Thermaltake Glacier 360 Liquid-Cooled PC (AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, RTX 3060, 16GB RGB 3600Mhz DDR4 ToughRAM RGB Memory, 1TB NVMe M.2, WiFi, Win 10 Home)…

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  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU Watercooled, AMD B550 Chipset ATX motherboard, 16GB ToughRam DDR4 RGB, 1TB NVMe M.2, WiFi, Windows 10 Home
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. Graphics card brand may vary
  • Closed Loop Liquid Cooling with 240mm Radiator and 3 ARGB Fan
  • 1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x Headphone, 1x Mic Ports
  • Swing door tempered glass with magnetic mounting.
Standing screen display size


Item model number


Hard Drive Interface

‎Solid State

Flash Memory Size

‎16 GB

Computer Memory Type


Processor Count


Processor Brand




Package Dimensions

‎24.9 x 23.5 x 13.6 inches

Item Weight

‎41.8 pounds

Operating System

‎Windows 10 Home

Hardware Platform





‎3.7 GHz amd_ryzen_5_5600x



Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Number of USB 2.0 Ports


Wireless Type

‎5 GHz Radio Frequency

Graphics Card Ram Size

‎12 GB

Card Description


Chipset Brand


Hard Drive


Memory Speed

‎3600 MHz


‎16 GB DDR4

Hard Drive Rotational Speed


8 reviews for Thermaltake Glacier 360 Liquid-Cooled PC (AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, RTX 3060, 16GB RGB 3600Mhz DDR4 ToughRAM RGB Memory, 1TB NVMe M.2, WiFi, Win 10 Home)…

  1. Keagen D.

    I’ve had this pc set up for a few days now and it works great, I play games ranging from minecraft to first person shooters and even hours of vr gaming. This is a great pc for anyone looking for something easy to set up and potentially upgrade in the future.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Excelente compra muy bueno

  3. Chris2222

    Gaming PC’s in general cost way too much these days due to the crazy GPU market. This one breaks that cycle. It has a good GPU and it is liquid cooled. We got this for my 16 year old and he loves it (maybe more than he loves us these days, teenagers ugg) He is on it all day, be it doing school work or playing games. He frequently asks me to come in and look at how awesome the graphics are and how smooth the games render and play. It is a larger case ad does take up a lot of room on his desk but it is liquid cooled so you need the extra room i guess. Overall, im very happy with this as it made him happy and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a gaming PC

  4. Ralph

    I bought the 3060 glacier edition of this PC. Upon reading some reviews i was a little hesitant but i really liked the build and specifically how to looked. You’re essentially paying a premium for good looks and a water cooler when comparing the glacier to the graphite version. I had read reviews about the computer not displaying anything to the monitor out of the box. i thought i had this problem. Simple fix, monitor needs to be plugged into the graphics card via the HDMI port below the typical display ports. I had called customer support just to see their responsiveness, and they initially didn’t pick up but returned my call minuets later despite me not leaving a message. So i am satisfied with that experience. The computer performs very well. A 3060 can handle most if not all modern games with decent graphical settings at the very least. Certain games like Esport titles (lol, overwatch, dota2, fortnight) are absolutely smashed by this computer. I am currently playing Elden Ring and loving it. The combo of the rtx 3060 and ryzen 5 5600x is not the highest line components, but they are no slouch. If you are a gamer with a moderate budget, this is the combo for you. 16gb of ram is fairly standard for modern gaming. I personally upgraded the ram myself because i really like the Thermaltake ram it came with. with 32 gb of ram you can multitask to your hearts content and the rgb on them are very nice. The stock 16gb ram is completely adequate though. The seller has stated that they cannot guarantee the brand of GPU or motherboard. I had gotten MSI components for both and I am satisfied. No issues, and i really like MSI Dragon center software. You are able to track temps, adjust performance settings, and adjust RGB settings. I have fun just playing with the RGB. And RGB components (including the fans and ram that come with the computer) that are hooked to the motherboard can all be adjusted and even synchronized using MSI Dragon Center. This computer is an absolute value for what it is (especially the graphite version, like I said the glacier version is 100 dollars more for a prettier but ultimately same computer). You can build a comparable system on your own. But factoring in that this PC comes with windows pre installed and the current market of GPU’s you wouldn’t be saving much money, and you’d have to build it. The value is here. This computer is beautiful. The cables are managed. The bells and whistles are here. It has it all, if you have the coin.

  5. Billy Bourne

    Got it for gaming, only tried rust but at high settings I’m stuck @100fps. Haven’t even tried anything else but from what I’ve tried I can tell it’s gonna be worth it. Great price definitely worth the purchase

  6. draven jetmore

    The media could not be loaded.

     My review will be updated as time goes on! So let’s start from the moment I purchased this thing! Order placed and set to Arrive just 2 days after . 1 day passes and the delivery date changed to 4 days out now . So the delivery was then late. After I got the package the box was torn up as if some animal got to it ? Or maybe the delivery guy was hungry . Either way didn’t look pleasant non the less we opened it and it was packaged decently and all of that. But to my surprise almost every corner on this has a little dent and also as you see in the pictures some random black marks inside which are permanent . But to spend this much money I want something literally perfect . So of course I contact Amazon because this product is both shipped and sold by them not a third party ! They say nothing we can do. Ok cool I’m glad I spent 1400 on a dented marked up white box , anyway after seeing those and getting the amazing customer service response I just decided to plug her in. To take this glass panel off was an absolute pain. Took me just about 30mins because it was so stuck. I’ve used many many cases and idk what was wrong with this one, anyway got it open finally took out the little foam protection and everything looks pretty good . I plug her in and let it run and setup windows per instructions that came with it . Also on the instructions states to watch for any leaks from the water cooler . Fantastic I’m being told to watch for something that must mean it’s happened quite a bit . I didn’t see anything at first but then i started to see little wet spots on the awesome graphics card. No problem I messed with the hose and fixed that problem . They might as well hire me . The computer does run pretty nice for the first little while then it does get a little hot . Those are my only issues up until this point and I’ve had it now for about 3 days . I will update this review as things occur for now I think this is an ok pc to buy. For the sale price it’s not to bad just be prepared to maybe have to fix some things.

  7. Samuel Dean Devino Jr.

    I will say this Computer is unbeatable at the price point it is. When it came it was set up quickly so I could test it out and I was very impressed. The Cable management is clean. Most of the parts are MSI. I run games on high or highest settings and have no issues. The RGB is clean and easy to change. This is overall just a great product.

  8. xX thetbard Xx

    Happy with it but I had hoped it wouldn’t put a lot of heat off but it’s still warming up my computer room despite the advertising.

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