Viper Play: Unleash the Thrill of Competition with GLD Products’ Neptune Combo!

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  • 100% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Top Quality Segments – Regulation-Sized 15.5” Electronic Dart Board Target Area Is Incredibly Durable And Designed To Handle Whatever You Throw At It
  • Built-In Cabinet And Storage – This Soft Tip Dartboard Is Built Directly Into The Cabinet; Sleek Cabinet Doors With Built In Storage Keep Your Setup Organized And Looking Good
  • 57 Games For Up To 16 Players – Includes Popular Games Like 01, Cricket, And More; With Over 300 Scoring Options And Up To 16 Player Multiplayer
  • Extended Display – Larger Display Allows You To Easily Play Specialty Games Like Minnesota And Spanish Cricket
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Introducing the Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo Pro Size – the Ultimate Viper Play Experience!

This isn’t your average dartboard. Viper Play by GLD Products elevates your game night with over 55 exciting games and a massive 15.5″ electronic dartboard.

From the manufacturer

The Viper Neptune
57 games
Soft tip darts
Navigation, High Contrast, Score Board
Stylish and easy storage system

Here’s why Viper Play is the perfect fit for your next competition:

  • Unmatched Multiplayer: Up to 16 players can join the Viper Play action, making it ideal for parties and tournaments.
  • Effortless Scoring: The large LCD display keeps track of everything, including Cricket variations like Minnesota and Spanish, for a frustration-free experience.
  • Extended Catch Area: Say goodbye to lost darts! The extra-large catching surface ensures every throw counts.
  • All-in-One Convenience: No assembly required! The dartboard seamlessly integrates into the cabinet, creating a sleek and ready-to-play setup.
  • Includes Soft Tip Darts: Get started immediately with six soft tip darts included.

Additional Viper Play Features:

  • Built-in dart storage for easy access
  • Supports single or player vs. computer games
  • Powered by the included AC adapter

Transform your game room into a competitive haven with Viper Play! The GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo is the perfect combination of high-tech features and classic dart-throwing fun.


‎Viper by GLD Products





Product Dimensions

‎42"W x 26.5"H

Item Weight

‎20.3 Pounds

Included Components

‎Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo Pro Size Over 55 Games Large Auto-Scoring LCD Cricket Display Extended Dart Catch Area 16 Player Multiplayer with Soft Tip Darts and Power Adapter



Item Thickness

‎3.5 Inches

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎29.2 x 23.2 x 4.6 inches

Package Weight

‎10.86 Kilograms

Brand Name

‎Viper by GLD Products

Country of Origin


Warranty Description

‎30 Days Against Manufacturer Defects

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‎Viper by GLD Products

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11 reviews for Viper Play: Unleash the Thrill of Competition with GLD Products’ Neptune Combo!

  1. BLeeg

    Everything I expected. Pro darts work REALLY well and stick to the board. Easy install and I really like that you have to hold the power for a few seconds to turn off. My old board wasn’t like this and sometimes games were mistakenly ended.

  2. Martin

    I highly recommend this dart board. Very high quality and easy set up.

  3. Susie Mayo

    Nice boad, works well, no damage, not a real high quality board, but for the cost a all around good board

  4. Rabthol

    The fun of darts without having to keep score!! LOTS OF GAMES!!!! We are still learning! Guests love it!

  5. Rabthol

    We were disappointed that it didn’t come with a UK power plug, despite being despatched to a UK address – and there was no obvious mention that it would be an American plug. My husband really likes his present though and bought more darts for it. It’s rather loud though and either he can’t find, or doesn’t want to find, the volume control!

  6. lucky

    so it’s not like a professional one,
    After falling down the darts they cranked

  7. Steven Marshall

    Some have posted here about how this dartboard is made of poor quality laminated cardboard or whatever. Honestly, that kind of gripe is a REAL stretch with this board. It looks great, and is also surprisingly flush to the wall so it doesn’t take up too much real estate. I got this board for my father as a birthday present for his game room and it looks great. Don’t let some one tell you otherwise just because it’s not made out of Pure Mahogany with fashioned silver inlets. I mean seriously. When expanded outward the board also looks great. And also, the pictures do do the board justice. It’s truly a very pretty color and is a wonderful addition to anyone’s home, garage or game room. Someone will be jealous when they see it.
    My gripes are that it changes between players far too quickly, I think it’s on an even faster pattern than being at a bar by a hair (and of course we’re not at a bar) and also the bounce out really should register on the playing surface with a board this big and square. I know so few if any home boards do this, but because of the area and size of all the computer equipment this really should have been the board to break that mold since it would have been easy to do. But since no other board does that that I know of I still won’t deduct stars. My hope is that Neptune 2.0 will finally do this.
    Also and this is important, the A/C power input is NOT where the instruction booklet says it is. I can’t believe no one has brought this up on reviews yet. The actual power port is on the LOWER LEFT of the wood finish around 7:00 clock time, while the instruction booklet tells you it’s on the upper right reverse side of the board. We actually called the manufacturer because we were wondering if ours had an unfinished back or something. HOPEFULLY GLD, the manufacturer of this equipment will change that misprint very soon.
    Other than that play away!! Hopefully all these things will help you out with your purchase.

  8. Norgirl

    Wäre die Rückabwicklung nach Spanien nicht so umständlich und teuer (wer weiß ob man den Betrag zurückerstattet bekommt) ging das Ding zurück. Schlecht verarbeitet und schlecht verpackt.Bedienung und Spielbarkeit sind in Ordnung. Ich würde die Viper nicht mehr kaufen.

  9. Michelle Wermuth

    The media could not be loaded.

     I have owned 3 cheap boards and thought they were all the same until my wife got me this one. The speaker is very clear and understandable and it is not the same old soundtrack all the cheap ones have. The darts stay in, we have played dozens of games the last few days and had only a few bounce-outs. The red LEDs make it very easy for everyone to see their score and know who is next. The cabinet, while not hardwood, is well-made and solid. The hardware was all in the correct location and assembled correctly. Came double-boxed and undamaged.

    It keeps track of each throw and the total of each turn and knows if you accidentally hit a tile when removing your darts and does not double score, then changes to the next player automatically if you don’t hit the button.

    It is the correct size 15.5 inches. made by Viper right here in the USA.

    Instructions for mounting could be better. I recommend using the 4 mounting holes, not just the center hanger because it’s so heavy. But here’s the trick hang it from the center hanger, level it, and then drill the pilot hole for the 4 permanent screws, then take it down and add the anchors then hang it back up on the center screw and screw in the other 4. This way you don’t need 2 people which we had but found it hard to hold while making the marks for the screws because its heavy.

    The best part is with all the space around the board plus the doors we have not hit the walls with this board and it covers most of the holes from the old board. lol

    The light was not included. We purchased that separately!

  10. Michelle Wermuth

    Got the Viper Neptune with cabinet for a good sale price. The board performs as designed, the auto-scoring works well, the computer voice is easy to understand, and every different game has enough play options that it seems you will never run out of new/different games to play.

    After playing with it for a few weeks, there are a few minor negatives for me (none of which are a reason to not buy this game, but I think should be mentioned):
    1) Hanging it was a bit of a pain. If you do the two vertical wall screws (into a stud), getting the cabinet onto the screws blind is a challenge, even with two people, and I never did get the screws the right amount in/out of the wall for the cabinet to hang tight against the wall. After many tries, I finally just got it hung on the screws “good enough” and added shims to make it tight. Would have been so much easier if the board could be easily removed from the cabinet, then put back into the cabinet after the cabinet was mounted on the wall.
    2) The volume settings on the computer voice are all very loud. Ok for parties with music, but in a quiet room, I keep wishing for one or two more lower settings.
    3) This is probably only a beginner dart thrower problem, but any dart that is outside of the scoring circle is rejected with force (usually after bending the tip of the dart). Personally, I would rather have the darts stick in the grid that is all around the scoring circle so I don’t have to chase them down every time.
    4) The first time I tried the “computer opponent” for fun, on the “beginner” setting, in a game of 301 w/double in/out, the “beginner” computer opponent scored double 20 on first throw, triple 20 on second throw. It went out on the third round of throws, throwing a double as soon as its score was within double-out range. Maybe on settings higher than “beginner” it goes out even sooner, on the second round, but the computer opponent doesn’t seem to be much use as a practice opponent for anyone other than pro players who can thrown doubles/triples at will.
    5) Seems to be a LOT of bounce outs that score. Maybe it’s just normal for E-darts machines, but a lot of darts end up on the floor after registering a score.

  11. Ronny Zamojski

    We have a blast playing darts on this. A great way to stay in, spend time together, and NOT watch tv!

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