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  • TourBox NEO is an editing console designed to speed up content creation, whether it’s photo editing, video editing, illustration, animation, graphic design, or audio production.
  • CUSTOMIZE HUNDREDS OF FUNCTIONS – The 14 buttons on TourBox supports single-click, double-click, press and hold, and combos. You can map keyboard shortcuts, macro commands like mouse move and drag, text, built-in functions, or TourMenu panel.
  • EYE FREE ONE-HANDED CONTROL – All buttons on this palm-sized console come with unique shapes and touches. You can recognize every button without looking down and searching.
  • ALMOST ANY SOFTWARE – Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier, Illustrator, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX, Clip Studio Paint, Camera Raw, Capture One, SAI, AutoCAD, Blender, Pro Tools, Chrome, iTunes, Spotify…You name it!
  • DYNAMIC AUTO SWITCH – And even if you have different presets for dozens of programs, TourBox has no problem automatically switching presets when you jump among different programs or workspaces.
  • RICH INTEGRATION – We have developed the API native integration in different software. In TourBox Console, you can see all those built-in functions, which could not be done by the mouse or keyboard.
  • AUTOMATE 10 COMMANDS VIA MACRO – You can now send even 100 commands with one click through Macro. It supports mouse move or drag, access texts, open a file or web page, etc. You can add delay among actions or repeat them, or bind macro command on the wheels!
  • TourMenu PLUGIN – A plugin panel powered by TourBox. Allows you to collect your favorite sliders or tools in a panel. Synchronize your workflow among contrasted workspaces and speed up your productivity.
Product Dimensions

6.69 x 1.57 x 5.51 inches

Item Weight

1.9 pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

September 3, 2020


TourBox Tech Inc.



12 reviews for TourBox NEO, Video Editing Controller, Photo Editor Shortcut Keyboard, Photoshop Lightroom Premiere Illustrator Davinci Resolve After Effects Final…

  1. Ket

    There is no where mentioned this item is not returnable, doesn’t matter what reason is. I learned it a hard way. You’d better be sure you really need this product before you purchase, after that there is no way back.

  2. Jason Cole

    I really wanted to like this controller and I spent ages trying to get the software to work. Its really buggy IMO and I had to keep restarting Adobe Lightroom to get the changes to work but then one change would work and the next would not. Like I would assign one key then restart lightroom and another key I had assigned would be now gone. Really buggy software and the keys and layout are not remotely ergonomic and the entire unit is just way too small. I do not recommend this controller, much better to spend more money and get a Monogram controller or the like.

  3. Salvador

    Estaba dudoso de comprarlo ya que no hay mucha información acerca de las opciones programables para trabajar con audio, no me arrepiento en nada facilita muchísimo el workflow, tardas en acostumbrarte en las configuraciones que tú mismo programas ya que es algo totalmente nuevo, sin embargo ya una vez que te adaptas trabajas de una manera más eficaz y eficiente haciendo casi nula la utilización del teclado.
    Buenos materiales y calidad del producto.

  4. Rowanmother

    I spent a lot of time looking for a budget editing tool to aide my son in his video editing dream. Everything else I found was designed specifically for photo or art editing or was ridiculously expensive. So when I found this I was reticent. After watching a couple of review videos, and how-to’s I decided to bite the bullet because the price wasn’t awful. And he’s been using it 3 months now. He informs me that he uses it every day and it’s become muscle memory for him. It’s made of a soft feel hard plastic, is heavy enough not to slide around when being used but light enough to be portable. He says it works seamlessly with De Vinci and has made scrubbing and searching effortless. All in all I would recommend this. Because he’s recommended it to 3 of his friends.

  5. Jeff

    This is my favorite piece of editing gear. This is a great tool. If you’re looking for an ergonomic way to fix your editing set up this is one of the best pieces of gear you can get. Compared to the competition this is by far the most affordable. Worth the investment.

  6. Wingnut

    The tourbox is a solid device that helps me save time during video editing in Adobe Premier Pro. Once you get the muscle memory down basic functions like zooming in and out of the time line etc is efficient and effortless.

    I’m very satisfied with the overall quality of the device, the buttons and wheels functions as you would expect and after thousands of clicks and spins it still operates flawlessly.

    The software is easy to use and you can edit how you want each button to function or you can just use the pre made button configurations for several of the popular editing programs out there. Yes it came with a pre made setup for Adobe Premier Pro. The soft ware will also place a little widget (clickable area) that emulates the 4 of the buttons on the device. Neat.

    I love this device, I usually release 5 videos per week on YouTube each of whic are typically 10 to 15 minutes. That’s tons of scrolling, trimming etc I can’t imagine editing without this device. I would purchase another without hesitation if I needed to.

    The tourbox doesn’t have all the fancy buttons and appearance of some of its competitors devices, I can confirm it won’t make you a cup of coffee, but It will make your work flow more efficient and is a joy to use because it works!

    I love it!

  7. alidan

    first, amazon wanted 3 ‘features’
    value for money, I hate how much this costs for what it is, its stupidly expensive, but its realisticly the only thing like it unless you want to roll dice on 30$ china things.
    ease of use, it took restarting and installing the software upwars 30 times each in total to get it to work, and then it locked the pc up till unplugged, another 30 restarts and installs to get it working and now its fine, this was a nightmare to get working.
    light weight, light weight is not a feature of this product, it’s nice and heavy so where you put it down it stays while using the dial and knob.

    now, this sees more use outside of art programs than inside, its FAR nicer to use this than my mouse for scrolling websites, zooming in and out, among other commands. the software is very good, it recognizes that you will likely screw up on the dials which way you want things to go, so its a 1 button flip. half a turn of the dial or knob is I believe 16 button presses

    the bad, the software, when it works its good, had a habit of not seeing the device, despite the computer seeing it.

    also, you have full mapping for the wheel and for the knob, but there are no modifiers for the dial, which I honestly find weird how that was overlooked. I also wonder why not every key can be modified, take for instance the knob, turning it left and right is one set, then you have 4 more sets with the wide buttons, but pressing the dial only has one hotkey and no modifiers effect it. or the two circle buttons have the buttons below it to modify it, but the one above the knob or on the side don’t. the tour button, the one on the side of the knob, that looks like it could easily be modified, is not modifiable.

    these limits don’t bother me too much, as I can compartmentalize what im doing/using the tourbox for into hotkey sets, but I would love to see instead of what I assume being the developers/makers best idea for how the thing will be used and only making hotkeys for that, let me do whatever stupid hotkey set I want. I use this with both right and left hand I could more easily with my right hand use my pinky and hit those circle buttons with the side and top modifier than I can the ones to the right of the dpad.

    Overall, this is a product that once you use it, there is no going back, and there is for the most part no alternative for. possibly with a touch screen you would have a diminished use for this, but as far as im aware thats only on screens that cost in the neighborhood of 2000$ at the moment.

  8. dogBoy

    Not being an Adobe user, I could not get this to work with Affinity Photo or Designer.
    Aimed at Adobe users, they have an API call in to enable accessing functions without keybinds. Essentially, if you cant map a keybind to a control in your app, then TourBox cannot help you.
    Remembering what functions you assigned to each switch per app can be troublesome until serious muscle memory kicks in, personally I hoped for better software support. Did mail the support team but got nothing back 24 hours later. Returned product and changed for a StreamDeck. Sure no dials but buttons with labels… should have gone with my initial instinct.

  9. Isaac

    This is one of those products that you don’t know you need until you have. I run a videography business and I’m editing about 12 hours a day on DaVinci Resolve 17. I’m currently using a gaming mouse with customizable buttons but I ran out of buttons. Before the Tour Box, I would have to scan over my MacBook Keyboard to find important keys like the I, O, N, command, option, shift, etc. Now I’ve put all of those keys onto this device along with some efficient macros that allow me to increase my workflow 10 X!

    Also, the all black gives me the fizz. I’m not even sure what that means but I think it means I like the aesthetic very much, all of my equipment is black. The feel to it is very high quality and it has some weight to it so it won’t move around.

    Very Satisfied!

  10. Malinda

    Came in quickly and read in perfect condition. Daughter loves it!

  11. Josephh

    Tourbox is an amazing product and will for sure speed up the editing (I’m a video editor) process and I’m sure for its other uses. Now here’s the kicker, the small thing and it doesn’t really take away much but for people with even larger hands than mine this can be a little irritation. The size of it was a bit underwhelming. That’s all really.

  12. Stauffenberg

    Habe mir das Teil gekauft, weil ich weder an der Tastatur, noch am Hotas Warthog (Joystick/Schubregler) Drehregler habe.
    Installieren ist problemlos und das Programm öffnet sofort in Deutsch.
    Die Belegung der Drehregler und Tasten ist simpel und selbsterklärend.

    Einsatzmöglichkeiten nahezu unbegrenzt:
    Höhenmesser einstellen, Beleuchtung des Cockpits, Lautstärke der Funkgeräte, Reichweite des Radars etc.
    Es gibt 3 Einstellungen für die Feinheit Drehregler.
    Falls man eine feinere oder gröbere Einstellung wünscht.
    Für die Höhenmesser in der A-10 und Hornet lässt sich der Luftdruck so präzise einstellen.

    Durch unterschiedliche Formen der Drehregler und Tasten ist das Gerät auch blind zu bedienen.
    Also ideal geeignet, wenn man den Feind nicht aus den Augen verlieren darf…..
    Eine ideale Ergänzung zum Elgato Stream Deck!

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