Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro, PlayStation, & Nintendo Switch with 50mm Speakers, 15-Hour Battery…

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  • Enjoy wireless connectivity
  • Clear chat with teammates
  • Sony 3D Audio ready for PS5
  • Reliable 15-hour battery life
  • Live Longer with Superhuman Hearing
  • Glasses-Friendly Ear Cushions
  • Comfortable and user-friendly design
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August 16, 2020


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7.4 x 3.42 x 7.63 inches, 9.92 Ounces


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9.9 ounces


Turtle Beach

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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 13, 2020

13 reviews for Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset for PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro, PlayStation, & Nintendo Switch with 50mm Speakers, 15-Hour Battery…

  1. Avatar of Benjamin Baker

    Benjamin Baker

    These headphones work very well! I’ve only had for a few days, but my gaming experience is much improved. The sound is pretty good, but if you’re an audiophile, you may want something a little better as they lack that extra clarity and fullness that you would find with a higher-end headset. I will update this if the next game I play sounds better.. could just be a game thing.

    The ear pads are super comfy and do a great job sitting over my ears without hurting and they work very well with glasses. I barely even notice I have this headset on except for being able to hear the game well and when my daughter or wife scared the snot out of me because I don’t hear them coming. While it doesn’t totally block out outside sound, it does a good job of isolating the experience.

    The connection to the console was seamless and had no issues getting everything set up quickly and easily. The included USB dongle made connection even easier. Congrats, turtle beach – this is the way using a new headset should be – easy! The microphone on this is good and according to my gaming buddies, sounds a lot better than my old one.

    These last a good long time time before they need recharged, even out of the box. No complaints so far on this front.

    Overall, I would recommend this headset to anyone looking for a lift in their gaming audio. After spending money on several cheap pairs, I am glad I spent the extra money for this.

  2. Avatar of AJ


    I bought this in September 2021 as I needed a new headset. From the box they’re great, audio is great, functionality is great. But that doesn’t last for long. I’ll dumb it down quickly, then I’ll explain further.

    – Really clear sound
    – Easy to use
    – Mic sounded great according to parties
    – Easily muted mic
    – Comfortable fit (I’m a glasses wearer)
    – Dual volume wheels handy when needing to hear people in the room
    – Noice cancelling good, but not perfect

    – Hideously loud beeping noise upon turning off/on/switching modes/muting mic, it gives an instant headache
    – Connectivity is iffy. Majorly iffy. Sometimes I’d have to turn off and on repeatedly till they connected (use on both PC and PS5)
    – Can’t really tell the difference between any modes I was using
    – Surround sound could be better
    – Battery life is not true to 15hrs

    To start off with, they’re a really clear and comfortable pair of headphones to use. I wear glasses, so my biggest concern is whether a pair of headphones will be uncomfortable whilst I wear them. They’re pretty spot on in this department.

    Connectivity is a nightmare. The first few times you use it, it’s fine. But soon after, you’ll find yourself turning the damn things off and on for five minutes to get them to connect to the dongle which is a foot in front of you whilst your friends twiddle their thumbs waiting for you. Sometimes they just wouldn’t connect at all.

    The sound for the most part is clear. I can hear my friends clearly, and the game. Though, I cannot for the life of me tell the difference between any of the modes. They legit all sound the same bar some mild discrepancies in Bass but not something to brag about.

    They have a god awful beep when turning on, off or switching modes. It is ear piercingly shrill and gives me a cracking headache. To avoid this I need to have the volume turned right down, which defeats the point of the beeping as it notifies you of turning off/on etc! Horrible horrible choice from Turtle Beach.

    And here’s the kicker. Not even a full year later, they have become a major problem. Connectivity totally dropped. They were connecting, but no sound was produced. Then they wouldn’t connect at all, so I tried them on my PC. Immediately they worked, wow! So it must be my console! But then I updated the firmware as advised, and now they wont play from my PC. Tried again on my console and they now disconnect and reconnect constantly which causes my PS5 to go in and out of audio on TV to silence. Tried everything in the book to get these damn things to work, but they won’t. You’re probably thinking I did something, but all I did was turn them off last night, and turn them back on this afternoon. They were fully charged, too. But now, I’ve had to fork out more money for a pair of headphones because these decided to die.

    Honestly? Save your money and find something else. The convenience for wireless headphones is not worth the hassle.

  3. Avatar of Shahin


    Had the product for almost a month now.

    Comfort: A very comfortable headset, easily adjustable and has a lot of flex to it. However, these cups are so isolated that there is no room for your ears to dissipate heat. It gets sweaty fast, especially on hot days, it becomes unbearable. Great for winter I guess. – Material is fabric with a faux leather surrounding, possibly the surrounding is what causes this issue.

    Sound: I’m not an audiophile but I can say that these produce very good and accurate sound. The bass is not too heavy, the middle are well but don’t expect these to blow your socks off. Great for gaming, movies and music. Remember these are wireless, so they are not designed to deliver perfect sound. There is no noise cancellation but as mentioned earlier the isolation of the cups help drown out sound. The superhuman hearing is a bit of a gimmick, I didn’t notice much, though I believe it’s supposed to help with ambient sound, such as footsteps of opponents on FPS gaming. Also you may want to reduce the voice prompt sound to 0 and tones to 1 as I have done on the app, as they are loud, annoying and completely unnecessary.

    Software/features: You need to update the headset from the go, wired via USB C. The app on Mac OS only updates the headset, nothing more. The PC app allows you more functions which are also available on your mobile app stores. Mobile app does not allow you to update the headset.

    Battery: Battery life is claimed to be 20 hours. Some folks on reviews have gone up to 35 hours. I’ve charged it full on purchase and I have yet to recharge. To say, battery life is great against its competitors.

    Overall: I love this headset, so much that I wish I can use it for both the XBOXsX and PS5 but unfortunately both consoles have their odd ways of complicating it for their consumers. Apart from the few concerns, largely the heated ears I’ll score these a 7/10.

  4. Avatar of KB


    I bought these to go with the PS5, on first impressions quite comfortable to begin with and great sound quality. The volume isn’t great, even with the console settings turned to max, but good enough for me.

    Chat-mix is another issue, there’s no recognisable difference in the game to chat ratio, which is a bit annoying when hearing your team is important.

    Comfort: They felt quite good to begin with but can get uncomfortable after a few hours especially if you wear glasses as they are a little too snug.

    As regards the build quality: average with a design fault.
    The headband is weak and tends to bow easily in the middle. I had to send the first pair back due to this and the 2nd pair are showing signs of this after a short period of time – worn half a dozen times.

    UPDATE 27-Aug-2021: 2nd pair sent back to Amazon for the exact same reason as the 1st, headband defective and bows in the middle. Also – chat/game mix ratio adjustment is not compatible with the PS5 – an important function to myself.

  5. Avatar of Jorri Hurd

    Jorri Hurd

    Definitely an upgrade from the previous headset I had. I got them on a good deal for Black Friday. They’re Bluetooth and I’m able to move around while still connected. The black looks very sleek. Overall great purchase. I’ve only had them a few weeks. I will update if anything goes wrong.

  6. Avatar of James Johnson

    James Johnson

    I had used a pair of these when visiting a friend’s place once and found I really loved them compared to the pair I had been using (which were Studio Beats that I connected to my PlayStation using a dongle).
    The 3D sound works perfectly with the PS5 and they last a long time on a charge.
    They also look great, like officially licensed brand.

  7. Avatar of Alex


    I’ve been loving this headset. Sound quality is great and the flip down to talk, up to mute is awesome. Really liked how easy it was to setup, all I did was insert the usb to my console and it connected right away. Also the white on the headset makes it look amazing. If you’re looking for a good headset this is the one, Recommend it 100%

  8. Avatar of Ryan


    I bought two pairs of these (white&black) and have had them for some time now and they seem to be holding up so far. From the start the pros and cons have been identical. So I will just list them.
    1. Longer than advertised battery life
    2. Durable head band and soft foam cans
    3. 3D sound on the PS5 is great especially in super human hearing mode
    4. Good mic clarity and the mic monitoring is a plus. It can also be used to hear people in the room with you with out removing your headset.
    5. Other pros are as advertised.
    6. Great price
    1. Mic connection is spotty about 25% of the time
    2. Sounds during bad connection include.. static, crackling and very loud low tone feedback. A couple resets seem to temporary fix the connection problems.
    3. Cans are to small and are not glasses or earrings friendly. They do cause outer ear discomfort.
    4. You must be careful with the mic when bringing it down and putting it away. One good yank and it is done.

    Even though these headsets have some faults I have still gone through and have returned much worse at a higher price point. At least they are constant with their faults so you know what to expect. They are well worth the price you are paying for them. I would buy again.

  9. Avatar of Raymond Brock

    Raymond Brock

    Everything you could want from a 700 except foam, Bluetooth, and connection to the app. The only problem I had was buying a used one and the transceiver was dead. Got a new one immediately.

    To complain about refunds, though, it’s taking longer to get back to them than it was to get to me.

  10. Avatar of Elisha


    My 12 year old got these for Christmas and he loves them and said his friends can hear him really good. Down side is that he can’t hear me calling him he might just be acting like he can’t hear me though!

  11. Avatar of Bill Gillespie

    Bill Gillespie

    Bought these for my daughter’s PS5.

    She’s very happy because they eliminate her brother’s voice as he tries to bug her as she plays.

    Should’ve bought myself a pair for when the missus is whining, but the batteries wouldn’t last forever, I guess?

  12. Avatar of Chris


    Great pair of headphones for my PS5. Sound quality is great and no connectivity issues so far with the Bluetooth usb connection. I especially appreciate how they have update the adjustment location in the headphones. If you have used older models they would tend to always break around where the ear location swivel was. This has been moved up on the headset and seems much more durable.

  13. Avatar of CanKneez


    The Good:
    1) Bluetooth + 2.4ghz simultaneous connection
    This means you can connect your phone or another bluetooth enabled device while using the provided USB dongle attached to your console/PC. For console use, this means you can also be connected to Discord via your phone while you game on your Playstation. You really don’t realize what you are missing until you have it.

    2) Mic quality
    The mic is actually pretty clear especially when compared to Steel Series clear cast mics. I personally have a lower tone of voice, so it brings my voice across without making it sound compressed or coming out of a can. But this depends on the person, as not everyone has a low tone of voice. I should also emphasize that the mic is really only slightly above average. Not a game changer. For that, get a dedicated mic, or the next best thing: Corsair’s Virtuoso SE. It comes with a “broadcast” grade mic. But it’s also more than $100 CAD more.

    3) Build Quality & Components
    The build quality is surprising. I went into this with a bias against Turtle Beach. So to say that I am pleasantly surprised is an understatement. The metal band is sturdy ,the headset feels weighty but not painfully heavy, and the pads used for the ear cups are comfortable. I also like the fact that the mic goes back into the headset and is not detachable or look like an antenna sticking out of the side of the headset.

    The average:
    1) Sound Quality
    Sound quality is super average. I am moving from the Steel Series Arctis 5, and those sound very “airy”. The 700 Gen 2 however, is different. Equal, but different. It has slightly more bass emphasis and the isolation probably helps with that, but I would not use this pair of headsets for music. While using it, I noticed some crackling as well. I am not listening on max volume and normal EQ. So, it is disappointing but not more disappointing than the sound quality of the Arctis 5. The Arctis 5 does not crackle though.

    Disclaimer: I do have Beyerdynamic’s DT770 Pro and Sony’s XM3. So I am spoiled. If you are not picky about this, the 700 Gen 2’s are competent enough.

    The Bad
    1) Lack of ChatMix
    Note: This does not apply to the 700 Gen2 XBox sibling. I understand that the PS5 currently does not have chatmix available to 3rd party headphones at the moment (or ever!). However, that should not be an excuse for not having it on PC. Yes, this headset is compatible with PC using either the bluetooth or USB Dongle. I bought this headset with that criteria. However, coming from the the Arctis 5 which does have ChatMix on PC, this is a sorely missing feature.

    2) Quality Connection
    This is in regards to the 2.4Ghz connection to the USB dongle. While setting up the headset, and testing it out, the sounds would distort and cut out from time to time (rare enough to dismiss but still distracting when it happens). I am sitting in front of the dongle connected to the PS5 at about a 5ft distance with no obstructions. So it really shouldn’t be a problem. But somehow it is.

    3) Setup
    The first thing I did when I received it was connect the headset to my PC with the provided cable to update the firmware. Simple enough. However, at the moment, there is a bug which doesn’t detect the mic changes (muting and unmuting) on the PS5. If you turn on the headset with the mic safely tucked away when pairing with the dongle on PS5, the mic stays muted. Even if you move the mic down into position. However, if you start the pairing with the mic in the unmuted position, it is fine. This is true as of Nov 25 2020. They will probably patch it after. I also had an issue on first pairing where there was zero sound being played. But a power cycle on the headset cleared that up. So, not a clean and smooth setup process and needs some tinkering.
    EDIT: They’ve patched the issue. Once paired, it works as intended. Mic up or down.

    4) Rest of Build
    While the metal band and ear pads are great, the rest feels.. cheap. The buttons are very clicky and not in a good way like a mechanical keyboard. It feels like after enough presses, the buttons would no longer work. The power button would sometimes not register, which is confusing because I would think I am not holding it down long enough or hard enough. The plastic used for the container holding the drivers feel cheap as well.

    5) Comfort
    The metal band that gives the headphone a sturdy feel also comes a tradeoff. The headphones clamps harder than what I would like and reminds me of my old Playstation Pulse headset (the one that rumbles and was sold to complement the PS3). Because of this, I am worried that the swivel joint on the ear cups would break after some use. Not to mention it won’t be comfortable for long periods of play. No doubt this would differ for different people but I think I have a pretty average head size.


    UPDATE: After Almost 4 Months of Use
    1) Connectivity Quality
    As I mentioned in my initial review, the headset has a tendency to drop and pick itself back up again. However, I noticed this happening more with Bluetooth. In addition to this, I have noticed that when you plug in the USB dongle when audio is currently playing on a PC/Laptop, the sound works for a second or two before suddenly cutting out to a mix of static and sound. This may be a driver issue, and it is terribly annoying. Lastly, the speed at which the headset pairs with the dongle is a hit or miss. Sometimes quick, sometimes slow. I have also had it not pair at all and had to restart the headset.

    2) Sound Quality
    I can confidently say that after using this headset with COD Cold War, R6 Siege, Remnant, League of Legends, NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered, and Discord, that the sound quality of this headset is really not up to the standard you would expect from a $200 CAD headset. Maybe $150 or lower.

    3) Comfort
    With the games I listed above, I have put these on for hours on end. I can say it doesn’t get uncomfortable over long periods (still feels tight), but I would caution it against people with larger heads. Even if the pads are good now, it’ll eventually lose its shape.

    4) Battery Life
    Not bad. Not bad at all. I would say their advert of 20-hours of use is accurate.

    5) Bluetooth + 2.4Ghz Wireless Simultaneous Connection
    I thought I would get a lot more use from this. Turns out, not really. But this is my personal view, as another person may use this feature more. However, I have received calls while gaming. It cuts off the mic for the wireless and switches over to the Bluetooth. There is a weird side effect when receiving a video call too. It does not use the headset, but all audio in/out was using my phone instead. I had figured that it would use the headset, but guess not. You can manually switch it, but at that point, it’s another step in what should have been a simple call pickup.

    6) Conclusion
    These are headphones which I tried really hard to love. However, I am at the point where I use another pair of headphones (wired) and use the inbuilt mic on my laptop just to avoid the connectivity issues. I also listen to a lot of music when I work, and these do not do it for me. However, it may work for another person. On the PS5, I still use them, but only because I currently do not have any other options at my disposal. I look forward to replacing these when I can, and maybe donating these when I do.

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