Action Camera 4K Sports Camera 20MP 40M 170°Wide-Angle WiFi waterproof Underwater Camera with 2.4G Remote Control 2 Batteries 2.0” LCD Ultra HD…

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  • đź“·Professional 4K Ultra HD Action Camera: Available in 4K / 30FPS, 2.7K / 30FPS, 1080P / 60FPS, 1080P / 30FPS, 720P / 60FPS and 720P / 120FPS video resolutions. With 16MP images and a 170° super wide-angle 6G fisheye lens,Capture and share your world in a fantastic resolution.
  • đź“·Wireless Wrist 2.4G Remote Control: Bring the remote control on your wrist, and install the action camera on the helmet or the place where it can’t be touched. It is convenient to record the wonderful moment. The remote control wireless range is 15 meters (49 FT), and the remote control waterproof level IPX6 life waterproof, please do not immerse the remote control in the water.
  • đź“·2.0’’LCD WiFi Action Camera: Use APP/APK to keep and share your exciting sports moments on your phone or tablet, WiFi signal range up to 10M(33 FT), 2.0’’LCD HD display allows you to preview anytime, anywhere Wonderful videos and photos in motion.
  • đź“·130FT Waterproof Camera Free Accessories: Equipped with durable IP68 waterproof sleeve can dive 40 meters deep, ideal for swimming, diving, rafting, surfing and other water sports, this underwater camera is also equipped with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh battery and the battery charger can charge two batteries at the same time, very convenient to save time. And it comes with many other multi-functional accessories (most are compatible with gopro cameras).
  • đź“·Multi-Function Action Camera: Including loop recording, slow motion photography, driving mode, image flipping, time-lapse photo, exposure adjustment, white balance adjustment; You can take the camera to a variety of sports environments and use it, the effect will exceed your expectations.
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Item Weight

‎15.2 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.36 x 1.57 x 0.98 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number

‎M80 Air


‎2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Special Features

‎Wireless, real-time, usb, time-lapse

12 reviews for Action Camera 4K Sports Camera 20MP 40M 170°Wide-Angle WiFi waterproof Underwater Camera with 2.4G Remote Control 2 Batteries 2.0” LCD Ultra HD…

  1. Jason

    Great Camera and Great Customer Service. Had this camera for 10mos and had been working great. The micro USB charging port had an issue and I reached out to the company and they responded within a day and sent me a new camera. Overall can’t beat the value of this camera and company is very responsive with any issues. Would recommend to others.

  2. Matthew Guenther

    It works very well and the price makes it a bargain. I noticed almost no difference in video quality between 2.7k and 4k resolutions. The video quality is OK, just OK. Not bad but not amazing. But I am happy because at this price point I was not expecting Hollywood quality video. It comes with a ton of accessories and the quality of the camera is very good. I would recommend unless you want really high quality video then maybe find a higher priced unit. But this did everything I wanted it to do.

  3. DavidSO

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     For this price with easy use and high quality is amazing. I had a bad experience with a camera before so I was a little afraid of being dissappointed again I choose Amazon to buy it because I knew Amazon rocks when something happen to items. But no! This is great. It is light to carry, easy to use and very good case to carry. Thank you amazon and thank you manufacturer and seller. You made me happy.

  4. R

    This is the second action camera i have had to return in the past 2 weeks, as this is nothing close to how it is even described. “4K Ultra HD”… yet even 1080p mode looks like it’s software upscaled from a much lower resolution. I’m just about sick of these products flooding listings and claiming they are capable of certain features, yet it’s all made up as a selling point. There is literally no way this camera can claim to be 4K/1080p capable whatsoever.

    A few years back i had an action camera made by ViTin which cost me around ÂŁ30, and that had true 1080p@60fps, at half the costs, and it actually performed with the resolution/specs as was advertised with this other product. The quality from that camera superseeds whatever Apexcam are trying to claim as 4K or 1080p by a thousand fold.

    Using this Apexcam on the roads is useless, as it cannot even pickup a number plate on a car when you’re 3-5 meters behind it. Also, even in the acclaimed “1080p@60fps”mode, everything becomes so blurry even at walking speeds. I’ve attached 3 still frames from the 1080p@60fps mode to this review. Virtually the entire video i recorded is like that.

    I would not recommend this camera at all, especially given the price. It does not record in 4K nor 1080p.

  5. cdntinpusher

    Bought this only because we were going to Hawaii and would be snorkelling and wanted a way to catch the experience without breaking the bank. Figured for $60, what do I have to lose.

    Kit came packaged in a nice case, with a ton of accessories, most of which I did not have a use for, so I just kept the one’s that seemed most useful and put the rest aside. Came with 2 batteries and a charger. Charge per battery lasts between 1 and 2 hours on video mode, I would guess. Hard to be accurate because I wasn’t videoing continually.

    Now as to quality. Photo quality is just OK. It won’t compete with a high-end smart phone, nor a good compact camera, but if you are just looking to capture memories and not win a photo contest, they will do just fine. I didn’t take many photos with it, since I had a phone and a compact camera, mostly took video. As you can see from the photo included, shot in low-light conditions, it did OK, but you will find some fish-eye effect with photos due to the wide-angle lens. It may be possible to correct that with software. What I was really impressed with were the underwater videos. The resolution was excellent and colors vivid. I’ve attached a screen capture from an underwater video. The colors and detail look way better when cast to my TV than they do on the computer screen. In any event, the waterproof housing did it’s job, though I did find some condensation inside after the second dive of the day, but that could easily have been from drops of water falling into the case while changing battery or sim card. In any event it did not affect operation of camera and it still works fine.

    The only caveat I have is to read the manual prior to use. I didn’t, and didn’t realize that the wrist controller is NOT waterproof, just splashproof. Needless to say after diving with it on, it was kaput. My fault, not the device! Also, I had my camera attached to a mount on my snorkel, but I could also have attached it to a headband. Problem with that setup is that you don’t really know where the camera is aimed. Next time, I will just get a selfie stick that is waterproof and mount the camera to it and hold it in front of me so I can be sure it is aimed at what I want it to be aimed at. In conclusion, I highly recommend this camera as a cheap alternative to a Go-Pro. Certainly not comparable I’m sure, but then again, neither is the price.

  6. John

    This is a gift for our 8 year old grandson. He seems to have an intuitive grasp of computers and things electronic, so i anticipate that after showing him the controls, he will soon be a pro. He probably won’t submerge it deeper than the bottom of the bathtub for now, but the case seems watertight so i don’t anticipate any problems. I took several pictures and a short video to be sure it worked and they came out fine, but can’t comment on long term picture quality. The camera does NOT come with an SD card. It stated you could go up to 64GB and I found an inexpensive one on Amazon (2 for $12.00), mounted one in the camera and formatted it. Formatting went easily once I decided to read and follow the directions

    Everything came neatly packed in a hard shell case, with one battery in the camera (about half charged) and the spare battery was oacked in the case. One thing I liked is that the battery can be charged in the camera simply by attaching the included usb cable or by placing it in the charger. The charger by the way comes with two slots so both batteries could be charged at the same time.

    Lots of attachments came with it, mainly to allow it to be mounted on different type of surfaces or devices (helmet, tripod, etc.). There is also an app on Google Play or the Apple store that lets you transfer data wirelessly to your phone or tablet. I did not try that. The advertised remote control comes with a spare battery and even a small screwdriver to open the case to change batteries. I placed the camera in video mode and pressed the video button on the remote and it immediately started. Same for the photo button.
    One thing I did not like (although it may be I am so new to the camera. Whenever I turned it off and then back on, it defaulted to video mode. I would like to be able to set it to turn on to the mode of my choice.

  7. David M

    Use it for work, very good image quality.

  8. Aero Geek

    Summary: Very inexpensive camera that might meet some needs at lower resolutions (1080/60). However, does not come close to the specifications stated (your results may vary) and hard pass for 4k video.

    Detailed Experience:
    When I found this camera, I really wanted the performance stated to be true– would meet nearly everything I wanted for a 10th of the big name cameras’ price. I intended to video hockey games with the camera affixed to the glass so didn’t need the optical image stabilization and with ample lighting the sensor could be less sensitive. With the stated 170 degree field of view (FOV), only needed 2 cameras to cover the sheet of ice, so I bought 2.

    Initial impressions: Camera build seems fine relative to the price. Slightly smaller than my GoPro, lighter weight, mostly plastic build, pointed corners vs round of GoPro, similar size screen (not touch), and immediate access to connectors. Comes with 2 batteries, a nice clear underwater protective case, and a plethora of mounting options (albeit a couple I would claim are not very sturdy for action recordings), a remote recording toggle and a soft sided carrying case.

    One battery was in the camera, one external. However, to remove the battery from the camera requires a common screwdriver, e.g. really don’t find this as an acceptable solution. I tried my fingernail (not sturdy enough) and coins (too thick) without success. Kinda goes against the grain of on-the-go, action camera especially in light of the observed limited battery life. Using the 2 cameras across 6 games, I averaged 64min at 1080/60; 55min at 2.7k/30 and 40min at 4k/30 from a fully charged to completely depleted battery (camera shutdown) with the only actions performed setting the video resolution and recording. This is vastly different than the stated Apexcam response of “support 190 minutes working even on 4k video mode”, i.e. even if they were stating duration across 2 batteries, my results were less than 50%! FYI, WIFI and remote control were turned off with screen saver on 1min.
    An annoyance (not a deal breaker for me), was that the date/time had to be reset each instance of a battery change.

    4k/30: First thing noted is that even though it was stated to be 30Hz video capture, camera appears to use a double frame, e.g. 1 sample for 2 frames, so effectively the video is at 15Hz. I verified by clicking frame by frame in VLC media player. Very disappointing and quite frankly it nearly triggers nausea (feels more like a strobing effect). In a very well lit rink, the fast images appears blurred/streaking (players crossing in the video let alone the puck movement). Thinking that this must be a firmware issue, I tried researching. My camera was Model: M80 Air Firmware: JL15IP79RGM_1.5 updated 20201001. While I could not find any updates (in fact I couldn’t find any), I did see similar complaints of duplicating frames with other OEMs with amazingly comparable cameras.
    Likewise, there was a glare about the lights. In the first game I used the included clear case (it seems very ruggid and protects the camera). Thinking that this could have been the culprit for the glare, second and later games I used a different mount. While the glare was slightly less, it was present across all video settings on auto (white balance, ISO). While I could have tried alternate contrast and ISO settings, I found the camera unacceptable for my use, and not worth the effort to further refine.
    While the FOV was stated to be 170 deg, my measurements were dramatically reduced at 80 degs.

    2.7k/30: While the video frame rate was MUCH better than the 4k, the blurring of faster moving play persisted and the glare against the lights was present (now without the clear case). Unfortunately, the measured FOV was even worse at less than 55 deg.

    1080/60: There still was some blurring of faster moving play, but this was this best mode in my opinion. There was less clarity of the players (lower resolution), but could see the action better and the FOV was measured at 80 deg. Instead of mounting at the blue lines, I placed behind the goalies to see their point of view.

    Picture Quality: Didn’t meet my expectations at any resolution and was far from the stated spec.
    Easy to Use: In general, the GUI was fine, but the battery case was very annoying. Some of the mounts didn’t really lock in place, e.g. would be a problem for a camera in motion.
    Value for Money: This was the least expensive camera, so went in with low expectations. Even with that consideration, there was only one video mode (1080/60) that was close to acceptable.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive 1080/60 camera, then may consider this one (although the battery cover would still annoy me). Otherwise, hard pass. PS. I intend to return these since they weren’t even close to meeting the specs.

  9. sawdustandsnow

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     I was a little unsure what I was doing when I ordered this camera knowing very little about ‘action cameras’ however I needed something to record work over lockdown and wanted something that would work in and outdoors and for video and stills, and this seemed to fit the bill.

    On receiving it, I was most impressed by the carry case which is good and robust, and by all the accessories which enabled me to rig it up on my tripod immediately and, should I choose to, mount it in a variety of ways. The camera controls are intuitive and easy to use although I haven’t used the remote control just yet so can’t comment on that. The clear protective case does keep the camera nice and dry/safe however I did find some slight condensation building up when filming in the sunshine.

    Having the two batteries is a must as, although adequate, battery life isn’t that long if you’re out all day- I managed about 1.5 hours from one charge. The little duel charger is great for that too.

    I am doubly pleased I bought this as I have recently started paddle boarding and have seen that one of the mountings will fit on my paddle so with the sealed waterproof case, that’s an added bonus! All in all very pleased with the quality and function of this camera, definatly good value for money.

  10. Brian

    Grainy video quality, washed out colors probably a cheap sensor. Otherwise it works well and if you don’t need good video quality it has a ton of neat features. Buy it if you need some cheap to document something but as for I would prefer to use the video on my iPhone.

  11. TB

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     I am pleased with the video got. I wanted a camera for our water sports and underwater. No image stabilization so video is a little shaky but still good.

  12. Michael

    I’ve been using it for horse riding, and after not expecting too much, was pleasantly surprised by the quality of video on this little camera. The image is fantastic, the small wrist control is an excellent and useful idea, and it is very easy to use. The battery lasts well for recording in 4K; I generally have one bar left after around and hour of recording time. It also comes with an extra battery if that isn’t long enough. Lots of accessories are included, and it all comes in a great little case that everything fits into. I would definitely recommend it.

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