Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 – 2022 – Everyday Gaming Laptop – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Graphics – 15.6″ FHD Display – 120 Hz – AMD Ryzen 5 6600H – 8GB…

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  • Boost your gaming performance with the latest generation AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processors and a 15.6″ FHD IPS screen with 120Hz refresh rate
  • GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs deliver the ultimate performance for gamers and creators, powered by Ampere – NVIDIA’s 2nd gen RTX architecture – with new RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors for realistic ray-traced graphics and cutting-edge AI features
  • The signature Lenovo gaming keyboard comes with all the best media control and number pad features stocked out of the box
  • Excellent battery life lets you take this gaming laptop with you; use Rapid Charge to boost your battery by 40% in just 15 minutes
  • Stay connected: this Windows gaming laptop offers built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, two USB-A ports, one USB-C (DisplayPort 1.4, Power Delivery 3.0), HDMI 2.0, RJ45, and an audio jack
Standing screen display size


Item model number


Power Source

‎Battery Powered

Hard Drive Interface

‎USB 3.2

Computer Memory Type


Processor Count


Processor Brand



‎Onyx Grey

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎14.16 x 10.49 x 1.02 inches

Product Dimensions

‎14.16 x 10.49 x 1.02 inches

Item Weight

‎7.68 pounds

Operating System

‎Windows 11 Home



Max Screen Resolution

‎1920 x 1080



Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Wireless Type


Card Description


Chipset Brand


Graphics Coprocessor

‎NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050

Hard Drive

‎256 SSD

Memory Speed

‎2666 MHz


‎8 GB DDR5


‎3.3 ryzen_5


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

7 reviews for Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 – 2022 – Everyday Gaming Laptop – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Graphics – 15.6″ FHD Display – 120 Hz – AMD Ryzen 5 6600H – 8GB…

  1. Marc. V.

    Lo que no gusta es muy sencillo:
    que se siente la carcasa de plastico delgado comparada a otras laptops de otras marcas,
    que el teclado backlite es muy brillante,
    que el teclado es USA key sin n~
    y que solo trae 2 puertos USB 3.0

    Lo que si me gusta:
    corre bien todos los juegos, nuevos o viejos
    oporta varias aplicaciones demandantes sin toser
    el puerto usb C funciona maravillas, en especial con adaptadores multipuerto
    funciona excelente con varios displays, incluso para jugar
    el sonido es fuerte y no se distorsiona
    que puedo expandirle la memoria RAM
    la resolucion de la webcam
    el look&feel del teclado

    en fin, por el precio y la capacidad no me arrepiento para nada

  2. The Mad Alchemist

    Edit: This was originally a five-star review. I’m still really happy with my purchase, but I ran into stuttering on YouTube videos and unimpressive/inconsistent download times that I couldn’t seem to fix. Come to find out the wifi cards that come preinstalled on these laptops leave something to be desired. This isn’t a big deal if you have an ethernet cable handy, but it would likely be a massive pain for anyone meaning to, say, write an essay at a coffee shop.

    I swapped out the wifi card in my old laptop for the one in this one and it works flawlessly. I can’t vouch for it, but I’ve read Intel’s AX200NGW wifi card is a good replacement for the one that comes stock in these machines. If you’re going to be adding RAM or an extra HDD anyway, swapping out the wifi card isn’t too difficult; the tiny connectors are just really finicky. I could live with the wifi as it was, but I don’t have access to a wired connection as much as I’d like. If that’s you, be prepared for a bit of tinkering.

    Everything else I said stands.

    Edit 2: Elden Ring runs great on this.


    I paid a little under $750 for this laptop. Out the gate, I added 32GB of RAM, which cost me around $150. That’s overkill – 16GB is perfectly serviceable on this configuration, especially without a secondary SSD, and 16GB would cost roughly half that. I wanted to future proof my purchase and make it simple to switch out my secondary mechanical drive in the future.

    I would absolutely recommend swapping the RAM for two 16GB sticks (you want them to be the same variety to get the most performance and bang for your buck) and the 8GB my model came with is only just enough for Windows at this point. If you only intend to run Steam and some games, it might do. If you have a Chromium-based web browser running in the background, forget about it. Trust me – extra RAM will save you a lot of headache.

    My model didn’t come with easy access panels on the back for adding an HDD or for changing out the RAM. Luckily the screws are fairly easy to remove, and the panel came off pretty easily with a plastic pry tool. (Amazon sells the kit I use – it’s really handy to have on hand in case you ever need to get inside your machine. Search “Syntus Electronic Repair Tool Kit with Magnetic Driver Kit, 80 in 1 Professional Precision Screwdriver Set with Portable Pouch for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Gaming Console, Controller, Black”)

    There’s two M.2 slots and one SATA slot. I wouldn’t recommend mounting a second M.2 drive – one, I’m not sure how you’d safely mount it in this revision. Two, if you watch Linus Tech Tips video on the performance difference between a SATA SSD and M.2 drives, you’ll see that the average user isn’t going to notice a difference between the two types of SSDs. Frankly, my 7200rpm mechanical drive loads things really quickly on this laptop, so I’m not even in a rush to upgrade from that. Games like The Witcher 3 run perfectly fine off of it. (And honestly, if you’re on a budget and don’t want to deck out this laptop with the best kit it can handle, 2TB 7200rpm mechanical drives can be had for around $40-$80 these days.)

    The build quality is fantastic. You can tell which parts of it are a little cheaper than others – I’d be careful with the plastic tabs when you’re prying the bottom off; take your time with it – but it feels solid the moment you take it out the box. The back of the IPS panel is mounted to metal. The bezels are designed such that it’s entirely feasible for you, as the user, to open up and work on your own hardware. From a right-to-repair standpoint, this machine is as good as it gets in this price range. Even if you have no interest in working on it or ever opening it up, you can take it to a local computer shop and be rest assured they can easily get to whatever they need to work on.

    The screen is the part most likely to fail on a laptop over extended use. I haven’t cracked open the bezel on my unit because my screen was in perfect working order and after a nightmare I had with a different laptop, I just wanted to get back to using my computer. Looking up tutorials and images online, every model of this computer I’ve seen uses screws to hold the screen in place. No glue or anything like that. In the event that you or a technician ever needs to swap out the screen for a different one, it should be a fairly simple process.

    And again I return to build quality – I’ve noticed very little light bleed when I’m running various applications. This is not the best ips panel I have ever used, but let me stress again – for the price? It’s amazing. High refresh rate. Everything is crystal clear. Good contrast. It’s been a joy to do photo editing work on it.

    For gaming – I use Linux as my daily driver, and removed Windows from this device as soon as I got it set up and made sure there weren’t any malfunctions or defects that would warrant calling the manufacturer or returning it to Amazon.

    If you’re curious whether this makes a good Linux machine – yes, with some caveats. My model – 15ACH6 – did not have working wifi out of the box in Pop OS or Manjaro.

    I initially wanted to use Pop OS because it has great hybrid graphics support (better than Windows, if you ask me) and it comes pre-packed with tools to help maximize your laptop’s battery life. However, making the wifi work wasn’t a simple fix. There are several methods; the least complicated one for me was upgrading the kernel. Problem is – Pop OS is an Ubuntu-based OS and isn’t designed to have the kernel upgraded independent of the operating system.

    Long story short – I got Pop OS working perfectly, but getting the kernel upgraded was just the first issue I had to solve. I also had to change the power management settings so my wifi wasn’t throttled, and my printer was detected but wasn’t working properly out of the box.

    Manjaro makes it easy to upgrade the kernel, and I was up and running within an hour. The thing that took the longest was waiting for all the updates to install. The only thing I had to do to make full use of my hardware was update the Nvidia drivers, manually install the Optimus Switcher (look up “How to setup Optimus Manager on Manjaro! | DenshiHelp” on YouTube, especially if you use KDE) and adjust the power management settings.

    If you’re a Linux user or you’re Linux-curious, Manjaro is your best bet on this thing if you want a relatively painless experience. (This is also why I bought so much RAM – if I absolutely have to use Windows for any reason, I want the extra memory to run a VM.)

    Mind, this shouldn’t be an issue in the future. The latest version of Pop OS at the time of this writing is 21.10. If you get this same model of this laptop and newer revisions of the major Linux operating systems have been released, it should be a fairly seamless experience regardless of which one you choose.

    I also want to note – in terms of getting this laptop to boot from USB, this was by far the most painless experience I’ve had. Any other laptop I’ve had has fought me tooth and nail when I wanted to remove Windows and install Linux. Part of that’s the AMD architecture – in my experience, AMD respects their users more than Intel or Nvidia does, so if that’s important to you, this is a great machine. If you’ve ever heard of Intel’s Management Engine, AMD’s equivalent – the PSP – can be just be switched off in the BIOS. Not once has this machine tried to tell me – its owner and end user – what I can and cannot do with it.

    But back to gaming – I didn’t try to run anything on Windows, but I can tell you just from the hardware specs you’re going to have a great experience with anything released from 2018-2020, and the GTX 1650 would be a respectable graphics card even in a desktop at this point thanks to the current market. You most likely won’t be running a game released in 2022 on Ultra on this laptop, but you should be able to get admirable performance on medium-to-high settings running something that just released.

    On Linux running Proton – The Witcher 3 runs flawlessly for me on the highest settings using the current experimental version of Proton through Steam. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, runs flawlessly. All the indie and retro-style platformers I threw at it – Cuphead, Bloodstained Curse of the Moon, Blaster Master Zero – flawless. Streets of Rage 4, Mother Russia Bleeds, Terraria, Celeste, Knights of the Old Republic 2 – those are Linux native so they ran for me as well as they do in Windows. Most of your older RPGs like Fallout: New Vegas and Morrowind will run amazingly on here regardless of what OS you’re using.

    I won’t sugarcoat it and tell you that gaming on Linux is every bit as good as gaming on Windows. It’s not. If you want to play the latest multiplayer games with your friends or you like to hop around and try different games when they come out without having to check if they work and without having to tinker, keep Windows on this machine.

    For me – I have always been about 5 years behind the curve, my favorite games are in 2D, and I refuse to play games with excessive DRM (here’s looking at you, Denuvo) or invasive anti-cheat (that is a security timebomb waiting to go off) so my experience switching from Windows to Linux has been relatively painless as a gamer. Valve’s Proton is at a great place right now, and if you look up anything that’s Steam Deck verified you should have a good time. You’ve got hundreds – if not thousands – of games at your disposal regardless of what kind of OS you’re running.

    To end this off – I am in love with this laptop, and I would gladly get another Lenovo machine in the future. The 8 gigs of RAM it came with is a little lean, but it’s an easy upgrade, and you will definitely want to add a harddrive anyway. The IO is a little lacking at a mere two USB 3.0 ports, but – they’re both USB 3, and you can attach a USB hub. (Just don’t run an external HDD off it as most USB hubs don’t draw additional power from the slot.)

    The build quality is rock solid. The specs are respectable enough that it will breathe new life into your older games and allow you to play most newer titles. You can easily do photo and video editing on this. It’s set up to be easy to clean, maintenance, and repair. All in all, for less than $800? This thing is a steal.

  3. Kasumi

    Conseguí la versión de W11 en 16k de oferta
    Primero que todo la laptop es muy buena para la mayoría de juegos es excelente la ultilizo más que nada para jugar ya que con su portabilidad puedo jugar en el trabajo en mis tiempos libres
    Para que te des una idea probé los siguientes juegos

    Doom eternal Gráficos altos 60fps
    GTA V gráficos ultra 60fps estables
    7 days to Die (juego muy demandante) gráficos medios 60FpS
    Warzone Gráficos medios entre 40-60fps
    Dark souls 3 gráficos altos 60fps
    Fallout 76 gráficos medio-altos 60fps con caídas a veces.
    No mans sky gráficos medios 60fps
    Genshin ultra 60fps

    En definitiva por el precio es una máquina y por lo mucho que tiene que dar y asta ahora 7 meses desde su compra no eh tenido ningún problema ya le metí 8gb de ram para que utilizará dual Chanel y un TB de disco duro aparte.
    La recomiendo totalmente por su precio calidad

  4. Saturnov26

    Lo compre en promocion de Cybermonday, me parece un excelente precio por el tipo de equipo y componentes, funciona super rapido y tiene opcion de crecer en RAM y Disco. Con Windows 11.
    Solo un poco tardado configurar todo de inicio, pero una vez terminado funciona como debe de.
    Rapida la Wifi sin problemas buena respuesta, lo que siento que la bateria no dura tanto como dicen pero ya es cuestion de uso que le de cada quien. Excelente compra

  5. Michael J. Caboose

    The model I received comes with a Ryzen 5 6600U, RTX 3050 4GB, 8GB of DDR5-4800 (I added another 8 gigs before doing much else so bear that in mind for performance reviews), and a 256 gig internal storage drive (I use an external 1TB SSD for games).

    Not a bad laptop overall. Had some issues but some were caused by Windows, not the laptop itself.

    If you’re upgrading the RAM or storage, be extra sure to make sure Windows doesn’t have any updates waiting. Windows 11 made the great decision to no longer tell users if their shutting down of a PC would also be applying updates. So unplugging the battery and adding more RAM unknowingly mid-update despite having shut down the laptop bricked my operating system and I had to reinstall. Downside is that you need ethernet upon a reinstall so you can download wifi drivers. Upside is it gets rid of the bloatware Lenovo tries preinstalling with the laptop.

    The inside is pretty simple, RAM is covered by a small metal tray with thermal pads on it for heat dissipation. A free M.2 storage slot is right in the open, ready for you to add storage as needed (you will need it). Thermals seem pretty solid, fans ramp up in gaming (I barely hear them over my headset which I don’t run very loud and is an open-back headset, meaning I can hear noises outside of the headset fairly well) but rarely get too extreme.

    For gaming, it’s a mixed bag. 120Hz is very nice overall, but the lack of any VRR support is a disappointment for running games unlocked. You either want to be hitting 120 fps or more, or you’ll need to lock your games somewhere in between like 60 or 90 fps. You could also use 40 fps if a game is particularly demanding thanks to the 120Hz display. Needless to say, ray tracing will not be something you’ll use on this laptop for playable frame rates. I doubt even 30 fps is achievable without dropping to 720p or less. Rainbow Six Siege was able to handle 1080p 120 fps consistently with mixed graphics settings (90 fov, ultra LOD, Medium textures and Shadows, most else set to low) with or without DLSS enabled. Though I did experience a bug where the render scaling option said I was running at ~850p even with the render scaling set to 100… an oddity to be sure. Halo Reach struggled to achieve similar results on Forge World, with bad tearing when the fps cap was set to 120. I lowered it to 60 and all was well, though drops may not be out of the question in high-intensity situations like custom games or campaign. Minecraft Java ran mostly above 60 fps on a modded server without Optifine or any other performance enhancers. Even in a particularly-taxing area it was mostly fine when the render distance was turned down. I’m sure with the use of Optifine or Sodium it’d be a very solid gaming experience.

    Windows 11 is a bit of a chore. Upon first installing Steam, I realized that my default Documents folder pinned to my Quick Access in the File Explorer was labeled under OneDrive. I never gave OneDrive permission to backup anything on my PC, as the measley 5 GB it gives you isn’t enough for anything I would use a computer for. But it forces a backup, and deleting from the OneDrive cloud deletes it from your PC as well for… some insane reason. So be wary if you use Windows 11, make sure you remove the tabs from the Quick Access bar in File Explorer and replace them with the actual local file locations (Documents, Pictures, Music, etc).

    The keyboard is… weird. I’ve used mechanical and membrane alike in plenty of scenarios, but this one just feels weird compared to either. It’s not unusable by any means but it takes getting used to. The trackpad is fine, I prefer having mouse buttons with my trackpad but it’s not unusable even without them.

    The speakers are tinny. For 2W speakers it’s not bad but it’s not going to have the amazing sound quality the description would lead you to believe. Would suggest using headphones.

    The I/O is alright. Type-C with full DisplayPort functionality is nice to have, HDMI 2.0 is plenty for what this laptop is capable of, and the back-facing Ethernet and charging ports are quite handy in most situations. I’ve always been a fan of Lenovo’s chargers as well, for some reason the reversible square shape just feels right. My only complaint would be a lack of USB ports, and the lack of SD/MicroSD. I know the latter is getting up there in age which makes it more a personal preference, but the former can make it difficult to use with numerous external devices (keyboard, mouse, storage, controllers, etc) since you are limited to 3 max only if you have type-C connectivity, otherwise you get two ports for peripherals and nothing more. An extra USB 2 port would have been nice to have.

    Overall it’s a solid deal. Boot times are fast, gaming feels alright (VRR would have been nice to have), the wifi signal is solid (though I did notice some lag while using a bluetooth Xbox Series controller with wifi, need to test and see if the lag is still present while using ethernet) and the laptop is easy to modify for basics like RAM and storage for the most part. A solid system from Lenovo.

  6. Daniel Mike

    Me encantó el producto, definitivamente es una excelente compra y les haré un listado de las cosas buenas y las pocas cosas malas de la Laptop.

    Cosas buenas:
    -Es la opción más barata en la gama gaming de todas las marcas, todas las demás opciones están arriba de 900 USD.
    -El combo con el procesador Ryzen y la GTX 1650 es perfecto, no existe ningún cuello de botella en ningún proceso.
    -La pantalla es increíble, aunque el brillo no es sobresaliente, esos 120 Hz son espectaculares, se nota muchísimo la fluidez en los juegos.
    -Y hablando de juegos, está laptop puede con todo, con juegos light como CSGO, Valorant, Minecraft y Euro Truck Simulator (por dar algunos ejemplos) en gráficos altos va fluido a 120 fps o incluso hasta más fps; en juegos más actuales como Halo Infinite puede ir a 60 fps en gráficos medios. Siempre y cuando tengas una configuración correcta en el panel de control de Nvidia. (Nota: yo le hice un pequeño overclock a la gráfica con GeForce Expirience)
    -Las temperaturas son normales (no más de 75°C) incluso en juegos exigentes como Halo Infinite.
    -Los gráficos integrados del procesador son tan potentes que pueden con un fondo de pantalla animado en FHD a 120 fps.
    -La SSD que carga está laptop es rapidísima, tiene 1800 MB de lectura y 1200 MB de escritura.
    -El teclado se siente de excelente calidad y su retroiluminación es perfecta.
    -La calidad de la carcasa de la Laptop es muy buena por el precio, no se siente en ningún momento algún plástico barato o de mala calidad.

    Cosas malas:
    -La batería dura poco, aproximadamente 2 horas en configuración de máximo rendimiento y 3 horas y media en configuración de ahorro de bateria; pero sin embargo es de esperarse ya que es un equipo gaming.
    -La RAM que viene es insuficiente para juegos, ya que 2 GB se comparten con la tarjeta gráfica integrada del procesador, sin embargo esto se soluciona poniéndole un módulo extra de 8GB para activar el dual-channel, que es lo que yo hice, y por cierto, es recomendadísimo hacerlo ya que su rendimiento aumenta al hacer esto.
    -Windows 11 sigue teniendo algunos errores y Bugs importantes, así que por el momento es recomendable tener Windows 10.

    Y estos son los puntos a favor y en contra de la laptop, en general solo existe una cosa “mala” en la laptop, ya que las otras dos tienen una solución muy sencilla. Pero en general estoy muy contento con la compra, no me arrepiento de nada.

  7. Moc

    Vendida por Amazon Estados Unidos, llego a tiempo. Esta muy bonita. Esperemos funcione bien. Ya le adicione un SSD M.2 Kingston NV2 de 2TB y cambie la memoria ram de 8 a 32 GB Crucial CT2K16G4SFRA32A y todo excelente hasta ahora.

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