22 lbs Motorized Rotating Display Stand for Jewelry, 360 Degree , Automatic Mute Rotating Display Stand, Electronic Rotating Display Stand with USB Charging Port for Display,…

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  • Wide Application Display Stand: This high quality plastic made motorized rotating display risers, Electric automatic rotating display stand are widely used in shooting, live broadcasting, exhibitions, supermarkets, homes and offices. It can be used for 360-degree panoramic video display, photo shooting and also adjusted different speeds and angles, left and right rotation directions.it’s a good choice for photography and display industries.
  • How to Use: 1st, Power-on: Press any buttons 2nd, Power-off; Long press any buttons for 3 second 3rd, R/L Button: Right direction/Left direction 4th, SR Button: Speed rotation 5th, ASA: Angle adjustment Power Supply Modes 1. 18650 rechargeable battery, please buy a 18650 battery by yourself. 2. Micro USB Cable 5V 1A 3. Micro USB 5V 1A+18650 rechargeable battery, with both using.
  • LED Indication 1. Powered by 18650 rechargeable battery only, the LED is off at any condition. 2. Powered by MICRO-USB Cable, the green LED will be stayingon and standing by mode; press any buttons to turn on and the red LED will be staying on. 3. Powered by Micro USB and 18650 battery, the red LED is on at any condition. The device will be powered by 18650 battery automatically. 4. Battery charging status indicator: Red LED On-battery is being charged Green LED On-battery is fully charged
  • Product Specification Product Name: 5.7″ Electric Rotating Display Stand Model Number: QM0104710 Product Size: 5.7″(L&W)1.4″(H) Max Loading: 221b Product weight: 0.6lb Rotating Speed: 8/15/30s/r Rotating Angle: 90°/180°/360° Power Supply Mode: Micro-usb 5V plug-in 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Button & Port 1. R/L Button: Right direction/Left direction 2. SR Button: Speed adjustment(8s,15s.30s/r) 3. ASA: Angle adjustment(90°.180°,360°) 4. Micro-USB charging port 5. LED indicator 6. Battery slot
Product Dimensions

5.74 x 5.74 x 1.37 inches

Item Weight

8.8 ounces

Country of Origin


Item model number

5.74'' Balck

Assembly required


Batteries required


8 reviews for 22 lbs Motorized Rotating Display Stand for Jewelry, 360 Degree , Automatic Mute Rotating Display Stand, Electronic Rotating Display Stand with USB Charging Port for Display,…

  1. Neodymium Bean

    I’d return this if i didn’t throw away the box already.
    it doesn’t work without the battery in it and surprise it doesn’t come with the battery (i know, sue me for not reading the description) – i wanted a unit that didn’t have a battery permenantly installed in it so i wouldn’t have to always charge it up. ..i got a more expensive (this) model because of that feature and how it could hold ’22lbs’ (doubt it after holding it..)

    also there are recesses where there could be some rubber pads/feet for it to stand on..
    no pads came in the package, no pads installed on the base of this non-rotating ‘rotating’ paperweight.
    3 stars is a solid favor for this listing.

    I rarely complain, but, c’mon ya’ll.
    also.. i have a business to run and wanted to test out this display so i could possibly use it at trade shows and stuff.. probably gonna pass on this one and buy a different 5* rated item.

  2. Laurie Etzel

    I bought this so I could make videos to display some of my 3D artwork. This is exactly what I needed. It’s easy to adjust the speed, and I can choose the direction it rotates (clockwise or counterclockwise).

  3. j0sh

    Works great

  4. Neodymium Bean

    The media could not be loaded.

     This rotating platform works great. Strong enough to spin a DSLR with a medium big lens on it with no issues. Whisper quiet when it’s running. Can be powered by battery and USBC and you have some controls on the back. Not the shortest thing, but still small enough not to be a bother.

    I highly suggest it.

  5. Mellonie

    This product requires a special type of battery which is NOT included in the package. The battery alone costs nearly double the product itself. It comes with a USB cord; however, the cord needs to be used in addition to the battery. Worst. Design. Ever. Please save yourself time, effort and money: do not purchase this display, even if it seems afforable.

  6. Carl

    Simple features. Easy to use. It comes with a charging cable. You can plug it to a computer or outlet but it doesn’t come with adaptor. It also doesn’t come with the rechargeable battery. You must buy it separately if you want it to be wireless. I own one of those power banks so I hooked it up and it worked.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Nice product

  8. Juan Aleman II

    I used this to create videos for items I was selling. You can change the speed and it works really nicely. It’s quiet and useful.

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