Type C Charger, 2-Pack 25W Type C Super Fast Charging with 6ft Android Type C Phone Charger Cable Compatible with Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S23+/S22/S22 S21 S20 Ultra/S22+/S21+/…

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  • Superior Safety Type C Fast Charger :PD3.0 Technology ensures an optimized and rapid safe charging experience(25W) for Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10e,Galaxy S9 S8, Galaxy S8 S9 Plus,, Galaxy Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 active, S9, S9+, Note10, Note10+/ Note 20, Note 20+, S10+ 5G, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra,S22,S22+,S22 Ultra,
  • PD 3.0 USB C Wall Charger: Fast Charging Technology can charge your Cell Phone/ Electronic Devices up to 9V/2.77A charge speed,Fast charge your battery from zero up to 100% in about 60 min,5 times as fast as Stanbdard Charger Wall,10 times as fast as PC USB port and saves you time.
  • 6Feet USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable :Length of 6feet, easy for charging on different occasion, for travel, home, car, office, etc.
  • High-quality Copper Wire:Reduced charging cable resistance enable to provide the fastest possible charge via any USB-C charger. Sync and charge at the same time at the fastest speeds on your windows PC or Mac. Its durability, connectivity, combatibility, and performance is 100%
  • What You Get :2-PACK 25W PD Type C Fast charger and 2-PACK 6FT USB-C to USB-C cable.You may receive different model products of 25W charger but they are same products as before, because we keep to update the products’ charging function in order to make sure all of them are work good when you receive them. Contact us if there any question, we are here for your all the time.

8 reviews for Type C Charger, 2-Pack 25W Type C Super Fast Charging with 6ft Android Type C Phone Charger Cable Compatible with Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S23+/S22/S22 S21 S20 Ultra/S22+/S21+/…

  1. Ronny

    The charging blocks are great, the cables that come with them are very thin and really don’t carry the power to fast charge all that well. I used a cable that I already had that’s a lot thicker and it charges my phone very fast.

  2. L. Smalls

    This charger is perfect and charges fast! It works perfect with Android phones. I gave one to my mom before we went out of town and we didn’t want to take our home chargers and risk losing it. This charged our phone fast when we went back to the hotel. We are both using the chargers at home. I am using mine at my desk and I can charge my phone fast and leave my other fast charger in the bedroom.

  3. Chuck Miller

    Old chargers are not up to New phones high charge rates, so got these faster chargers. Very good. Very noticable improvement, especially after upgrading to new phone.

    (As an aside I got the new Samsung A54 that says it only works on T-Mobile and not on Verizon, but NOT SO! I did extensive research, and Verizon is no longer CDMA, it is LTE, which is next generation GSM (used by rest of world & T-mobile), so they are actually more advanced). So my A54 was made for Panama, but I just changed the language to English and EVERYTHING worked. Plug in my SIM and I was up and going. Transferred my 210 apps(!) and still works without problem. Verizon and T-Mobile share the same network channels & frequencies (except they each have 1 channel the other doesn’t, but most of the channels are the same so plenty for it to choose from.)
    I’ve had the A54 for 2 months and loving it. I got it for 2 reasons:
    It can have 8gig processor ram, and 256 gig memory. BUT NOT THE US VERSION! For some reason, the US version ONLY allows 6 gig ram! And neither Verizon or Samsung could explain why or find me an 8gig US version. The other reason, this is the last Samsung phone with a slot for additional memory, so I can add 1TB). So I had to get an “unlocked international” phone, but no problems, works great on Verizon.

    But I digress – these chargers work great fast charging my new phone.

  4. Lauren Legens

    So as many chargers as I go through I swear to u I have not yet found one that is like the one that comes with your phone until this one!!! Let me tell u this charger is that one and the price is so cheap but u get double so I am a dummy and didn’t read description so when I received this delivery to my surprise there were 2 and they charge your phone fast and it stays charged it doesn’t drain fast like the other “fast charger”. Definitely worth the buy!!!

  5. Mr. F

    Plugged in it. Did not work. But when I plugged it in again later, it worked. But I compared it to the fast charging adapter that came with my phone, and it is 20minutes slower. But I think it is about the same speed or just a little slower than the adapter for the macbook that I have

  6. Xio

    The charger are well constructed and have a longer cord than others. For the price you can’t beat this product. They are fast charger and my S23 doest have any troubles or delays charging.

  7. Larry Egavas

    This product is immensely valuable. I had misplaced a charger that I needed for my phone. These chargers came in a two-pack for less than the standard price of one charger. Now, I can have an additional charger in various locations, so I don’t have to bring one everywhere. And they work well, providing the rapid charge you need to power your device quickly

  8. Jamie Rivera

    These guys charge my laptop, phone (galaxy s23 Ultra), chrome book, wireless keyboard, and anything else in super record time.

    They are quality, snap in and fit snugly into everything, including things with bulky cases! AND I’ve seen fast chargers, but I’ve NEVER seen what you’d one does on most of my devices… when I plug in my Android or Samsung devices, the circle lights up blue and says “Super Fast Charging”!! Great price at $9.99 for TWO “super fast chargers” with a 6 foot cord!

    Definitely buy this set!

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