100W USB C Charger Block, MOKiN GaN II Dual Port USB C MacBook Charger, for MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Apple Watch, XPS 13, Latitude, Inspiron 14/16, Envy, Chromebook,…

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  • 【Dual USB-C Charger】 MOKiN 100W USB-C Wall Charger. When dual ports are charging at the same time, the power of port 1 is 65W and the power of port 2 is 35W (the maximum output of a single port is 100W). It can quickly charge MacBook Air/Pro and iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch meanwhile.
  • 【Full Power Overload Test】The 100W USB-C charger block is tested for 500,000 times full power overload, the power splitter system intelligently adjusts power output, real-time temperature control prevents device overheating and extends battery life. Reduces energy loss while generating less heat.
  • 【Powerful Security System】The 100W MacBook Pro fast charger block comes with a powerful safety system that automatically matches the proper current for your device and provides built-in short circuit protection, overload protection, overheating protection and overvoltage protection to ensure safe charging.
  • 【Compact & Portable】​​Weighing just 8.4 ounces, this USB-C iPhone fast charger boasts an ultra-compact, lightweight design, 22% smaller than other chargers of the same specification. The durable ABS casing ensures protection against scrapes, bumps, and drops. with foldable prongs for ultimate portability, suitable for travel.
  • 【Universal Compatibility】iPhone 15/14/13/12/Pro/Pro Max/Plus/mini, iPad Air/Pro/mini, MacBook Air/Pro, Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20, Note, Pixe, Apple Watch, XPS 13, Latitude, Inspiron 14/16, Precision 3480/3580, Envy, Chromebook x360, Spectre x360/Foldable, Chromebook 3110, EliteBook, ProBook, ZBook, etc.
  • 【Worry-Free After-Sales Guarantee】You’ll get a 100W USB-C laptop charger, user guides, and friendly customer service. simultaneously MOKiN offers a 18-month warranty. If you have questions, please contact us as soon as possible; we will help you 24 hours a day.
Product Dimensions

2.36 x 2.36 x 1.24 inches

Item Weight

7.8 ounces

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Date First Available

November 23, 2022


C-Smartlink Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

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8 reviews for 100W USB C Charger Block, MOKiN GaN II Dual Port USB C MacBook Charger, for MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Apple Watch, XPS 13, Latitude, Inspiron 14/16, Envy, Chromebook,…

  1. Como Esta

    These are my initial impressions of the 67W Mokin C004 charger after testing it for a week. The comments may be updated after couple of months if significant changes occur in performance or durability.

    Each charger USB-C port (C1, C2) was tested with two device (Surface Go2 tablet; iPhone SE2); three cable configurations (USB-C + ‘Surface Connect’; USB-C + USB-C; USB-C + ‘Lightning’); and with each device being charged separately and simultaneously.

    • Compatible with Surface Go tablets (Most vendors exclude Microsoft devices from their list of compatible devices. Why???)
    • Not huge difference, but more compact size than original 24W SurfaceGo charger – easier to pack & carry. See attached photo
    • Two USB-C ports allow simultaneous charging of two devices and reduces number of separate charges & cables to pack
    • Higher power capability at each USB-C port compared to the original chargers reduces charge time. Mokin capable of 67W max when charging a single device; 45W max at C1 port & 22W max at C2 port when charging two devices (compared to 24W max for original SurfaceGo charger; 5W max for original iPhoneSE2 charger). Option to charge via the SurfaceGo ‘surface connect’ port is also available, though at a slower charging speed.
    • 18 mo warranty
    • Customer support: prompt response, knowledgeable, courteous.

    • “User Guide” printed with 4 pt font is not readable w/o a magnifying glass.
    • Temperature of devices much higher than expected, especially when charging two devices separately using the Surface Go USB-C port or the iPhone ‘Lightning’ port. As expected the temp profile is high at the beginning and much cooler towards the end of the charging period. Although website comments suggest that the devices are designed for short term high temperature, such as during PD charging, the long term effect of high temperature on battery life is still a concern.
    • [Contradicts other users’ comments] When two devices are being charged simultaneously, it does matter to which USB-C port the higher power device (e.g., tablets, laptops) should be connected. Reading the product description, I mistakenly assumed that the power allocation for each device would be adjusted automatically. Devices would not start charging unless the higher power device was connected to USB-C port C1 (45W max) and the lower power device (e.g. cell phones) connected to the USB-C port C2 (22W max).
    • From past experience, foldable power prongs are convenient for packing, but are more susceptible to failure compare to a fixed prongs power plug. My preference is for detachable (storage convenience) fixed prongs power plug with a short cable.

    I like the 67W, USB-C Mokin CC004 charger. It is compact, capable of fast charging of two devices simultaneously and simplifies packing (fewer cables & charging devices).

  2. NTT

    I had issues inserting the cable in at the begin, but after a lot of pushing, it went in and everything works perfectly

  3. brettmansdorf

    I use this when traveling and at home. I have an 11″ tablet and a Pixel 6 phone, and it can do a rapid charge on both at the same time. That is what I bought it for and it works perfectly. I was also able to rapid charge a ASUS Chromebook with it so it seems to work at stated charge capacity. It has an LED which changes from green for lower capacity devices to blue for higher capacity devices, but the instructions really don’t tell much about what it indicates so I don’t know what the capacity trigger is. Recommended though.

  4. Como Esta

    I have it set up to charge my tablet and my phone and so far it’s doing a good job. It’s convenient and durable enough to throw in my bag and go, so I have no complaints about it.

  5. Jeff Clough

    I usually have a couple of devices to charge, and this little charger gives me two PD charging sources in one tiny device. I use this charger both at home and for travel, so it was important to me to find one whose AC prongs would fold down so they don’t accidentally tear a whole in something when packed in my luggage.

    This is an extremely solid device that’s given me good service charging my devices over the past several months.

  6. Eddgie

    The product is good! I love the time it takes to charge your items. The light comes on and the color changes.

  7. William

    My purchase history on AMZ reads as it I’m a professional reviewer of chargers (multiport) – I’ve been through at least a dozen. Travel regularly with 14MBP and 13″ 13th gen PC and a plethora of other devices. Bought this on a whim – and now its earned a spot in the GO BAG… Why – These people ACTUALLY were honest on its performance. I can plug in iPad and the 13th gen – and it pushes the 45w/22w – holly crap!!! I’ll probably try the bigger brother here soon (and replace the larger unit that comes with this)… Space wise – this cannot be beat – its tiny – fits in the laptops sleeve – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  8. SuperSport

    I bought two of these to charge my Drone Equipment. They are very powerful for the size and fit into my Drone Bags very well. They are super small compared to other equally powered chargers. They can Quick charge two devices at the same time. I’m using these for my DJI Mini 4 Pro and will use them on a DJI Avata when I get that.

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