Taisioner Windslayer Cover Wind Muff for GoPro Hero 9 Hero 10 Hero 11 Black Housing Frame Case Video Noise Reduction Accessories

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  • Special design compatible with GoPro Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Black action camera. ( It don’t need to be used with protective case )
  • It could reduce the noise effective when you recording the video.
  • Made of special sponge material, which is very soft, lightness, portable & flexible.
  • Precise hole would not impact the video effect, restore the real sound quality.
  • Adapt to various of scene and sport, especially the gale weather & strenuous exercise.
Package Dimensions

4.21 x 3.03 x 2.6 inches

Item Weight

1.13 ounces

Date First Available

October 20, 2020


Taisioner 2pcs TPE Rubber Lens Cap for GoPro HERO 9 Black Protective Cover Replacement Accessories

13 reviews for Taisioner Windslayer Cover Wind Muff for GoPro Hero 9 Hero 10 Hero 11 Black Housing Frame Case Video Noise Reduction Accessories

  1. Jeb Bristow-Hanna

    Has a surprisingly tight fit on my hero 10, very thick and dense foam, seems durable. I have yet to use it but I am having higher hopes now that it actually arrived.

  2. Scottman17

    You can get 2 for this price but don’t do it, I bought the cheap ones too and these are sooooo much better and definitely worth it

  3. Kathleen

    Tried it out in front of a fan at home, turned on high. This is how I perform my wind tests before using products in the field. It worked great with my GoPro 9. I bought this product so that when I am in wet environments like canoeing or kayaking, and can’t use the media mod (which has a built-in mic that is covered by foam as a windscreen), this will allow the sound to penetrate the two built-in mics without the annoyance of wind sound. You can’t expect the GoPro to be waterproof when using the media mod so using this windslayer is a great idea for using the bare GoPro in potentially wet environments.

  4. Sébastien Robert

    Le vent entre quand même pas l’ouverture faite pour l’écran avant !!!!

  5. Misty Clark

    The appearance is poor and some cuts (for instance the screen) is very crooked. The front is not cut flush and starts to curl near the lens area. It looks very cheaply made and makes your GoPro look very ugly. However, it does the job it is supposed to – keep the wind noise out of your audio. It just does not look as tight of a fit as the picture advertised.

  6. m873y

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have used this windscreen to film roller coasters, e.g. Expedition Everest and Incredicoaster, with no wind noise. I purchased this item in April and waited four months to write this review. Initially, the windscreen is a pain to put on but you get used to it quickly and it seems to loosen up enough to easily put on but no wind noise.

    To change batteries, I just pull back the one side of the windscreen and it takes seconds. I thought for certain that I would have ripped this by now but it is much more durable than expected.

    Go to the 2 minute mark on the video when the roller coaster starts to move. You will hear no wind noise.

  7. Steven

    I use this on my Hero 9 black for moto vlogging and while it does do a good job for the most part, once you start going over 60 mph the wind noise starts to become loud again. Take note that this is with the “wind” setting set to “Off” on the camera to allow stereo sound, so maybe leaving Wind to “Auto” will completely remove the noise (not what I want because then the audio is in Mono). Overall its ok. works great for slower speeds below 60mph.

  8. J. Sopha

    What else to say except it works great…no wind noise on any videos and can still hear speech and other “trail” noises just fine. It either is the perfect product or I ski and ride so slow that wind noise is not an issue! 🙂

  9. Jordan B


  10. antoine

    Couvre l’ecran du devant et en plus le trou pour le bouton est pas sur le bon coté

  11. D. Nagel

    I have only used for stationary GoPro9 filming so far, but in moderate wind, there is absolutely no wind noise. All other noise (voices, etc.) are normal. Wind is unbearable without. I believe that this will work great for skiing. I first saw it on another skier this winter. Seems reasonably durable. I’ve had it on/off 25 times with no issues.

  12. Baylor81

    A really loose fit on the Hero 9. Not what I was expecting. It would be better with a snugger fit. Tested it with a fan. Seems to cut some noise down, but not as much as I expected for a fan being 3’ away. Hopefully it works enough to cut wind noise down from behind a motorcycle windshield.

  13. Pete

    The media could not be loaded.

     The holes are in the wrong place for the power button, record button and clamp fingers.
    This item is at an inflated price already; on top of that I had to pay duty to have it sent to Canada.
    I have since made it usable by cutting out the holes myself. Fortunately the mics are still foam covered.
    I’ve since ordered 2 more at a very cheap price from another supplier. Do yourself a favor and do the same.

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