Verizon OnePlus 8 5G – 128GB – Onyx Black – OPIN20190BKLR (Renewed)

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Meet the OnePlus 8 5G UW, an amazing 5G phone at an equally amazing price. Equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor, 128 GB of storage and Warp Charge capabilities, the OnePlus 8 offers the fastest, smoothest performance that will last all day long. Game like never before on the ultra-responsive Fluid Display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Pro-quality pictures are no problem with the triple camera system with a 48 MP main camera, 16 MP Ultra-Wide Angle camera and a dedicated macro lens let you capture all your important moments. And for those who want hands free control, it supports multiple wake words, including Google Assistant and Alexa. Experience all Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network has to offer on the revolutionary OnePlus 8 5G UW.

Product Dimensions

0.31 x 2.87 x 6.31 inches

Item Weight

10.8 ounces


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Connectivity technologies


Other display features


Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor




Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

Phone, Charger



Date First Available

November 30, 2020

Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

13 reviews for Verizon OnePlus 8 5G – 128GB – Onyx Black – OPIN20190BKLR (Renewed)

  1. Zoe

    Venía con la batería en 0% pero el estado es bastante bueno, solamente en la entrada del cargador está desgastado
    Trae un cable que parece ser lg y un cargador de 10w Motorola
    Funciona en la red Movistar (weex) y no he tenido problema hasta ahora con el dispositivo

    Después de un mes sigue funcionando de maravilla, 10/10

  2. Andrés

    Excelente dispositivo, con una batería muy buena y un rendimiento espectacular. Es importante tener en cuenta que es un modelo especial de Verizon, por lo que NO LE QUEDA CUALQUIER PROTECTOR y sigue en Android 11 (y no parece que haya planes de OnePlus o Verizon para actualizarlo).

    Si. Los puntos arriba no son inconveniente para ti, no dudes en adquirirlo.

  3. Ray2

    I really like this phone. It said renewed but when I got it, it was like new. All the original accessories was untouched and the phone was never activated before. Original software and everything. I am a believer of Amazon’s renewed program. I have some pros and cons but keep in mind the price was so good that the cons is easily overlooked. For those who worry about being permanently locked to Verizon, Verizon requires 60 days of activation if you receive a phone from them that was never activated. After 60 days, the phone is unlocked.
    1. Accessories are limited because this is the Verizon variant
    2. Slow updates. If you want the latest Oxygen OS releases from One Plus, the Verizon variant is not included
    3. In screen fingerprint sensor can sometimes be hit or miss
    4. The display could be a little better in bright sunlight but I seen worse.

    1. The display is really fluid and has nice colors.
    2. The phone feels fast and smooth
    3. Solid battery life, I can get through a full heavy day and need to charge late at night or first thing in the morning
    4. The warp charge feature is amazing. I was able to go zero to 100 in 1 hour and 8 minutes. You can get to 50 easy in about 25 to 30 minutes
    5. Call quality is excellent
    6. Dolby speaker is crisp and loud
    7. Gaming on this phone is a breeze
    8. Cameras are acceptable. Not quite top tier but definitely better than your normal budget and mid range options (except the pixel 5a and iPhone SE)
    9. The Verizon variant does have the IP68 rating and the unlocked version doesn’t have it.
    10. This version supports Verizon’s millimeter wave 5G network

  4. miguel josue

    El teléfono llegó antes de lo previsto y me llevé una grata sorpresa, estéticamente impecable, aparenta ser nuevo. Funciona bien con el operador Telcel.

    Eso sí, llegó con cargador y caja genérica. Pero por el precio es casi imposible encontrar un equipo con características similares, excelente rendimiento y cámaras buenas.

    Considerar que al ser la versión de Verizon, se quedó en Android 11.

  5. Leonardo

    Me gustó mucho que no tiene ninguna falla, las cámaras funcionan bien, la pantalla no tiene un solo rayón, la parte de atrás es cristal y está impecable, muy recomendable aparte de que es muy buen equipo, parece nuevo. Vale la pena

  6. Web Mentorman

    This is a flagship phone that was originally 800 USD from Verizon back in 2021. I got nearly two years of use before I cracked the case and since Verizon no longer carries this manufacturer, I decided to try a replacement. I’m happy to say this phone works perfectly. All I had to do was swap my SIM, and then login with Google and I was up and running. I just love the clean OS and everyone oohs about the quality of photos it takes. It’s not like there’s any major advances in the last two years that I absolutely need so this phone works perfect for my needs. Great job!

  7. Cody Anderson

    The first device I got after many hours of troubleshooting with 2 carriers, OnePlus, losing a phone number, and sleuthing through Google as a last ditch effort.. Found that the sim reader was defective. Bummer, however you take risks with refurbs and for the price. So, I decided to give them a 2nd chance. Replacement works perfectly so far. I can’t give a full 5 piece because of the first phone, but for the ease of return, and the 30 day return policy (Incase things like this happen.) I feel a 4 is fair. So if you get one test every single thing you can and make sure you’re happy with it ASAP.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great condition, fully functional. Works with Verizon and has working 5G with Verizon.

  9. Wes

    Phone is fast and runs apps quickly.
    After many months of using and traveling, it has the worst reception, in low strength areas forget it. If you never leave a major Metro area it’s great. Even at my home, a rural community of 60k, I get 2 bars of 4g maybe late some times, have to use home wifi most of time. A few areas of town I get 5g and is good there.
    The ability to choose which network 4g or 5g is poor, default is automatically, but Verizon wellness check doesn’t like that. Verizon’s instructions to change it are wrong as well. The phone likes to cling to a poor 5g signal, even when there is an excellent 4g LTE signal available.
    Also it holds lock on distant tower when there is a closer one. I continually have to put into airplane mode to release and aquire towers.
    If I where to do over I would not pick this phone.
    Updating this review, now the video camera won’t work keeps giving error message already in use by another app. I have tried all the “fixes” on the internet, and some times I can use my video camera, but it always takes 10 to 20 minutes to make it work. Now this is not a new problem with OnePlus or this model, it is an old problem across many OnePlus models. If you go the OnePlus community page you find current active threads asking for solutions to very issue many are years old. No help from OnePlus. I have had it with this phone, I will never ever buy another OnePlus anything. I am certainly glad I didn’t spend flagship release $$ on this POS.

  10. Darien Omar

    Es muy bueno este celular, no le he visto ninguna falla y me encanta ya que yo le exijo mucho al celular al jugar Genshin Impact, por el precio es toda una ganga

  11. Héctor Leonardo

    El teléfono de todos sus aspectos estaba bien lo único era que al cargarlo o utilizar aplicaciones exigentes se calentaba a 38 a 40 grados y era incómodo solo con utilizarlo Máximo 30 minutos en aplicaciones concretas como juegos como fortnite gráficos medios 60 fps llegaba hasta los 40 41 o Instagram 38 grados y al cargarse como no era como tal cargador original se calentaba ahorita estoy en proceso de devolución pero pienso volver a comprarlo ya que es buen equipo

  12. Zethembe Ngcobo

    Everything is perfect except for the phone updates nothing has popped up since I have received the device

  13. Blodnick

    I dropped my expensive phone in the pool and it never really recovered. I am on Verizon, so this was an easy pick. For $250 I haven’t noticed any performance degredation as compared to my $1000 phone that went in the drink.

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