weiman electronic wipes & Screen Disinfecting Wipes – Safely Clean and Disinfect Your Phone, Laptop Keyboard, Tablets, Lens Wipes – 30 Count | 2 Pack with MicroFiber Towel Included

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  • weiman electronic wipes NEW DISINFECTING FORMULA: Our new and improved formula keeps your devices clean and kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
  • CLEANS FINGERPRINTS & DIRT: Quickly and conveniently wipe away dirt, grime and dust. It also eliminates fingerprints, lint and grease for a clear and shiny screen.
  • SCRATCH-FREE FORMULA: Designed to deliver a brilliant, streak-free finish that doesn’t scratch or harm surfaces.
  • EASY USE: From your home office to your family room, Weiman Electronic Wipes make it easy to keep all your electronic devices clean and sanitary. Just wipe and let air dry.
  • FOR USE ON: Hard, non-porous surfaces such as cell phones, iPhone, computer keyboards, tablets, touchpads and more. Micro fiber towel included for buffing after cleaning.
Product Dimensions

8 x 7 x 4 inches

Item Weight

1.26 pounds


Weiman Products, Llc.

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 12, 2017

13 reviews for weiman electronic wipes & Screen Disinfecting Wipes – Safely Clean and Disinfect Your Phone, Laptop Keyboard, Tablets, Lens Wipes – 30 Count | 2 Pack with MicroFiber Towel Included

  1. Thomas R.

    I’ve used this product for a few years now, cleans very well without streaks. Sometimes, however, pieces of of the wipe are left on the devices, but not very often. Works really well on phones, tablets and laptops. I’m still wary on how it works with Flat screen computer monitor and TVs – I’ve used it a few times on each, and it varies from product to product.

    Still worth the cost.

  2. TV mad

    I have found these wet wipes to be very good for cleaning my gadgets and other services without causing damage to electronica product Reese wipes are very wet and have not dried out in the container, the chemicals use within the wipes have not led to any reactions on my skin.

    The white appears to be a good quality and does not rip. The

  3. Juan r.

    Dejan toda superficie que tocan llena de pequeñas pelusas blancas que son imposibles de remover

  4. Carly Johns

    These wipes are great for using on classroom iPads. They wipe away the germs, keeping students healthy, and provide a clear screen for viewing. Excellent for many uses around the house too like televisions, iPhones, and tablets.

  5. John J

    These Wipes come in an easy-to-use canister and cleans phones, computer screens and keyboards without causing damage. Note: I was advised by an IT professional to make sure to wring out moisture from the wipe before cleaning the keyboard.

  6. Dan

    response to the reviewer claiming that these wipes are “streaky:” It seems that their expectation was for the type of effect produced by a microfiber polishing cloth. A clean (washed) microfiber cloth can remove light film and some fingerprints from non-porous (hard) surfaces, but I have come to the conclusion that it is best used for what it is intended for – to polish, not to clean.

    These Weiman wipes are very moist and won’t dry out in the box. You need this moisture to dissolve crud, films, oils, and splatter. How many times did you reach for a wipe realizing it’s too dry to clean the surface at hand? This won’t happen with Weiman wipes and you will be thankfull every time. Particularly for oils on porous plastics (i.e. fingerprint on top covers of some laptops), you will need to work a folded wipe in gentle circles. If the surface was particularly soiled, use a second wipe to pick up the remainder of the now dissolved soils. Unfold the wipe and let it dry for a minute so that you now have only half the moisture as before. Fold to an unused portion and use it to polish the finish. You can also use your microfiber cloth at this stage, which I recommend, but most times find it unnecessary.


    Its good for spot treatment. Pleasant enough scent. Paper decently thick, however does leave a few subtle fibers (lint?) which sticks on surface and isnt picked up on the wipe even after several swipes to take it off the screen or surface. This is more of an issue if you are wiping screens than surfaces.

  8. Bryan Esquivel

    I didn’t cover a nastiest sneeze because I was in the middle of a intense game, so I ordered these to clean my monitor and my TV in the living room. With one wipe I got rid of the marks left by my sneeze and with 2 wipes, I was able to clean my 65 inch tv. There was a tough smudge but with enough circles it was gone. Good stuff.

  9. Ken

    They don’t sterilize, just clean! For electronics – monitors, touch screens, etc without worrying about bleach fogging the displays.

  10. Barefaxx

    As advertised and met my expectations. Great product.

  11. Ricardo R

    No gasten su dinero en esto. Es lo peor que puedes usar en pantallas o en cualquier electrónico en general. Deja tanta pelusa, que tu electrónico termina más sucio de lo que empezó y si logras quitar la pelusa deja la superficie con manchas en donde el producto que traen las toallas se seco.

  12. Billy q

    Like that it works on all my devices

  13. BB

    Worth it easy to use

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