Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard, Extended Scoreboard For Spanish Cricket, Regulation Size for Tournament Play, Locking Segment Holes For Reduced Bounce Outs, Team Multiplayer for…

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  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • Top Quality Segments – Regulation-Sized 15.5” Electronic Dart Board Target Area Is Incredibly Durable With Precision Engineered Concave Segment Holes That Lock In Your Shots
  • Enhanced Scoring Experience – Ultra-Thin Spider And Extended Catch Ring Make Hitting Your Target Easy And With Automatic Scoring You Don’T Need To Worry About Keeping Track
  • 57 Games For Up To 16 Players – Includes Popular Games Like 01, Cricket, And More; With Over 400 Scoring Options And Up To 16 Player Multiplayer
  • Extended Display – Larger Display Allows You To Easily Play Specialty Games Like Minnesota And Spanish Cricket

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‎1.5"W x 24.75"H

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‎4.8 Pounds

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‎25.5 x 20 x 2.1 inches

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‎2.95 Kilograms

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‎20.14 x 1.5 x 24.75 inches

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‎Viper by GLD Products

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‎30 Day

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10 reviews for Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard, Extended Scoreboard For Spanish Cricket, Regulation Size for Tournament Play, Locking Segment Holes For Reduced Bounce Outs, Team Multiplayer for…

  1. Hayden

    You get what you pay for and this is definitely a quality board. Snagged this for $81, makes the $65 chinese junk one I bought 3 years ago look like I got ripped off big time. Had bounce outs all the time and ended up getting a new board because the speaker quit working. I do miss the chinese lady voice of the old one, lol, but this board is so much better.

    I’ve played a few dozen games and can count on one hand the number of bounce outs I’ve had. I’m using some Dart World Pixel Pro tips as well as the tips that came with the chinese board without issue on this one. Lots of games, the screen is very easy to read from a distance. Was a piece of cake to hang, the booklet is pretty good, explains a little about each of the different games. The computer player however seems a little bugged for me. I played on the second difficulty setting playing cricket. The first game was playable, almost won but my strategy was flawed. The subsequent games after was like the difficulty got changed to the max, I actually verified after the second game and it was still on the second setting. If you missed any, you lost, damn near no way to win unless you hit every dart. Out of the two games I played in this state the computer missed no more than 5 darts.

    Other than that it’s still a very good board for the money, I’d even consider paying closer to full price as the local Scheels was selling for $140. Some people have mentioned the screen breaks easily, it looks like mine might have gotten hit once or twice and if so, no damage yet. I’ve thought to look and see if I could find a glass protector for it, perhaps that would absorb the impact enough to not break the screen, but for now I just try not to miss.

  2. R. Lewis

    I’ve seen several mixed reviews for this board, so wanted to clarify some things from my experience. For some background, I hadn’t thrown darts for quite a few years, but used to be a pretty regular player. Just got back into it, and have been throwing daily for about the last couple of months.


    Bounce outs – the tips that came with the board are useless – lots of bounce outs. However, upon purchasing some better tips, my darts are sticking just fine about 90% of the time (which is probably the best you can hope for on an electronic board). I get probably 10 bounce outs on a full game of Cricket.

    Screen – I really like the way the electronic screen is laid out. The board clearly displays each player’s score, and each number’s status (open or closed) for Cricket.

    Game Options – The options for the ’01 games are great – double in, double out, double in/out, no double in/out, etc.. There are a lot of games I have yet to try, as well as a lot of options within the games I do play.

    Cyber player option – There are five levels of ‘playing against the computer’. Makes practicing a bit more productive for me, as there is always that ‘in game’ pressure when playing alone to hone skills.

    Price – this board has a lot of good things going for it – for a very reasonable price.


    Sound – although the sound is adjustable, I wish there were a way to mute it. The lowest setting is still pretty loud.

    The instructions could be better.

    The quality of the included darts could be better (although I always throw with my own darts anyway).

    Overall – really good board – recommended!

  3. David

    I bought this because I got tired of going to the arcade. This product is awesome. I have had it for over a year with no defects. It is great for parties and the score is easy to read. Cricket mode is the one I play most. In regards to the darts, the flights have chipped and are generic so I recommend buying spare darts in addition to the two sets that it comes with. If you’re buying this dart board, I would not suggest using the heavy (16-18g) darts bc when you throw it, you hear the impact and I doubt the board could handle that kind of usage over time. Stick to using generic darts if it’s just recreational 🙂

  4. Lourdes

    Producto correcto

  5. TecServei

    Fallo al cabo de unos meses con poco uso y me la cambiaron por otra una vez pase video de lo que hacia….gran servicio post venda y excelente profesional. Gracias Manuel.

  6. Chriss

    Cible “design” mais n’apprécie guère les fléchettes pro ( 18g). Difficulté à l’extraction et nombreux faux contact

  7. Jamie

    Good dartboard. The darts it comes with are crappy, so definitely get new ones with more flexible tips. When we used the darts it came with, some of the tips got stuck in the board. Also have some minor issues with it not counting the points on a couple numbers, but other than that it’s worked good.

  8. Iliana Ortega


  9. Leo M Watson

    Love the board. I’ve had it for a month and play often. No issues. Tested all segments, no dead spots…yet. I’ll come back with a follow up if I experience dead spots or other issues. I chose this model because you can play against the computer, and the LED screen is nice and large an on the bottom of the target area so it’s easy to see. Playing against computer makes practicing fun. My last board did not have that.

    Yes, the stock darts are crap but OK for kids. Pick up a set with order. Many decent starter sets for cheap available. I have the fat cat jar of darts for the kids. Not bad. I use them for practice. I grab a handful of darts and practice the bull with the board turned off. I have the laser line as well. It’s cool. Not essential but adds a nice touch. I saw a review where he had trouble setting the laser line because it is tight. There is a tension screw on the laser. Loosen the screw, set the line, tighten the screw. No problem. I also saw comments about the darts sticking too tight in the board. I’ll admit the darts stick a little tighter that my last board, but you should never try to yank a soft tip dart straight out of the board. Twist to the right like a screw (while keeping the dart straight), the dart loosens, then pull straight out. Don’t bend while twisting; you’ll break the tip.

  10. Brian J

    Really nice board. Is working really good for us. Plus it shows cricket scores for up to 4 players all at once which was a requirement of mine.

    Hint: After I bought the board I found the same board on Amazon bundled with a laser line for less than what I paid for just the board. You should search for it if you are interested in the laser throwing line.

    I do recommend buying replacement darts that are 18 grams. The darts that came with the board are small, light, and bounce out a lot.

    I bought a set of 16 WIN.MAX darts and they stick to the board much better than the darts that came with the board. However, the tips of the replacement darts get extremely stuck in the board at times.
    Giving the dart a small twist as you pull is typically the recommended way to remove a dart from a board, but with the replacement darts I purchased the small twist makes a groove in the tip where it was contacting the board when rotated causing the tip to break there easily. I’m not sure if it’s the board or the darts that are the problem. I’ve had better luck just yanking the darts straight out, though that’s hard to do. I’m sure the board will loosen up over time.

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