Ailun 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro[6.1 inch] + 3 Pack Camera Lens Protector,Sensor Protection,Dynamic Island Compatible,Case Friendly…

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  • Works For iPhone 14 Pro 2022 tempered glass screen protector and camera lens protector.Featuring maximum protection from scratches, scrapes, and bumps.
  • Night shooting function: specially designed iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 Inch display 2022.The camera lens protector adopts the new technology of “seamless” integration of augmented reality, with light transmittance and night shooting function, without the need to design the flash hole position, when the flash is turned on at night, the original quality of photos and videos can be restored.
  • It is 100% brand new, precise laser cut tempered glass, exquisitely polished. 0.33mm ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector provides sensor protection, maintains the original response sensitivity and touch, bringing you a good touch experience.
  • Easiest Installation – Please watch our installation video tutorial before installation.Removing dust and aligning it properly before actual installation,no worrying about bubbles,enjoy your screen as if it wasn’t there.
  • 99.99% High-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints,enhance the visibility of the screen.
Product Dimensions

5.67 x 2.67 x 0.02 inches

Item Weight

2.89 ounces

Item model number

iphone14pro 3GSP+3Lens

Special Features

9H Surface Hardness, Oil Resistant





Country of Origin


Date First Available

July 21, 2022

13 reviews for Ailun 3 Pack Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro[6.1 inch] + 3 Pack Camera Lens Protector,Sensor Protection,Dynamic Island Compatible,Case Friendly…

  1. Bubba Gump

    I was able to still use this screen protector with my Otter Defender case for my iPhone 14 pro. You get three for your phone screen & 3 for your camera lenses. However, you will need to file the camera lens opening on the otter case to be able to fully close it. I don’t why anybody would purchase a $1000 phone without protecting the screen and now the camera lenses. The Otter case is also a must buy to protect your investment! The Otter Defender case I bought, (my 4th one with 4 different phones spanning over 20 years) is a little pricey but well worth the extra expense.

  2. SSW

    Both screen protector and camera protector functions fine as supposed. I haven’t had them on for that long and hasn’t dropped my phone (fingers crossed), so not sure how the protector will hold impacts. One thing I didn’t like about the protector was that it does not cover from edge to edge, so there is a gap in between the edge of the protector and my phone case, which catches debris and gets annoying to be cleaned. As for the camera protector, they are a bit on the bulkier side but gives me peace in mind that the lens won’t get scratched when I put the phone down on a surface or in my bag. I did noticed that some pictures I took outdoor had a plasticky glare, where there weren’t anything that could cause glares and no flash light on either. So that must have been from the protector because the whole chunk of plastic covers the entire camera part. I am planning to switch the a camera protector that only covers the lens to see if it resolves, but for the price and number of pieces this product came with it is still a good value.

  3. Jay Jani

    It looks good and have easy installation but product is not strong enough to sustain small drops. It cracks from outer edges easily leaving small particles everywhere.

  4. Pridon

    I have used a variety of screen protector brand over the past few years. I purchased for an iPhone 14 pro which had a folding case. Prior to install I watched the YouTube Visio installation instruction and followed it precisely. The presence of the protective case helped me to align the screen protector on the first try. I ran my finger down the middle. The adhesion stater a magically moved to the edges without any bubbles and with no hidden dust specs. I then applied the lens protector which got perfectly without interfering with my protective case. Great product at a great price!

  5. Ari

    I figured these were your standard tempered glass protectors . I’m a way they are . However I had to come back and leave a review after yesterday, when my phone fell out of my pocket as I was shutting my car door. I wondered , weird my seatbelt isn’t stuck in the door, why isn’t it shutting ? Opened it and to the ground fell my phone . The entire scream was shattered and the back cameras shattered . I figured it went beyond the glass protectors . Instantly tore them off, and my brand new iPhone -14 pro was completely intact . My boyfriend was amazed because surely , this would have shattered the phone , and with these being like a third of the Cost of the one they sell at my mobile carriers: I figured they wouldn’t be as strong . I’ve dropped my previous phone with the cheapies on and they didn’t Absorb the shock AND the screen was slightly cracked underneath. These withstood me slamming my door shut onto my phone FRONT AND BACK ! Amazed and happy , thanks ! Definitely ordering more .

  6. Keep fit

    High recommended

  7. et

    It was the many positive reviews that I purchased this screen protector. Unfortunately it’s not for me, see image. I don’t want to experiment with a screen protector on a new ~$1600 iPhone 14 Pro 500GB, it’s on its way back to the seller to be replaced by Purity that I had success in the past for both iPhone 8 and 11.

    2023 Jan. 5. I revise my review and change from one star to four stars. Before returning it I decided to try another of the three screen protectors provided and it worked satisfactorily. As a result, I will keep it as I will also keep the other brand that already arrived. I wish they had included a guidance frame.

  8. Shelly J. Stock

    Relatively easy to install, but the guiding stickers moved when I removed the sheet between the screen protector and the adhesive before I could place it down, so I ended up having to re-place it on my own multiple times trying to get it aligned, which ended up getting some dust in the edges…
    Also, when I finally got my case in the mail, I got an otter box because I wanted the most protection possible (the new ones aren’t massive and bulky like they used to be) but it didn’t fit over the glass camera protection and when I took it off, it pulled off the camera protector. If it was 0.5-1mm smaller on each edge it would’ve fit perfect…

  9. Yuan Tian

    the product is really nice and easy to put on.
    However, when you open the package, you have to press down on the box. I did it and it broke one of the protector!

  10. Matt Turner

    It’s fine

  11. Shelley-Lynn

    Liked all around and fit just perfect. Great cost for it too. Will buy again.

  12. WickerCat

    It’s not the easiest screen protector to install, but it’s fine. The performance is great, I do like the oleophobic coating on it, and I also like that it protected my phone screen from cracking when I dropped it in the photo, you can see where the screen protector cracked, but my phone underneath was totally fine and also fits very well with my Smartish phone case, with a very small gap between the edges of the screen protector and my phone case. I really love the camera lens protector; it is very easy to apply and protects them perfectly.

  13. DeniseLC

    I have been using this brand of screen protectors for years on multiple iPhones ranging from the 5 to 14 pro. They’re always awesome. I really like the addition of the pieces that go over the camera lenses. I was hesitant at first – worried about a reduction in image quality – but have seen none of that. It’s great piece of mind knowing they are protected as they protrude so much from the back of the phone. These fit just fine with my case as well. I appreciate having a backup on hand for when it’s time to switch out (I am a total klutz). After many hard drops, I’ve never had screen damage underneath even after removing a broken protector. Def recommend!

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