Free Fire Max players should learn these hacks

3 Free Fire Max hacks that every beginner should know

Free Fire Max hacks: If you have never played Free Fire Max before but want to experience what the game offers, you should be familiar with what you are getting into. It is a battle royale game where multiple players fight each other to make it to the last where they are announced as winners. You usually play with a team, but a few modes let you play solo. No matter what strategy you choose, you must develop a playstyle in the game to maximize your chances of winning. You need a few hacks for that.

Best Free Fire Max hacks

free fire Aggressive or passive?

Choose between playing aggressively or passively in the game. But what does that mean? If you go aggressive, that means you land in hot-drop locations, usually full of enemies you may have to face from the get-go in the game. Be prepared to fight all sorts of enemies and have solid ammo to give you variety in terms of attacks. Playing passively means avoiding any highly populated area to reduce the risk of being spotted and attacked. That means staying away from hot drops and landing in a less populated area. While that could mean fewer or negligible enemies to fight off, it also means fewer weapons.

free fire Choose the right weapon

Go for the weapon that complements your playstyle. Playing aggressively requires you to have short-range weapons, such as a submachine gun, while moving stealthily in the game is better with long-range weapons, such as a sniper. Do not gobble up every weapon you see, but make a wise choice according to how you want to tackle enemies. You can try different accessories to enhance your gun’s capabilities, instead of choosing different guns.

Gloo Wall is your friend

Free fire Never shy away from using the Gloo Wall. It is your best resort to protecting yourself from a sudden attack. Not only does the Gloo Wall double as a cover but it also extends your life by giving you ample time to restore your health. Use medkits to heal yourself quickly.

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