Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, US Version, 512GB, Midnight Green – Unlocked (Renewed)

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Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $389.85.

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  • Fully unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US-Cellular, Cricket, Metro, etc.).
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm’s length.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.

12 reviews for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, US Version, 512GB, Midnight Green – Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. aTypicalEngineer808

    The phone looks brand new. There are no scratches and it seems to be working well so far. Right now I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  2. goldalee Harriott

    Bought the phone for my sister and the only issue she had was that the back camera was cracked. It didn’t affect the lens or anything tho. Phone came with charger and all original parts.

    It’s been months and there haven’t been no other issue so the phone is working well. Good buy.

  3. Liam

    El teléfono está bloqueado por lo que no reconoce mi sim y obviamente no puedo utilizar mi telefono

  4. aTypicalEngineer808

    Update (12/17/23): Additional observations: 1) the Amazon Renewed certification card is marked 10/27/23, and when I received it 12/2/23 (about 5 weeks), the battery was completely dead; 2) after charging back to 100%, I put it in airplane mode (to turn off both WiFi and bluetooth), and also put it in battery saver mode; I checked the battery percentages once a day, and it was losing 10-15% per day, so this battery is very weak. I did a parallel test with another iPhone (11 pro max), and that one only lost 10% (100% > 90%) over a week. This is an excellent test to check the true condition of the battery.

    Update (12/15/23): Ordered a 5th Amazon Premium Renewed phone (iPhone 12 Pro Max), and the battery life, which should be above 90%, is actually 88%.

    Update (3/28/23): After lengthy discussions with Amazon, they will not honor the 90% battery guarantee stated on the Amazon Premium Renewed page, because it is “not stated on the Amazon invoice”. 1-star, no longer recommended.

    Update (2/1/23): Ran into some issues, probably things that should be checked upon receipt of a renewed or premium renewed product: 1) battery life [below advertised 80 or 90%], 2) parts replaced, either with genuine or non-genuine Apple parts, 3) overall functionality [defective charging port]. Reducing overall rating to 4-stars.

    Summary: Upgrading from an iPhone 7 plus, and decided I would go with the 11 Pro Max version. I was on the fence whether the extra money for the premium renewed is worth it, so will be discussing what I considered.

    Observations: The high level basic differences are: 1) about a $100 difference; 2) three vs. 12 months return period: 3) battery level of 80% vs. 90%.

    Recommendation: After considering the factors, I decided to look into how much a replacement battery would cost, which is $40 right now. However, starting with the iPhone 8 (i think), Apple started sealing the cases, which requires a heat gun to separate the case because of the extra waterproofing adhesive. To breakdown the addition $100 cost, subtract the $40 battery from that, leaving $60 for an additional 9-months (or $6.67/month) to “insurance” to return the phone if issues come up.

    Carrier Lock: I decided I wanted an unlocked version, and that appears to be another feature that is included with Premium Renewed, with the majority of carrier locked versions being offered as renewed only.

    Conclusion: For the additional $100, I elected to go with the Renewed Premium. I rate both the Renewed and the Premium Renewed as 5-stars. Which you chose would depend on individual financial and personal factors.

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  5. JSR

    Estaba un poco escéptico acerca de comprar productos reacondicionados. Este iPhone en particular me encanta por su color y estética, nunca mas volvieron a sacar este tipo de verde medianoche. Así que me aventure y encontré este iPhone reacondicinado premium. Solo dire que vale cada bendito peso. La batería me llegó al 100% la estética es de 10, sin NINGÚN rayón, abolladura o golpe. Es que esto es nuevo a excelente precio… las cámaras, el notch, el Face ID, la bocina… TODO funcionando al 100% con una batería prácticamente nueva y una estética de 100… si pudiera le daría más de 5 estrellas, a sido de las mejores compras en Amazon en años

  6. Julio

    Viene como nuevo, vida de la batería 100%. Una excelente compra.

  7. Christian Rodríguez

    Todo bien con el producto sin problemas envio rapido

  8. Brian Young

    This phone looks like it is brand new, no scratches at all. Battery life close to 90% and I had it the very next day after I placed my order. This is a great deal on a mint condition phone. I will be ordering another one soon for a different line. I highly recommend this seller

  9. Liam

    Cero rayones, parece como nuevo. Hasta el momento no tengo nada en contra, recomendable.

  10. Lisa Gordon

    Very nice phone. Looks new and works great

  11. Mike Lambert

    Okay Reviewers I ordered this IPhone 11 Pro Max off of my sons prime account.. This is one bad ass phone! And I got a great deal from this amazing company! Shipping was on point! And this phone OMG perfect! Like it came from Apple! If I didn’t know it was refurbished? I would have thought it was never touched! That’s how perfect it is! I felt like a child at Christmas! Stoked! So, definitely would and will buy from this company again! Thank you for your loyalty to your customers! Super excited! Placed it in a case as soon as I looked at it .
    Okay about the iPhone 11 Pro Max .. outside of it’s beauty . Wish I could take a picture of it , but i can’t . I’m on it..
    the 11 is holding its value for great reasons .. it really is a bad ass phone !! And the 12’s are nice but the 11’s sit right next to those 12’s ! But cheaper in price but the quality is all the same!
    The pictures are amazing!!! ( FYI My son has the 12 My sister 12 pro and brother in law has 12 pro Max ) so pictures are not so noticeably different.. cause this 11 pro Max takes great photos also and the battery life is awesome ! 24 hrs no charge and still had life left! I have charged it with the cord charging ( it came with a good charging cord not junk) and I also have charged it with the magnetic cordless charging.. about the same.
    I have not done the face recognition as of yet.. I use a passcode.. I do miss the finger / thumb recognition button but from what I see with my son ? Face recognition is prob just as fast or faster?
    The speakers on this is loud! Love it!
    Now yes this is a bigger device it is a 6.5 in screen but it’s not bulky at all ! The phone is slender not heavy but a case did help tremendously holding it cause it’s so thin.. haha i dont know how to explain that one but I Dont know to drop it haha so a case helps to grip it .. if that makes sense ? Lol
    But with the cheaper price tag ? I was able to get the highest GB and still save a few hundred’ dollars!
    I did my research cause I was looking at this phone for a while and then was gearing for the 12 pro Max for it has 3 or 4 better features. But After comparing and deep research? What was being said is true! The 11’s are amazing phones! And unless your a Photographer? You won’t see a inkling of a difference with the camera or video.. the processor in the 11’s are also fast and made right! Apple surly did a great job with the 11’s !!! So again for what you get and with that price tag ? You can’t go wrong with the Iphome 11 pro Max! I’m freaking happy I got one heck of a deal ! I love the look ,the quality, how fast it responds, the pictures, the battery life, the features, and the company that I bought it from! Hope this helps with someone’s research and decision making!

  12. labranche Stephanie

    I got the renewed premium 256gb, and came from a IPhone 12 64gb. This phone is leaps and bounds better than my 12, and still shows no sign of age in December 2023. I went with the silver, and think it’s the best looking iPhone ever.. I’ve had my refurbished phone for 6 months now and it’s holding up great. One of the things I was afraid of when I got it delivered was the battery health. I had 95% life at the time of delivery. 6 months later it’s at 92% with heavy use.. One thing I recommend to maximize battery life is to disable location services in your settings as that uses a lot of juice and shortens the battery’s lifespan. Another thing if you’re curious like I was, since this was my first refurbished phone I was wondering exactly when it was manufactured; If you go to the about section in your settings you can grab your serial number, go to the web and search for a iPhone serial number interpreter. Using that I was able to figure out my phone was made in March 2020. Overall I’ve had a good experience, and will be buying refurbished going forward

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