Amazon Basics 3-Button Wired USB Computer Mouse, Single, Black

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  • Computer mouse for easily navigating a computer interface; click, scroll, and more
  • USB-A wired connection; if existing device only supports USB-C, an additional adapter will be required
  • High-definition (1000 dpi) optical tracking ensures responsive cursor control for precise tracking and easy text selection
  • 3 buttons offer effortless fingertip control
  • Plug-and-go ready for instant use
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches (LxWxH) with 4.9-foot cable

‎Amazon Basics


‎AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse (Black)

Item model number


Hardware Platform


Operating System

‎mac os

Item Weight

‎2.7 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.3 x 2.4 x 1.35 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎4.3 x 2.4 x 1.35 inches



Power Source

‎Corded Electric



Country of Origin


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

‎October 1, 2011

13 reviews for Amazon Basics 3-Button Wired USB Computer Mouse, Single, Black

  1. Daniel Bole

    I wanted a cheap mouse for my laptop and decided to go with Amazon’s basic mouse. It is lightweight, ergonomic and both buttons and scroll wheel are highly responsive. It is a nice compact size and due to it being wired I never have to worry about replacing a battery. It is also very lightweight and glides across my mousepad. It moves the cursor quickly and accurately for both work and playing video games.

    If you need a cheap, reliable, accurate, compact mouse there is no other alternative. It will arrive quickly as it is an Amazon product and your guaranteed a decent quality. I would highly recommend this mouse to both workers and gamers.

  2. Saleem Frazer

    Having never used Amazon brand electronics before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The lower price from the other name brand options was what caught my attention as were the ratings. Welll…after using it for nearly a month, I have absolutely zero issues with it.

    It works like a charm, it’s immediately responsive with no lagging whatsoever. The design is physically comfortable enough to use. Honestly, this worked exactly how I wanted it to as a quick purchase when I needed a mouse quickly for a remote job position.

  3. Jason

    I have three computers I use often, a work laptop, a gaming laptop, and a home gaming pc. I wanted the same mouse feel for all of them, having different mice just made it feel ‘off’ when switching computers. I bought a few different mice, some nice gaming mice and some cheaper alternatives, and they all let me down. All the gaming mice and most others nowadays seem to have the single plastic top where the finger parts just bend down to click a button. I have grown to detest that. Even when new it was sub-optimal, but they seem to go bad way too quickly. I’ve been dealing with mouse-slips playing on a lot lately and I don’t want to spend $300 every 6 months to get new mice.

    I just started using the three of these mice I bought and like them quite a bit. The buttons feel so good after the other mice… I know exactly when I click and don’t have to worry about the sensor thinking I let go of a button. Even if they aren’t any more reliable than the others, I’m willing to spend $21 every 6 months for new mice. I’m thinking of buying three more right now just so I can have some spares.

  4. Ray L. Trussell

    Replaced a wired mouse that had a cable fray. This thing is a bit on the small side, compared to what I had, but the buttons all have a positive feel, and the movement is steady and without glitches. My hands are bigger than most, but I still find that I have no problem using it. Scroller wheel works excellently, and again, all the key pushes have a positive response so you know when you’ve clicked it. For the price, definitely worth it!

  5. Reviews by Andy

    These have become my favorite wired mouse, have bought three of them till now, and all of them have been working fine. The oldest one is from couple of years ago.

    – Excellent design, sturdy
    – Works flawlessly
    – Value for money, very inexpensive
    – Durable
    – Reliable

  6. Louise Morgan

    I regularly use dozens of mice across my various work, lab, laptop and home machines ranging from the $100 Logitech MX Master 3 on primary desktops to specialized Bluetooth mobile micro mice on the go. However, for convenience, I also like to keep a decent mouse connected to devices I don’t use too often such as a media server in my home theater, a Raspberry Pi running a firewall in a closet or an emulation PC in an arcade cabinet. For that, I need wired five-button wheel mice that are inexpensive, reliable, compatible across disparate devices and absent glaring flaws.

    There are lots of cheap mice but they too often have high failure rates, poor mechanical durability or some other annoyance such as cords shorter than 6 feet, slider pads closer to sandpaper than Teflon or power-sucking LEDs. This mouse hits the sweet spot for my needs. It’s well-built for this price category, medium-sized, has a standard ergo-ish shape and no weird design quirks such as odd textures or trying to look like a trendy ‘leet’ gamer mouse.

    I also appreciate that it doesn’t have rubber grips on the sides. On too many cheap mice with rubber grips, the rubber starts getting tacky after a few years due to the oils surfacing. It’s not a problem on >$50 mice because they are using higher quality materials but under $25 I prefer no grips.

  7. Amelita

    The mouse arrived today and has been performing flawlessly. It is well-made, “plug ‘n play” and represents a “value for money” piece of kit. I can recommend it.

  8. Cliente de Amazon

    Muy bueno y práctico

  9. Matt

    Fellow Dads,feast your eyes on the Amazon Basics Mouse – the trusty steed in the realm of everyday digital hustle. This isn’t just a mouse; it’s a testament to the “get-er-done” ethos that powers through spreadsheets, homework, and those endless email threads with the finesse of a well-oiled machine.

    Let’s cut to the chase: it’s ultralight, making you wonder if Amazon discovered anti-gravity tech. Yet, it feels as reliable as that old family wagon, boasting a solid one-piece construction that resonates with a reassuring solidity at every tap. The clicks? They’re the muted thuds of determination, ensuring you can work through nap times without waking the baby. And the scroll wheel, with its gentle rumbles, feels like cruising down the information highway with the top down.

    I’ve plugged this trooper into every computer in the house, tested it on desks, different pads, and even the kitchen counter – it just works. The cable’s as steadfast as your commitment to Sunday family brunch, and the glide pads beneath? They ensure smooth sailing across many different landscapes, minimal yet mighty.

    “Made in China,” this mouse doesn’t shy away from its roots, delivering an affordable, no-compromise tool that checks every box. Medium-sized for universal fit, it’s the Goldilocks of mice – not too big, not too small, just right for the bulk of the population.

    Why did I buy a case of 30? Because when you find something that works this well at keeping the daily grind moving, and need an affordable mouse this is it! It’s the workhorse mouse that metaphorically “brings home the bacon,” fueling your day without draining the wallet.

    Initial look: for the huge selection of mouse out there this does not fall short for what you pay and what you get with the soft touch paint solid construction, high-quality wiring, good plug pads, decent laser, tracking, muted, click buttons muted, scroll wheel, and good size makes it a good purchase. Hope this is helpful in your decision. More updates to follow.

  10. Rona

    I had to buy this for my laptop and it is getting the job done. I could not believe the low cost. It saved me hundreds of dollars in repairs on my laptop.

  11. Michael Cameron

    Ich habe die Amazon Basics Optische Maus nun seit einigen Wochen im Einsatz und bin äußerst zufrieden mit meinem Kauf. Das schlichte Design überzeugt durch seine Funktionalität und die Maus liegt gut in der Hand. Die Einrichtung war kinderleicht – auspacken, an den USB-Port anschließen und schon war die Maus einsatzbereit.

    Die Maus reagiert präzise und die Klickgeräusche sind angenehm leise. Die drei Tasten bieten genau das, was ich für die tägliche Arbeit am PC benötige. Die Bewegung auf verschiedenen Oberflächen ist flüssig und ohne Störungen. Die Verarbeitung ist solide, und die Maus macht einen robusten Eindruck.

    Natürlich gibt es immer Raum für Verbesserungen.

    Abschließend kann ich sagen, dass die Amazon Basics Optische Maus ein ausgezeichneter Kauf für all diejenigen ist, die eine günstige, zuverlässige Maus ohne Schnickschnack suchen. Das ausgezeichnete Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis, das sich auch im Bestseller-Rang Nr. 36 in der Kategorie Mäuse auf widerspiegelt, spricht für sich. Wer also eine einfache und effektive Maus sucht, ist mit diesem Modell gut beraten.

    Bewertung: 5 von 5 Sternen

  12. Brianna Wells

    USB mouse that works out of box and plugs right in and functions well. Need a flat surface or mousepad for it to work the best it can. Good value item.

  13. Amelita

    Solía tener problemas con otros mouse porque empezaban a fallar al poco tiempo y faltaba precisión.
    Este está funcionando correctamente y tiene buena velocidad, buena precisión, se conecta muy fácil y tiene un precio muy accesible. Super contenta con mi compra. Lo recomiendo.

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