Wireless Trackball Mouse, Rechargeable Ergonomic Mouse, Easy Thumb Control, Precise & Smooth Tracking, 3 Device Connection (Bluetooth or USB),…

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  • Ergonomic Design with Smooth Thumb Control: Move your cursor by the smooth trackball instead of moving your wrist and arm. Let the easy and smooth thumb control help you reduce your muscle stress. The optimal angle of the trackball mouse allows you to keep your palm in a natural position for all-day comfort.
  • Precise Tracking with Adjustable DPI: Nulea trackball mouse provides precise cursor movement for exceptional accuracy and control. With the smooth trackball, you can be more productive on the move on almost any surface, any workplace. Especially on the narrow space, such as the messy desktop, couch, bed, small writing board on a chair, etc.
  • True Wireless Freedom: Connect up to 3 devices by either bluetooth or USB dongle. Switch easily between them by the button on the bottom to improve your efficiency.
  • Rechargeable Battery: (For your best experience, please fully charge the mouse before your first use) The built-in rechargeable battery has a long battery life enables you to say goodbye to dry cell batteries. Please Note: 1. Please use our included charging cable to charge the mouse 2. Do not use a fast charger to charge the mouse. (Directly use the computer USB port or a 5V charger to charge the mouse).
  • 6 Button High Performance: Nulea trackball mouse bluetooth is designed with thoughtful ergonomic details and an elegant curved shape. Plus the back and forward button, you can operate easily with higher productivity as well as added comfort. Note: all the buttons are non-programmable.
Package Dimensions

5.48 x 4.33 x 2.44 inches

Item Weight

3.17 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 9, 2021



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12 reviews for Wireless Trackball Mouse, Rechargeable Ergonomic Mouse, Easy Thumb Control, Precise & Smooth Tracking, 3 Device Connection (Bluetooth or USB),…

  1. Steve

    I was hesitant to buy this product as I’ve been using Logitech Trackmans since they first came out. Here’s what I like and dislike:

    It’s slightly bigger and more comfortable for me
    The clicks are solid
    Dpi on the fly
    The wireless connection is solid (unlike Logi)
    Ball is compatible with Logi
    Good build quality

    Wish the BT switch was on top

    I’m supper impressed and Prefer over my m575

  2. Jo

    Nach ein paar Tagen Eingewöhnung….
    komme ich ganz gut zurecht.
    Ich arbeite schon seit über 20 Jahren mit “Bällen”, die letzten Jahre mit Trackman marble von Logi. Der hat die Kugel in der Mitte, man bewegt sie mit Zeige und Mittelfinger. Das war jetzt zunächst die größte Umstellung.
    Vorteile hier:
    Vorwärts- rückwärts Taste und das Scrollrad hatte ich zuletzt nicht, ist aber in der Praxis sehr hilfreich.
    Der Umstellknopf für DPI könnte gerne auf der Unterseite sein, das stellt man einmal auf seine Bedürfnisse ein und dann lange oder gar nie mehr.
    Stadtdessen würde ich dafür auf der Oberseite einen (den) Knopf für Doppelklick benutzen, hatte ich beim Vorgänger und auch das war sehr praktisch.
    Noch ungeklärt: Die Haltbarkeit insgesamt und die Kapazität des eingebauten Akkus, ich kann noch nicht sagen wie oft er geladen werden muss.
    Insgesamt sind die ersten Eindrücke nach ein paar Tagen positiv.

  3. disappointed

    Purchased to replace my Logitech similar mouse which I have had for years. I like this type of mouse for surfing on the couch since it can just rest on the arm rest without the need to slide the mouse around. It’s feel is very similar to the Logitech and it functions well.
    A feature my previous mouse didn’t have that this one does is a button to change the scroll speed.
    I also like the Bluetooth enabling me to free up the USB port.
    My main complaint about this mouse is that it needs to be “woke up” by turning on / off before you can use it. with the Logitech as soon as you touch the mouse it wakes up the computer.

  4. Boukis Miliecus

    I take it Logitech’s license to strangle the market and gouge its customers has finally run out: good riddance.
    I was not expecting this very inexpensive unit to be quite so much nicer than my M570. When I drew it from the box, I was surprised at the look, the feel, and the evident quality make.
    It was easy and intuitive to charge, turn on, and hook up. Best of all, no stupid hardware dongle. I mean, what point is an ergonomic design if I have to keep the silly thing line of sight with a usb port? I want the mouse where it feels right; in my lap. I’ve suffered with those idiot dongles, what? Twenty years, now? I’m very grateful for this unit, especially at the price.
    Selectable dpi, selectable Bluetooth channel, dongle if you want it– what’s not to like? I will be on the lookout for more Nulea products after this purchase.

  5. todd evans

    I just set up a new office in my home and wanted to try something new. I could not be more happy with my purchase. I am using this with my Mac Book Pro. It does not need the usb adaptor it connects directly through bluetooth. It has the ability to connect to more than one device. But you can use the usb adaptor if you chose to connect that way. I no longer have to move my hand around the desk to use the mouse I just use the scroll ball. I am extremely pleased with the comfort and feel. It did take a few days to get use to the way this type of mouse works but now I would not go back to the old style. I am at my desk 12 hours a day and have zero complaints. I have a 3 monitor set up this mouse works flawlessly. I have no more wrist and joint pain using this device. It has speed settings that change with the press of a button, no need to go into the control settings. I did have to go into the control settings for the initial set up but now it works perfectly. it has a normal scroll dial as well and has a second set of buttons to advance to the next screen or to go back to the previous screen when surfing the web or navigating through google docks and spreadsheets. it has a 2 year warranty and the battery life is spectacular I have not charged it in over 2 weeks and it still has %100 charge. The Amazon basics mouse I had eats batteries every weak. So stay away form that mouse. This one recharges with usb. Not much else I can say.

  6. MDC

    I originally gave this a 1 star rating due to lack of any documentation on how to fix the super slow pointer speed on my mac, even after going into the Mac settings and adjusting pointer speed to fastest.

    Now giving it a 5, primarily due to the customer support.

    Lo and behold I received an email from the manufacturer with some suggestions. The second one being to make sure to push the DPI button. No idea what that was, but after pushing a small button on the top of the trackball, behind the scroll roller, and it started working as expected.

    My original comment: No way at adjust the speed of the pointer speed on the screen to an acceptable on a Mac. Ranges from super slow to very slow. Back to Logitech that last only 6-9 months before they flake out.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I struggled to get the Bluetooth connection to stay on initially, so I’m just using the USB input. It stays connected, you just have to click the mouse button to wake it up. I ordered this because I work on a computer all day and was having early carpal tunnel symptoms. I was having to do heat and ice packs every night for the pain and numbness. All that has virtually disappeared since using this mouse. I don’t do gaming so can’t speak to that, but if you’re having problems with your hands and looking for a good ergonomic mouse, look no further. Switching to a stationary trackball mouse is an adjustment but I picked it up without too much difficulty. You can change the speed of the pointer which helps.

  8. Inthiyaz

    I bought this mouse due to my index finger pain, this mouse helped a lot to get rid of index finger pain. I bought this mouse on Nov 2022, Jan 1st stopped working, I recharged using my mobile charger and did basic troubleshooting with no luck. Called Amazon to replace the mouse, they started to troubleshoot asked me if I changed the rechargeable cable. I used a USB cable, plugged into my laptop and connected to mouse, it start working 🙂. I assume better to charge from laptop. Amazon was ready to ship me a new one. Since my mouse works, I kept it.

  9. Jeffrey M.

    Been using trackballs for over 20 years and this may be my favorite yet. (The “L” brand keeps dying on me after about a year use.)

    I find no real faults in this device. The ball moves extremely smoothly without any grittiness. Buttons are responsive, the ergonomics are tried and true (i.e. direct copy of the other guy) but I’m ok with that.The charge port is in a sensible location (🍎 lol) with a more than adequate charge cable (type c) included.

    The usual downfall of trackball mice will also be found here – dirt build up on the pegs, grimy ball, etc. but I deduct no stars for that.

    I did buy a 2nd device for my other PC and I may buy another one for a spare because ish happens, right?

    Now only time will tell if this thing has the longevity.

  10. Robert Smith

    This mouse is a tad lager than I would have liked. I have large hands and wear XL gloves and this mouse is close to me not being able to use. It took me awhile to find the settings to adjust the scroll speed, etc. The Bluetooth connected immediately and without issue so I didn’t have to use the transmitter. Additionally, I’ve read through the very limited instructions to find how to charge the batteries but could not find anything. It came with a USB cable so I assuming it charges while being connected.

  11. A good man, and thorough

    I already have a Logitech M575, but I wanted to pick up an additional mouse I could leave on my desk at work. So I picked this one because it’s like half the price I paid for my Logitech.

    I’ve seen some reviews that say this item feels light compared to the M575. Personally, I can’t tell the difference, but I weighed both and this item is 148 grams and the M575 is 155 grams. So yeah, the M575 is heavier, but only by 7 grams.

    One thing that’s super nice on this unit is the adjustable DPI. The button toggles between 5 DPI settings. This is a feature the Logitech doesn’t have, and it’s really nice if you need to scroll across several monitors.

    Another thing I really like is the forward and back buttons are easier to reach and feel than on the Logitech.

    This unit can also pair with two bluetooth devices, and another device with the 2.4GHz USB receiver.

    The only thing I don’t like is my computer won’t suspend if I’m using the 2.4GHz receiver, which I can workaround by connecting by bluetooth. Not sure what’s happening here, I don’t have this problem when I use my Logitech with its 2.4GHz USB receiver.

  12. Boing

    Eigentlich war ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Logitech-Trackball, der ähnlich viel kostet. Doch innerhalb von Jahren musste ich 2x austauschen, einmal klemmte die linke Taste und das zweite Mal ging sie nicht mehr an. Da diese hier der Logitech sehr ähnlich ist, habe ich sie nun gekauft und nicht bereut.

    Diese Trackball eine softtouch-ähnliche Oberfläche, liegt sehr angenehm und geschmeidig in der Hand. Von der Ergonomie einen Tacken unter der Logi. Mittels DPI-Taste kann man die Empfindlichkeit in mehreren Stufen einstellen. Ich persönlich brauche die Funktion nicht. Ein großer Vorteil empfinde ich den eingebauten Akku, der mittels USB-C aufgeladen wird. Hier muss man also keine Panik haben, wenn man keine passenden Batterien zuhause hat. Schade ist nur, dass der Trackball nicht in den Standby geht, sobald man diesen längere Zeit nicht benutzt. Ansonsten bin ich sehr zufrieden. Für mich ist dieser Trackball keine günstigere Alternative, da ich den DPI-Schalter nicht brauche. Aber es wird sich zeigen, ob dieser länger durchhält als die Konkurrenz.

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