, oil, fur, and more. The mouse is engineered to safeguard the interior circuitry from virtually all types of environmental damage, so you never have to worry about accidents.


Item model number


Hardware Platform


Item Weight

‎2.4 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎6.65 x 4.49 x 2.52 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎November 1, 2021

12 reviews for SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless – Super Light Gaming Mouse – 18,000 CPI TrueMove Air Optical Sensor – Ultra-lightweight 68g Water Resistant Design -…

  1. Carl Brutananadilewski

    I work remotely and play games in my off time, so I spend a lot of time using a mouse, obviously. I’ve had the Aerox 3 wireless in white for almost 4 months now, and it became my daily the first day I got it. I enjoy trying out different pc peripherals for my setup when I can, my mouse being the most common change, so I’ve actually tried quite a few gaming mice at this point. The search for a new mouse has all but stopped since I bought this one. It’s not the holy grail or anything but it’s everything I want and need in a mouse, gaming or otherwise. It’s super super lightweight, slim and not too tall while not feeling like a mini version, and no crazy extra buttons just the two on the side which is all I need for my gaming. The holes/pattern are nice/not too rough as well, though not something I was looking for one way or the other. The sensor feels awesome in game, on par with any other top fps mouse out there, and I’ve had zero connectivity problems at all. The software (steelseries GG) for controlling rgb, changing dpi etc. is pretty good, no complaints (Some kind of software is essentially necessary for all the top “gaming” mice at this point anyway). I do turn the rgb fully off though so I can’t exactly speak for that. The battery life is fantastic, probably better for me personally since I do turn off the rgb. I charge it about once a week and that’s usually only when I see the battery bar go from 3/3 to 2/3, never had the battery die on me. USB-C cable to charge is also fantastic, enough said there. Scroll wheel has a nice rubber texture and good bumpy feel when scrolling, & it’s easy to feel the individual bumps if you need to in game. I think that covers literally everything on this mouse (didn’t say dpi button because it’s deactivated on every mouse I own). I got this on sale for $70ish (I think), pretty sure it retails for $99, which is fine. If you want a budget mouse you’ll get one. This is on the lower end of prices for the top wireless fps mice, which this mouse is one of. AND it comes in white, which is a deal breaker for me nowadays, I’d recommend this mouse to any gamer 10/10.

  2. R. Falco

    The battery life is my least favorite part of this mouse, second is the lack of software support outside of Window; otherwise it’s light, ergonomic, and the type C makes it easy to charge and use simultaneously.

  3. Lewis

    I think this is a good mouse: buttons feel good, it’s a good size (and certainly light), however it’s rather annoying that you cannot change any illumination settings over Bluetooth. It may be a technological restriction, but I’m skeptical of that. This means I need to use 2.4GHz which involves the rather bulky adapter. The USB-C dongle on its own doesn’t work, but I think that is a problem with certain Intel chipsets, so I can’t fault Steelseries there.

    Minor grievances overall. I still think it is worth the money, but be wary going in.

  4. Amazon Customer

    The shape is good especially for claw grip. Grip tape is recommended…
    I had 4 connection issues within 2 months whish is very disappointing for a high end mouse!
    I had to reconnect the mouse during game, very frustrating.

  5. Cory Stephens

    I bought this because my other mouse was wired and too big and honestly very cheap and wanted something… better.
    I found this mouse and honestly it weighs a lot less than I was expecting. Which is great if you want that of course!
    I foun that I needed to get used to it at first but it feels a lot better now and it is QUICK so tune it before playing games and get used to the sensitivity.

  6. Cian OCW

    It feels cheap and poorly made. The battery life is appalling, needed to be charged almost every day from normal use. Mine would drop connection on occasion when and when it was woken up could take a long time to reconnect.

    It is also quite small so if you have large hands may not be suitable.

    It is very light so there is that.

  7. ivO

    Mixed feelings about this one

  8. Darlene Cundliffe

    no lag time at all and can adjust speed

  9. SuperDan

    I had to get 2 of these because 1 of them had an issue with the DPI…. When it comes to technology there will always be a few units that have problems, so just basing the review off the one I got that is working.
    Amazon has always treated me very well when getting anything that is not working correctly or just arrives and is not what I expected. They never give me any hassle returning something or getting a replacement for something & I buy A LOT of stuff from Amazon, so I have returned a lot of things. But I do have a prime membership so its one of those benefits.
    Either way the mouse is great, you can certainly feel the difference between this and some cheap budget mouse with the label “Gaming” stamped on it even though its not really a “Gaming” mouse.
    RGB is really cool, I like the strip and how it looks on the mouse pad!!
    Really nice mouse, Feels great in the hand, Keeps palms cool, Lightweight & very high response time…. I like this more than the Logitech Mice I have had over the years and that says something

  10. Michael G

    I was using a razer viper ultimate but switched over to this. I like the SteelSeries software better than razer and the battery life on this has been amazing. I hardly need to charge it and when I do, it’s nice that you can still use it while it’s plugged in and charging. The mouse is very light and very accurate and the colors look good too. This has the right amount of buttons on it too where it’s not overwhelming. The added bonus of the Bluetooth connection option is great too because you can bring this to use with a different device like a tablet or phone and not need to carry multiple mice (something Razer and the competition don’t offer). I have been using this for about 6 months now and still think it’s one of, if not the, best option out there right now for light gaming mice.

  11. Ian OConnell

    My only complaint is the side/thumb buttons are terrible. They need to be more chunky and/or have more feedback. It feels like they’re going to fall off every time I press them and aren’t particularly intuitive to feel for. I had a Sansei before this, and this is the only “downgrade” I can come up with. I’m sure the implementation is to help contribute to the light weight, but they just feel cheap.

    Those side buttons are the only thing preventing me from giving this a 5/5.

  12. Wolf Mama

    I was in the market for a new mouse and I happened to see this one. It was on sale and people said it was pretty good so I bought it on a whim. I’m so glad I did – this little mouse is powerful, comfortable, and lightweight! Here’s a list of things I think will be useful to know:

    – When you lay your hand on it, it follows the natural curve your hand makes when relaxed.

    – There’s a little texture that you can feel from the open holes of the mouse when you first place your hand on it, but it’s not noticeable when you use it.

    – You can adjust a lot of the features with the SteelSeries GG desktop app such as mouse sensitivity, illumination, battery saving, and button configuration. You can also create custom configurations with ease. (You’ll need the desktop app to update your mouse.)

    – You have three options of connecting the mouse: USB, bluetooth, and the dongle.

    – If I’m constantly moving the mouse (for example when I game), the battery lasts about a day and a half from my experience which isn’t too bad.

    – As far as looks go, it’s very handsome. You’d think the holes would make it look off, but it’s actually pretty cool (unless you have trypophobia that is). The colors are vibrant and flow from one color to the other smoothly. It matches my laptop as though they were meant to be together.

    There you have it. I hope you consider getting this mouse if you’re looking for a new one!

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