Acinaci Wireless Gaming Headset with Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone, 2.4G Bluetooth – USB – 3.5mm Wired Jack 3 Modes Wireless Gaming…

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  • 【3 WAYS TO CONNECT】Our Wireless Gaming Headset have 2.4G Wireless USB, Bluetooth, Wired 3.5mm jack for you. It can support you switching different devices while using. Turn on the power of the headsets, plug the included USB transmitter into the PC, PS4, or PS5 instantly enjoy a wireless connection within 10m/33ft; Bluetooth connection compatible with mobile phones; pads, and other devices which have Bluetooth; Wired connection is through with a 3.5mm audio jack.
  • 【NOISE REDUCTION MIC】 We offered a Built-in omnidirectional microphone for Clear In-Game Chat. It can eliminate all unnecessary noises and accurately pick up your voice, also achieve clear and real-time calls without delay. The detachable microphone extends when needed and plugs out when it’s not, the one-key mute button conveniently operates the microphone too.
  • 【HUMANIZED DESIGN】Lightweight and durable PS4 headset with mic come with soft breathable protein over-ear pads, Cool LED lights, and a flexible headband with thickening pads. it’s suitable for different head shapes, provides you with a long & comfortable gaming session. Also, the impressive listening life and fast USB-C charging allow you to better enjoy the game time without worrying about the lack of power (Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz mode are 36 hours of usage).
  • 【HEAR ALL DETAILS】 Acinaci wireless gaming headphones are built with two high-precision 50mm drivers and two dual-chamber drivers that enhance the sensitivity of the speaker unit and bring to you a clear 3D stereo surround sound to restore the real scene. Plus 2.4G wireless lossless connect, can emphasize both subtle and critical background sounds, letting you never miss any step or shot during game playing.
  • 【MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY】Acinaci headphones with microphone Work with most modern devices, like PlayStation 4/5, Xbox (adapter required, not included), Mac, Laptop, VR, PC & Mobile. No drivers or downloads are required, simply Plug & Play. The ideal headset for traveling or as a gift, safely use on a multitude of devices.
Package Dimensions

9.45 x 9.25 x 4.02 inches

Item Weight

1.34 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 10, 2022



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11 reviews for Acinaci Wireless Gaming Headset with Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone, 2.4G Bluetooth – USB – 3.5mm Wired Jack 3 Modes Wireless Gaming…

  1. R. Coleman

    Model BL100 PRO. I’ m not a gamer. I watch DVDs and Internet online movies on my desktop PC with integral, internal Digital Video Player.
    Everything about the headset is well designed for comfort, simple controls, easy of use, noise cancellation and sound quality (volume and frequency range).
    I only connect the WiFi USB Dongle to my PC when watching a DVD or movie, and I remove it from the USB port on my PC when not in use.
    My only recommendation is that the WiFi USB Dongle be designed to hook onto the backside of one of the two headphones so that it does not get misplaced or lost. A simple, low-profile, male-female device could be added that would enable the male-side dongle to be hung securely on the female-side headphone. The device could work like the twist-locks on some wristbands and bracelets to hold it in place.

  2. Dom

    This is a review for the headset as used wirelessly.

    I liked:
    – the price
    – the mic isn’t bad, considering it’s a relatively cheap headset

    What I didn’t like:
    – the headset is quite large/clunky-looking, but not the end of the world!
    – soft, high pitched whine audible at all times
    – audio gets crackly often

    Returning these, primarily due to the whine and crackliness of the audio. A shame as I had high hopes

  3. B. Jong

    I was looking for gaming headphones, but didn’t want to break the bank. I also wanted both wireless (gaming) and Bluetooth (music), which many do not have. Switching between the two was easy, which was a relief. The microphone is detachable, which is also good. Be aware there is a notch, so it only goes in one way. The headphones fit really comfortably on my head. For this price range, the gaming audio was very good (as long as you don’t put the volume too high) via wireless, as well as music playing via Bluetooth. Battery life was good, and charging seemed fast. For this price, I’m happy with the purchase.

  4. sam

    Update on my other review. This does work with the playstation 4 but the Bluetooth piece only fits in the back of the Playstation not the 2 from USB ones all the way. I think this should just be a heads up for anyone wanting to use this on the PS4.

  5. syonelove

    I recently purchased a gaming headset and I have been extremely impressed with its performance. The sound quality is top-notch, with clear and crisp audio that really immerses me in my games. The mic is also of high quality, allowing for clear communication with my teammates. The headset is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and fits snugly over my ears without any discomfort.

    One of the features that I particularly appreciate is the noise-cancelling capability of the micro phone. It really helps to block out any external distractions and allows me to focus completely on my game.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this gaming headset to anyone looking for a high-quality audio experience.

  6. Influx

    Awful sound quality, bass makes everything else unhearable with no way to turn it down. DO NOT BUY.

  7. Bryan Nahrwold

    I did not buy this for gaming but watching videos, video conferencing, training and for use between multiple computers. I have used the Bluetooth for one computer and move the dongle between two other computers.

    The sound is very good and the headset is reasonably comfortable. The microphone works well enough no one has complained when I am on video calls.

    The manual is lacking and actually depicts the microphone and light buttons reversed from their actual positions in the manual. (Not a big deal, really)

    The buttons have two different modes, one when the device is switched on and one when switched off. The microphone up button also acts as a switch between the 2.4 GHz dongle and Bluetooth modes when the device is powered off. I found this unreliable and quit using it.

    The buttons are poorly placed. It is too easy to accidentally touch them when putting the headphones on or taking them off. However, I have adapted to this over time. Also the buttons are small and are placed so it is not always easy to tell if you are pressing the button for the functionality you want.

    The battery charge is pretty good. It lasts for a couple of days the way I use it. But it takes many hours to charge. Also, the device shuts off while charging so you can’t charge it while wearing the headset. As a result, I frequently charge it overnight when it probably does not need it. I would assume this will shorten the battery life somewhat.

    Other than the quirks, I am pretty happy with the device and cannot complain about the reasonable price on Amazon.

  8. Alexandre Dubois

    I recommend this product. It’s comfortable to wear and it’s blocking reasonably background sound. The battery work for a long time, I charge it only once a week.
    This headset work well on my phone using Bluetooth. The only problem I had is when I used the Bluetooth connection with windows. I had several issues, like the volume was really hard to control. After some research, I think it’s an issue with Windows 10. I decided to use the little receiver instead and this one work perfectly on Windows 10. If you have an extra usb port, I recommend using the usb receiver, it’s just better.

  9. Jona Ozo

    I bought these to use in my shop, and not use my expensive ones out there.
    Helluva Black Friday deal at $29 for retail of $69. I didn’t expect too much
    but I am picky about music listening quality, and surely they would be good
    for audio books. Versatility caught my attention – wired at my design table
    if needed – 2.4ghz in my USB-A slot, or Bluetooth thru my BT adapter, and the
    50mm drivers were a plus.
    They paired instantly – phone – stereo – PC – dongle or BT.
    But the sound quality ….. took me by surprise ! They sound great.
    I have Bose, Sennheiser, JBL, OneOdio, and others. These are very pleasant
    to listen to – Rock – blues – Electronic – Classical – and now Christmas tunes.
    They are lightweight and comfortable. The build materials are not made of
    armour but they appear to be very durable, with both hard plastic and metal.
    They do not squeeze your head, but stay put well [ found tilting the headband
    forward just a little gives them a better fit].
    The removeable mic is also a plus for me [use it when I want to].
    I see they are $39 atm, and my opinion after using them, is a good buy.
    First time I put them on ……. stayed for 6hrs. Been on this morning for 4hrs so far.
    They do sound really good.

  10. Gulnaz

    These are a remarkably great headset for its price. They are very light weight, extremely comfortable right out of the box. I wore them for 10 hours in 1 day and didn’t feel a thing on my ears. The sound quality is great comparable to headsets 3 times its price. I also love that I can pull out the mic when I’m not using it. To be a fair review, there is a small but definitely a non deal breaker thing I wished it had, is a sleep mode that shut its self off after no use. If you let it stay idle even with your pc off the batt will drain. but a simple press of the power button will turn the headset off so I guess ill have to make a routine of it. Other then that I love these headset and would recommend it to any one who doesn’t want to dish out tons of money for expensive ones.

  11. steven shi

    I wanted a wireless headset for use with my computer and was glad to find that this was compatible, along with many other consoles. I have recently gotten back into gaming and I forgot the advantage using a headset is over relying on the external speakers. However, I would not pay an exorbitant amount so I decided to give these a try and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. My gaming experience improved a ton since I can hear things clearly. The cushions around the ear are nice and plush, I can pretty much wear these for hours without any discomfort.

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