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  • 【Multi-function Docking Station】:Equipped with an HDMI 4K@30Hz output, a USB-C port for charging and three USB-A 3.0 ports, letting you explore a new way to play with Steam Deck.
  • 【Ultra High Definition Visual Experience】: The Steam Deck Docking Station comes with a 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 output. When you connect an external 4K monitor, it can provide you sharper and smoother visual experience, so you can enjoy the visual feast on your games.
  • 【Full Charging Speed】: YIGORN Steam Deck docking station supports 65W Max power delivery, which is sufficient to charge your Steam Deck at full speed when paired with the original charger. [Note: the MAX charging speed of Steam Deck is 45W]
  • 【Three High-speed USB3.0 Ports】: A/F supports A maximum current of 0.9A and A maximum rate of 5Gbps. You can connect the gamepad for game operation, but also can connect the keyboard and mouse to control the host, connect the USB flash drive when also can read data faster. USB3.0 is far superior to USB2.0.
  • 【A Perfect Combination】: YIGORN all-in-1 Steam Deck docking station blends Hub and stand together perfectly. You don’t have to buy a regular hub and a stand base for your Steam Deck, which is not only easier for you to use, but also keeps your desktop neat and organized. The Docking Station is designed for the Steam Deck, but it’s also compatible with ipads and Android phones with USB-C ports, as well as the Switch.
Product Dimensions

5.82 x 2.92 x 1.54 inches

Item Weight

3.9 ounces

Date First Available

July 18, 2022



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8 reviews for YIGORN Docking Station for Valve Steam Deck Console,Steam Deck Accessories,Steam Deck Stand,Charging Dock 4K HDMI TV,Three USB-A 3.0 Adapter…

  1. Evan Kinney

    Out of the box, tried connecting it to my TV with a known good HDMI 2.1 cable. No signal. Tried both the original Steam Deck AC adapter as well as another PD USB-C adapter. Even tried their recommended order of operations in the product description (HDMI, then Steam Deck, then power) and got nothing. It’s charging the Steam Deck, so I know it’s at least connected.

    Don’t waste your money on this garbage. I was dumb and didn’t test it until after the return window had passed.

  2. Shawn

    It’s good for the price, so you’re not getting a great product, but a functional one. When I used a Xbox controller it had some really noticeable lag.

  3. Plush Electrofox

    Boy, it took a while for the Steam Deck’s official dock to come out. I’m not sure it’s necessary, since the third-party ecosystem stepped right up.

    Port selection on this is okay, skewing to USB-A. You can throw on a controller, or keyboard and mouse, and be all set — but at that point, you might as well connect to an external display.

    The dock‘s tolerances are such that you could maybe get away with a thinner TPU case, but nothing more protective than that. Be prepared to disengage your Deck from anything more elaborate.

    This is a dock. It may be your dock.

  4. Wilder K. Raven

    While the official dock for the Steam Deck is a pricey add-on, there are plenty of these third-party docks out there now, and they vary a bit. This is one of the more basic choices. It works just fine, providing a place to set the Deck, plug into an external monitor or television, and connect some USB devices. The material feels a little on the cheaper side (just plastic) and the place where you set the Deck has some small silicone pads to prevent slipping, but the back is a little low for the Steam Deck and you might get some slippage anyway. Also note that this (and most other) third-party dock does not come with a power supply so you’ll need to supply your own (either the one that came with the Steam Deck, or a backup with enough wattage to do the job).

    This dock doesn’t have an Ethernet port, like some of the others out there. If you have decent connections around your house that may make a difference to you, but the Steam Deck has a nice fast WiFi chip so you’re probably going to be fine without a gigabit Ethernet port in most cases.

    Video quality is fine, USB ports work, and it’s just a decent dock made of cheap plastic. Four stars. If it had some metal to its design, or an Ethernet port, it might rank higher, but for the price it’s pretty good.

  5. Jim

    The media could not be loaded.

     This has been a great purchase for the Steam Deck, particularly as someone using System Mode regularly. In the video attached, can see the basic connections, and unlike the bulkier Switch docks this operates more like a USB hub or tablet stand, minimizing space while allowing for all vents to be open. The USB A work perfectly and have made using a wireless mouse and keyboard much simpler, and the attached USB-C seems to be of high quality, charging correctly, dealing with all components, and no issues in output to HDMI. I would get this even without the HDMI component for simplicity, but the add of a port completely sells it along with a non-jittery connection. Highly recommend.

  6. mystery book lover

    Dock has worked great for me; I have had no issues and it seems well made.

    The cord works properly to charge my Deck, I used my deck charger, and it will charge while playing so far, working great.

    Love the option to play my games on the tv. This has worked out great for that purpose and my games look great on the tv, stardew valley looks fantastic using this dock, very pleased.

    Dock seems well made, allows me to hook up my mouse and keyboard via usb also from dock, works fantastic so far.

  7. Cpertusi

    As the other reviews mentioned getting the slow charging alert after a few minutes of play and the USB ports are very intermittent they shut on and off at random . Recommend to wait for the official dock or order a JSAUX HB0603 Dock .

  8. Dennis streck

    so I mostly use this sealer to seal chip bags, and vaccum seal things like dried fruit that id like to store for a while. it can also vaccum seal things like stuffed animals and whatnot

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