Amazon Basics 3-Button Wired USB Computer Mouse, Black

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  • Computer mouse for easily navigating a computer interface; click, scroll, and more
  • Includes a USB-connected wired black mouse with 3 buttons for effortless fingertip control
  • High-definition (1000 dpi) optical tracking ensures responsive cursor control for precise tracking and easy text selection
  • Plug-and-go ready for instant use
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Note: the provided connector is USB-A, if existing device only supports USB-C, an additional adapter will be required
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Product dimensions: 4.3 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches (LxWxH) with 4.9 foot cable

‎Amazon Basics

Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, PC

Operating System

‎Mac os

Item Weight

‎2.7 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.3 x 2.4 x 1.35 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎4.3 x 2.4 x 1.35 inches



Power Source

‎Corded Electric


‎Amazon Basics

Country of Origin


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

‎October 1, 2011

13 reviews for Amazon Basics 3-Button Wired USB Computer Mouse, Black

  1. Avatar of fbert


    hah, lasted 30 minutes. I will, in the future, buy a name brand. Name brand might be more cost, but less expensive in the long run. At least i hope so, though unfortunately in these times, that isn’t a given.

  2. Avatar of schwammerl testet

    schwammerl testet

    The media could not be loaded.

     Meine Anforderungen:
    + soll leise sein, idealerweise eine lautlose Silent-Maus (damit ich meine Freundin nicht aufwecke, mein PC steht im Schlafzimmer)
    + mit Kabel (eine kabellose ist zum Spielen zu langsam)
    + vielleicht noch eine ergonomische Maus

    Warum ich doch bei dieser billigsten Amazon-Maus gelandet bin, lest ihr im folgenden!

    +++ Die AmazonBasics USB-Maus im Test

    Eigenschaften der Maus:

    + kommt in einer schmucklosen Verpackung
    + sieht recht hübsch aus (der Aufdruck ist vielleicht nicht so schön aber mir als Amazon-Fan gefällt sogar das)
    + Die Maus hat einen optischen Sensor auf der Unterseite
    + hervorragendes Gleitverhalten (die 3 Füße sind eingelassen, verliert man hoffentlich nicht so schnell)

    +++ Klickgeräusche

    Ich habe die Tasten und das Mausrad getestet:

    + das Mausrad ist gummiert, d.h. man kann nicht abrutschen und kontrolliert durch Dokumente scrollen
    + sie hat ein tiefes und daher angenehmes Klickgeräusch
    + die Mausrad-Lautstärke ist mittelmäßig

    Ich bin ganz zufrieden und brauche nicht unbedingt eine Silent-Maus.

    +++ Ergonomie der Amazon-Maus

    + sie ist nicht die größte (sogar ein Vorteil, wenn man die Maus mitnimmt)
    + relativ flach (m.E. ein Nachteil, die Handgelenksposition ist eher ungünstig).

    Das ist wie ich glaube kein riesiges Problem. Man muss sich nur etwas umgewöhnen, die Hand nicht ganz flach auf die Maus legen und ganz leicht eindrehen (fast wie wenn man jemanden die Hand gibt). Zb einfach locker zwischen Daumen und Ringfinger halten.

    Nur wenn man bereits Probleme mit dem Handgelenk hat, würde ich dazu raten eine vertikale Maus o.ä. zu probieren.

    +++ Fazit

    Ich bin mit der Maus ziemlich zufrieden. Sie hat eine sehr hohe Qualität für den günstigen Preis.

    Sie ist zwar klein und flach, aber für meine mittelgroßen Hände passt sie.

    Nicht zuletzt sind die Klickgeräusche voll im Rahmen und ich brauche keine Silent-Maus. Es ist schließlich ganz gut wenn man noch mitbekommt, ob man eine Maustaste gedrückt hat.

    Ihr könnt mein Video gerne in 4K sehen, wenn ihr auf YouTube nach “schwammerl testet Maus” sucht.

  3. Avatar of Nick


    I was in need of a new mouse for my home computer and decided on this basic Amazon mouse. What I love most about it is the quiet click. I plan on picking another one up for work where a quiet click is important as it would be used in a live radio studio.

  4. Avatar of Cynthia Pine

    Cynthia Pine

    My son uses this mouse for gaming especially rocket leage and he needs a lot of flexibility and he hasn’t complained at all and seems to play just fine with it.

  5. Avatar of Djilly L.

    Djilly L.

    I didn’t expect to ever buy a wired USB mouse again, having disposed my last few ones quite a few years ago. But all of a sudden I found myself desperately in need of a friendly-priced, trustworthy mouse as due to the virus I’m not allowed to go back to the office and pick one up there. This Amazon basic type does what it says on the tin and looks reasonably sturdy. It also has a scrolling middle button.

    There are perhaps a few small downsides; first of all, I’m not sure if it’s really an ‘ergonomic’ mouse. It holds perfectly fine, feels fairly light and looks very much like the less expensive Windows mouses from the 1990’s. But I wouldn’t say there are ergonomic benefits as the listing text suggests. Also it has this “Amazon-basics” label printed on top, so that everybody can see that you didn’t want to spend money on your mouse. I would stress that I don’t mind these small issues and they are justified by the very acceptable price. Moreover, for me it was quite a relief that it arrived quickly and that it could be put into action swiftly in a plug-and-play manner.

    My mouse-problem started when the firm decided that I have to work from home now on a shift basis. A welcome change of daily routine it seemed to me.
    But then the actual challenges emerged. They’ve only equipped me with my laptop that I can strictly work from. Apparently it’s a fairly high-end laptop with touch screen, but frankly, I always hate to work on it; the resolution and screen-width are below my and most modern standards. So I have been slouching over my tiny laptop keyboard and mediocre-resolution screen for a few days, quite a tiring, claustrophobic experience. But what makes it even more frustrating is the touchpad control and the lack of a mouse to quickly swap between windows and apps. And without a mouse I’m not able quickly transfer information between applications very quickly and effectively.. aside from constant frustrations this really slowed me down.

    So this part of my working from home challenges was quickly and very satisfyingly solved with this traditional but very effective mouse that I would simply recommend; it is basic but good and appropriately priced.

  6. Avatar of Tim


    I ordered a mouse for my computer. It arrived very late. I do not blame Amazon for they warned me it would be late because of environmental problems causing delays. Sense I have l have always got prompt service from them I do not hold it against them. But because of this I withheld one star from the rating because I am petty.

    But now we come to the meat of the problem. WhenI plug in the mouse it lights up but the courser douse nor move. I know it is the mouse because I used another mouse and the worked fine. I really do not blame the company or Amazon for this. I just got a bad mouse. It happens.

  7. Avatar of Ferris


    I ordered this USB mouse. It’s perfect it works great and if I’m not mistaken I don’t think my Internet has ever been as fast which is kind of hard to believe but everything‘s working fine this is a nice mouse worth the money, you get it quickly it’s packaged properly. Now It is a wired mouse, it has a cord to plug into the computer.

  8. Avatar of M.


    As a gamer, I eventually break a mouse maybe a little faster than an ordinary user and as I use the PC a lot, sooner as well. Thought, okay, it’s a simple mouse, won’t be special; I personally was surprised as its contoured shape and size and how well it works. It has worked fine for daily use of many hours, only recently developing a fault and that may be dues to heavy use or a 9 year-old computer which is being replaced AND only in a game with a graphics card not suited for the old PC. However, I did switch it for another one I am using but that connected to my Smart TV and another to this PC and no problems. (Massive clicking (gamers will know what I mean) means I have worn something out but it’s still usable. And to top it all off, I am so pleased with this mouse and because they last a few years only and you should always have a spare mouse to hand, I bought another half dozen or more! Tested they all work and boxed them away for when needed. They cost me £5 or £6 and the price has gone up a little since then, but I would recommend them, they do the job and are a pleasure to use, for a basic mouse, it works. If you are a gamer and want a real gaming mouse, then this isn’t for you, but I’m a gamer and I have no problems lol. So, the choice is yours.

    After three years, no breaks or problems and I have others in reserve but as yet, not needed. I am surprised they have lasted so well, even with the amounts of clicks I have to do in gaming, which can be punishing on computer mice and other makes have lasted only a few years at a time at best.

    I bought this at £4.49 in July 2013 and they are £5.19 at September 2016 and when I got them

  9. Avatar of Mjolnir


    Ergonomic and health fail.
    It hurts to use it. It hurts all the time now.

    I have developed chronic wrist pain from this mouse – the problem being that it is just too small to fit in my hand so my hand has to be held awkwardly poised to use it, this has led to a chronic bad wrist pain. On my old mouse my hand sits rested and at the right size – on this one it’s cramped and awkward – it’s completely different.

    Correct mouse size = your hand rests comfortably and sits over the contours of the mouse.
    Incorrect mouse size = your hand has to “poise” over the mouse – this leads to problems with the body.

    I’m going to give it a one star as I am going to have to discard the mouse/s and purchase brand new ones of a more normal size, and because who knows how many weeks or months this pain is going to last now. I think that this mouse was designed to be economic and affordable by using minimal materials and at a smaller scale than normal but unfortunately in so doing it has this fatal flaw (unless perhaps you have small hands)

  10. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    Have bought quite a few of these. They’re perfect for my purposes. OK, sometimes they flake out after a few years of daily use, but at the price, that’s acceptable.

  11. Avatar of Peter Sobczak

    Peter Sobczak

    I have purchased mouse often, changing model or style, cheapest to expensive. Somehow no mouse could satisfy me and after years of intense computer work I reached a conclusion no mouse will work well for me. Some models were big, heavy, difficult to click with little effort, required often cleaning, would not work well on certain mouse pads. No single model felt well in my hand. After years on different jobs I stopped paying attention. Mouse become part of hardship at work, something I did not care anymore. After years a moment arrived I needed a quiet mouse, positively quiet. So clicking and moving mouse will not add to sound I apply for testing microphones. Start testing, one click, a moment later Stop testing, second click. I noticed some mouse clicks were too loud for my measurements, changed microphone plots. I had to work with louder test setup or obtain quieter mouse. Changing mousepad did not make things better for each mouse model I investigated. So a few years ago in desperation I purchased some fancy, expensive models and very cheap, generic models. I put all mice to testing, without labeling them, to avoid any bias. I quickly rejected most fancy models, some elegant white finish mouse was just no good for me. Two models performed best and one of them is my favorite now, Amazon Basics. After a few years I confirmed this model worked for me and all test benches at work liked it for being quiet. I purchased 5 more. This mouse here, Amazon Basics really works best for me. Least effort needed to click, mouse felt perfect in my hand, ergonomic to my hand that is rather medium size toward small. Clicks sound is acceptable to my measurements, performance is equally quiet on mouse pad, on plain table surface and on randomly picked surfaces near always overcrowded test benches. Mouse moves steadily on each surface, it is always reliable. I use many computer models, USB port flavors, Windows from 7 to 11. This mouse always works just when plugged, I never had compatibility issue. I used it also on dusty table surface, never a problem. Most critical task for me is designing of layout for electronics components with size between 1mm and 0.1mm, where I need big zoom on the scree and mouse needs to use it’s high end of resolution. No problem here, very smooth operation as always. Mouse is lightweight, usually lightweight I associate with “cheap plastics” products. Not such perception here, due to my comfort and proven performance.

  12. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    I wanted a mouse that could attach to my laptop for gaming. All of my high-tech computer science gaming friends warned me to splurge on a mouse or else I would regret it. I did not listen and Im very glad. I could not imagine spending so much money on a different mouse when this one does the job perfectly!!! I love it so much.

  13. Avatar of Aghi


    Mouse di AmazonBasics di ottima qualità, così come la sua forma, che favorisce la distensione del polso senza far stancare la mano. Le ridotte dimensioni lo rendono ideale per l’utilizzo da parte di una donna o persone con mano di medie dimensioni. La superficie del mouse è opaca, e pertanto previene l’accumulo della sporcizia. Se questa mia recensione vi è stata di aiuto potete farmelo sapere cliccando sul tasto “Si”.

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