SYMA Mini Drone with Camera for Adults Kids-720P FPV Camera Drones with Remote Control RC Quadcopter with Headless Mode, One Key Start, Speed Adjustment, 3D Flips for Beginners

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  • 【Camera Drone】Capture stunning aerial shots with our 720P HD camera drone designed for adults/kids. From novice explorers to seasoned photographers, experience exceptional clarity and precision. Elevate your storytelling and capture breathtaking moments like never before.
  • 【User-Friendly】Crafted for novice pilots, this mini camera drone ensures effortless flying. Its simplicity shines through – easily take off or land with a single button press. The drones also features user-friendly options like Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, Gesture Selfie, and Speed Switch for seamless control.
  • 【More Fun Features】 The drone can perform stunts like 3D flip. You can customize a flight path through the APP and the drone’s flight path will follow the one you draw. What’s more, High and Low-Speed Modes make the drone fit with both experienced and novice pilots. The joy of flight is endless.
  • 【Extended Airborne Adventure】 The X200W mini drone for kids guarantees an impressive flight duration of up to 15 minutes, accompanied by a control range stretching up to 115ft. Immerse yourself in ample time and room to relish a prolonged and immersive flying escapade.
  • 【Pocket-Sized Portability】 The X200W drone, equipped with a 720P camera, thanks to its innovative foldable design. It’s so compact that it slips right into your pocket, ensuring effortless transport wherever you venture. Accompanied by a manual, this FPV camera drone arrives with precise usage instructions. An ideal present for friends, sons, grandchildren, and all drone enthusiasts.


Special Feature

Portable, Foldable, Adjustable

Age Range Description




Video Capture Resolution


Connectivity Technology


Skill Level


Item Weight

1.3 ounces

Battery Capacity

400 Milliamp Hours

Control Type

Remote Control

Media Type




Wireless Communication Technology


Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Ion

Are Batteries Included


Video Output Resolution

1280×720 Pixels

Remote Control Included


Product Dimensions

9"L x 2.3"W x 6"H

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



8 reviews for SYMA Mini Drone with Camera for Adults Kids-720P FPV Camera Drones with Remote Control RC Quadcopter with Headless Mode, One Key Start, Speed Adjustment, 3D Flips for Beginners

  1. Ezra Perry

    This drone was a lot smaller than expected, you have to read at least 40 pages of directions before you can use it. So if you’re not someone who knows all about drones, you better pick a different one for your first purchase.


    Not for beginners. not even close.
    I own and regularly fly a drone of my own. I thought this would be a good starter for my grandson, who is 15. As with all gifts I buy, I had to charge the batteries, and make sure everything functions properly before turning it over. I tried this drone several times with no success. There is no way to trim the flight path in any direction. It lifts off and abruptly veers to one direction or the other, and is difficult to regain control at that point. Tried it in my 26×26 garage, it lifted off, and veered directly into the wall at high speed.
    the directions say its default mode is low speed. Not the one I got. it rips off like a blur, and crashes into the nearest wall. I tried to recalibrate the level on it multiple times, it repeatedly did the same thing.
    Enough, this ones coming back.

  3. WoodyGoodyWoodworks

    The drone works great and flies pretty well. It does actually last for around 15 Minutes and charges up pretty fast. Only problem was it would sometimes drift backwards and there needs to be a forwards and backwards trim to fix that. Other then that the drone was pretty easy to control once I got the hang of it. I really like how it fits into the controller box because now they stay together at all times. All in all this would make a great gift for teens of kids.

  4. Chantel

    This drone is pretty easy to use and I really like how compact it is. It’s a clever design that you can store the drone in the remote control. The blades are strong. While getting to know the drone I crashed it plenty of times and all of the blades are still in perfect condition. My daughter even landed it in our dog’s water dish and it was still working. Pretty tough drone.

  5. Chantel

    First off many of the reviews here are posted for the wrong drone. I bought the X110W the one that looks like a flying soda can. I got it on sale for $40 down from 60.

    Secondly toy drones are highly subject to unfair scathing reviews. People pay $30-$50 for a toy and get mad when they realize the 4k camera was a lie , or it doesn’t hover in place well, the video feed is bad or the app doesn’t even work at all. People’s expectations are way too high. However, for flying around indoors without video this thing is pretty awesome.

    I bought this for line of sight flying in my home when I can’t go outside to fly my real DJI drone. The app didn’t work so all video features are basically useless. Even if I ever do get them to work I’ll likely never use them. They are junk novelty features even when you do get them to work.

    As with almost all toy drones under $100 and under 200 grams it will not stand up very well to any kind of wind. I flew mine to 20 feet outdoors just once and it was carried away by 5 MPH winds. I had to run after it while gently lowering altitude and catch it in an emergency landing. I won’t be taking it outdoors anymore, and that’s fine with me.

    All of this sounds like complaining, but I’m just trying to add some clarification for people that don’t know how to temper their expectations when buying a $40 toy thinking it will function like a $1000 machine.

    I have 2 other drones in the same price range. They take an hour to charge each battery and fly for 6 minutes. These batteries are HUGE and they fly indoors for nearly 15 minutes each. They blow my other toy drones out of the water with flight time.

    The motors are also insanely powerful for a toy. It sounds very similar to my Mini 4 pro, and they throw a ridiculous amount of air. With that said, it’s still ultralight weight and less aerodynamic than your average drone so the wind still overpowers it easily.

    The propeller guards are removable but only protect the top. So It’s very easy to hit something with your blades even with a guard on. It can actually be very dangerous, so maybe not the best for beginners. I’m having a blast with it personally, and I’m glad I picked it up.

  6. brandon9689

    My husband and I really like this drone!!
    My biggest fear would be crashing and breaking it the first time I use it, but after multiple crashes (once into a metal electrical box), the drone is still working great!! It does have a bit of a learning curve, and the app for the camera function is confusing, so I did take a star off for that. It’s a great gadget and provides a lot of fun and entertainment!!

  7. RR

    I turned into a child again with this mini drone! It is super compact, and the drone itself folds up and fits into the controller box for storage and easy travel. It charges quickly and is a great starter for learning how to maneuver a drone without risking damaging hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of equipment. It even flips and barrel rolls! So. Cool.

  8. Jared H.

    The media could not be loaded.

     It was definitely worth it! It works great, I was surprised tgat the product quality was so good for its size but the air/fly quality works great. It was easy for me and my kids to use and they absolutely loved it. I have 4 kiddos and they all got excited to see it fly around and take turns. I love that this item is portable cause we can take the fun with us.

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