Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Wireless Gaming Controller – White – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, Android, and iOS

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  • XBOX ELITE WIRELESS CONTROLLER SERIES 2: Play like a pro with adjustable-tension thumbsticks, wrap-around rubberized grip, and shorter hair trigger locks..Audio : 3.5mm stereo headset jack. Also compatible with the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and all other Xbox controller accessories made by Microsoft.
  • CORE ESSENTIALS: Includes just the components you need to unleash your best game. Additional components sold separately for even more customization with the Complete Component Pack.
  • LIMITLESS CUSTOMIZATION: Exclusive button mapping options in the Xbox Accessories app—even pick which color the Xbox button lights up with.*
  • CUSTOM PROFILES: Save up to 3 custom profiles on the controller and switch between them on the fly.*
  • EXTENDED GAMEPLAY: Stay in the game with up to 40 hours of battery life and refined components that are built to last.*
  • PLAY ACROSS DEVICES: Use Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth, or the included USB-C cable to play across your Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows devices.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Xbox Elite 2 Controller Core – White, USB-C cable, D-pad (1) and standard thumbsticks (2), Thumbstick-adjustment tool
Release date

September 21, 2022

Product Dimensions

7.23 x 7.29 x 3.07 inches, 0.63 ounces

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Item Weight

0.634 ounces




1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 1, 2022

8 reviews for Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Wireless Gaming Controller – White – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, Android, and iOS

  1. Vitor Hugo Araujo

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     If you’re competitive at COD, this is a beast controller but I warn you, it takes some time to get used to it, your brain gets confused when you try to jump shoot while pressing the buttons under your controller using your middle finger or ring finger.

  2. Vitor Hugo Araujo

    Produto maravilhoso e muito funcional, ajuda muito os jogadores de FPS(como COD, BF, R6).

    Produto é claramente Premium e tem uma imensa personalização. Comprei paddles no mercado livre por 70 reais e ficou como um elite 2 completo… por um preço mais barato.

    Recomendo muito.

  3. Thiago Barros Henrique

    Muito bom mesmo qualidade extrema

  4. Nick

    Otimo produto, veio bem embalado e recomendo o controle

  5. R. Allen

    I have been using the Cyberpunk 2077 special edition Xbox controller since a couple of months before Cyberpunk came out, and was beginning to have a double button push when I played Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It was irritating to die over and over, because I got a double jump instead of a single jump. So, on the advice of a friend, I ordered the Xbox Series 2 controller. I went all in and got the Elite version with the back paddles and charging case. I plugged it into my USB hub overnight and used it the next day. It kept disconnecting. Mistake 1 – my hub evidently doesn’t put out enough power to charge it, so I had to plug directly into my PC. Skip my pain and just use a PC USB port. All is good, right? Mistake 2 – This one is for everyone that hasn’t used one of these controllers. Download the Microsoft Accessories App from the app store. It allows you to customize the buttons, and I mean all the buttons. You can change everyone of them, if you want to. So, I put the LB and RB on the front paddles and removed the back paddles, for now. Everything is working great, after another overnight charge. It is actually useful to read the manual on this one. GASP! Yes, I did! That is probably 5 manuals in 40 years! It helped me make sure I got everything set up exactly the way I wanted it. You can have 3 different active profiles in the software, and many more that can be moved in if you need them. You will need to plug in to set them up. I recommend using a different color light for each one, so you know which profile is loaded. You can also change the light intensity and feedback to save battery life, if you need to hit that 40 hours between charges. I increased the tension on the sticks using the included tool (small flathead screwdriver), because I like them to have a bit of weight to them.

    I really like this controller. It is heavier than my old one and can recharge while it is plugged in, unlike the old one, which has removable battery packs, but does not charge. The only issue I have is the grips are a bit slippery, which will probably improve after I play with sweaty, sticky hands a few times. This controller should last me quite a few years, the way I use it. I use a mouse/keyboard most of the time, except for those console ports that just don’t transfer that well. The Elite is a bit pricey, but if you don’t want the back paddles or charging case, you can always go with the Core controller. It is the same controller without the extras, but all the functionality.

  6. Rafael

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     Price might scare you, but I assure you this is definitely worth it. Comfortable, easy to use and works on most PC games, playing Elden ring and dark souls On this and personally speaking I think it works great. If you got the money get it if you want and if you don’t you can buy a normal Xbox controller but I assure you this is worth it.

  7. Andrew P.

    The joystick dead on arrival. The joystick has a defect that user can not fix with the tightening tool that came with it. However, Amazon made good on the return.

  8. JL

    I’m on my third Elite 2 controller. About a year ago I bought one, and right out of the box, the face buttons weren’t always responsive. I turned it in for warranty work to MS and the new controller I got back from them (different serial number) also had exactly the same problem. At that point, I swore never to get another one. Fast forward a year, and after trying other controllers and never finding one with decent back button layout, I decided to roll the dice again on this controller after hearing they may have improved QC, this time with the longest warranty I could get (3 years)… for Science.

    I’m flabbergasted to report that this one works perfectly right out of the box. Is it a fluke, or did they actually find the problem and correct it in their production process? I don’t know, but if so, this is monumentally good news, as there are very few “pro” controllers that have even passable ergonomics (I just came from a Thrustmaster eSwap X). If this thing holds up for 6 months, I’ll be ecstatic and provide a follow up review (and I’ll probably buy another one to have as a backup).

    The Good
    Ergonomics – Microsoft invested far more money in studying controller ergonomics than any other company. This is evident when you handle their default controller as well as this one; the size is right for most hands, all the controls are laid out where you can actually reach them. I haven’t found any other aftermarket controller get this right like MS. This clamshell design is the best out there. It’s no wonder that companies like Scuff start with a default controller; other than licensing concerns, it’s because designing something better would be extremely difficult. When you couple this with the textured rubberized grips, nothing comes remotely close in terms of comfort.

    Back paddles – This is the star of the show, and the reason you get a “pro” controller. Again, after lots of research into reviews and personally buying and handling a lot of other controllers, I’ve never found, or am aware of, any back paddle/button layout that is better than this one. Your fingers just naturally fall where the paddles are. There’s no reaching or straining to get to them. Why is this so difficult for other companies to get right?? This is the thing that brought me back to an Elite 2. I will at some point get a Scuf Instinct Pro to compare, but I have doubts it will be better any than this. The problem I see right away with the Instinct Pro is it’s not designed for you to be able to press more than one button per side. This could be an issue for some and potentially for me.

    Sticks – These are also top tier. They are very smooth with virtually no slop. The only other ones I felt that were as good or better was the Thrustmaster eSwap, which uses highly touted NXG sticks. The fact that the tension is adjustable also takes this to the next level. Whether they hold up over time will be telling but I never had that issue on the last Elite 2s I’ve had.

    Triggers – Again, top tier, smoothly action, nicely textured finish and with 3 stops (you’re lucky to get one stop with most other controllers). I really like the throw of the trigger at the shortest throw. I suspect the Scuf Instinct Pro will be better so I can’t wait to try it. I can’t think of another competitor that will come close in this regard.

    Overall refinement – Microsoft has the money to throw at proper R&D, design, and production line assembly and it shows. When you consider the overall design, the feel, how the controller is sculpted and fits the hand, the finishing and quality of the plastics and rubber, nothing else really comes close. I suppose Sony does, but that’s unfortunately not an option.

    The Bad
    Reliability – Everybody knows about the laughable return rates on these controllers. I had zero expectations going in this time around, and was ready to duke it out with the longest warranty I could get. You should never get something like this without at least one backup controller. Time will tell if mine holds up. If I can get 6 months out of this without having to turn it in for warranty work, I would call that a victory. If it holds out that long, I will definitely buy another one to have as a backup.

    Buttons – This has been the Achilles heel of the controller. The soft rubber domed, mushy feeling buttons are no different from a bog standard controller. I expect more from a premium controller, and I’m willing to pay a lot more to get it. Take Razer Wolverine Chroma V2 and their mechanical switches for example. They’re able to offer that at a lower price point than this one. Come on Microsoft, stop cheaping out on buttons! For that matter, give us mechanical switches on the paddles also.

    Bumpers – They have a nice texture to them and are sculpted well, but like the buttons, I wish MS would get away from the mushy feeling rubber dome feel. One thing I will give them props for is they made these nice and quiet, like the rest of the controls.

    I’m still on the search for the holy grail of controllers, and will be getting a Scuf Instinct Pro next. I’ve waited over a year to have a working Elite 2, and I finally have it! As it stands right now, IMHO it is the best controller currently available on the market (when it works).

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