Apple iPhone SE (2nd Generation), 64GB, Red – Unlocked (Renewed)

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  • This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket, Metro, Tracfone, Mint Mobile, etc.).
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a generic (Mfi certified) charger and charging cable.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm’s length.
Product Dimensions

7 x 5 x 4 inches

Item Weight

9.5 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies


Other display features


Form Factor




Included Components

Adapter, USB Cable


Apple Computer

Date First Available

May 14, 2020

12 reviews for Apple iPhone SE (2nd Generation), 64GB, Red – Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. CB Twelve

    The phone is just fine, but this model is newer than the iPhone models listed on Safe Link for compatibility with their $1.00 SIM cards. And just found out that I have to get one that cost $100 which I don’t have right now and won’t have it for awhile. So, for anybody on the Safe Link program, I suggest checking their website first for the iPhone models they have listed, and calling them before buying this phone or any other newer model. You’ll need the IMEI number for the phone to purchase the right SIM card. I can use this phone in the house on my router network but not outside until get the right SIM card that’s gonna cost me a hundred bucks.

  2. Meg

    Phone arrived in a generic box but was well packaged. I do feel that for the product I received, the claim of “the screen and body show no signs of cosmetic damage visible from 12 inches away” is being stretched a bit. There is damage on the bottom and right sides of the body of the phone where the paint has been chipped off. I don’t particularly mind these as much, because I will be putting a case on the phone, but it is worth mentioning. My major gripe with the phone I received is the scratch in the screen that you can very clearly see when it’s turned on. It’s a bit disappointing.

    I have no complaints with the functionality of the device. It has 89% battery health, which could definitely be better, but it’s alright. It came unlocked, with the amount of storage I paid for, 256gb. Camera, speakers, etc. all seem to be in great working order. I needed a replacement after my 1st gen SE died on me, and this one is a great upgrade.

  3. Ximena

    Everything is mostly good. For 1 great quality item. I absolutely love the camera quality it’s amazing. The phone works fast on games and in social platforms. No lag at all like my android. For my first apple and refurbished product I’d say I’m having a great experience . I’d buy this phone again.I put my SIM card and it was good to use. It’s just that the left bottom speakers don’t work. I thought maybe it was just low volume but I turned it up an it just doesn’t work at all.

  4. Audrey

    Bought this as a Christmas present for my 12 year old. She’s had android phones, but I’ve become less and less impressed with the parental control apps over the years, a friend was telling me about how much better Apple parental controls are (I’ve had an iPhone since switching from android a couple years ago). This phone was one of the cheaper ones I saw, cheaper is good when buying for a kid (hey, things happen). The phone looked brand new when it arrived.

    She loves the smaller size (her old phone was only slightly smaller than my 7 plus) and is thrilled to have an iPhone. I’m still experimenting with the parental control but so far feel like it does what I need it to do.

  5. AndreaMS

    Mala idea darle una oportunidad a los teléfonos “RENOVADOS”.
    Tenía mis dudas y se hicieron realidad, el teléfono no funcionaba bien, se apagaba solo todo el tiempo.
    Hice la devolución pero espero que no se lo manden a otra persona sino que lo arreglen o lo reciclen o algo, porque está defectuoso.

  6. APalmo

    I bought this phone as a gift for someone. I took it out of the box to make sure it functioned properly before gifting it. I was very surprised that the screen had no scratches or indications of use, same with the back. The side had very slight wear, the top had a little more noticeable wear but nothing concerning. Physically the phone looks better than what I would expect, so that was a nice surprise. The battery was completely dead so after letting it charge it came to life and had no issues. Once fully setup I was able to check the battery health status. The battery showed 81%, then after a few hours showed 79%. Since its a two-year-old phone I found this to be acceptable. I wish it were higher, but if the battery needs to be replaced in a year or two it shouldn’t be that difficult.

    bottom line, I would purchase again as the phone exceeded my expectations since it is a refurb.

  7. J. Carter

    I’m a late adopter and never need the latest iPhone. I have used the original SE for many years and it finally slowed to a snail’s pace. This was the replacement.

    The original SE was the only reasonable size phone available at the time. It was small and cheap. The primary selling point for me was the smallness of it and the fact that it still had a physical home button. I know the button was not truly mechanical but it did move in and out like real button.

    This new version is the same size as my wife’s iPhone X. It is made entirely of plastic and is very slippery. The home button is completely digital and feels like squeaky plastic rather than a button push. The phone even has a setting that allows you to dictate the volume of the squeaky plastic sound.

    It is, however, light years ahead of my old iPhone in available functionality and camera quality. The latest firmware allows even this relatively old phone to be configured a million different ways. It has a remarkable number and quality of features if that’s your sort of thing. The hearing and vision impaired features are really cool if you require them.

    Basically all of the features I liked about the original SE have gone away. They will never come back in an iPhone or any other platform because I am not the target market which is understandable but still makes me sad. I can still stand on the porch and yell at kids for walking on the grass though. Technology will never take that away from me.

  8. Fervoo

    Me animé a comprarlo debido a las buenas reseñas que leí, y realmente son ciertas, me llegó el equipo con muy poco uso, la condición de la batería es del 98% ni un solo rayón, completamente desbloqueado y corrí suerte, porque me llegó con AppleCare+ vigente hasta junio 2022.
    Superó mis expectativas, el cable de datos es de buena calidad, no es original pero no es tan malo, el cargador si se ve sencillo, pero pues tiene solución.
    Les recomiendo mucho el producto si se quieren ahorrar un poco de dinero sin tener que exponerse a fraudes en FB o algo por el estilo.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I ordered an older model iPhone to use as my work phone. I wanted a phone to house only my work emails and meeting platforms, to prevent mixing my personal and work emails in an effort to have greater work-life balance.

    I received the phone and it was lightweight, with no scratches, it had a glass protective screen and came with a charger. It was in excellent condition! After setting it up I charged it and it charged fully without issue. The phone was unlocked so I could set it up to work with my current phone service provider. The phone is easy to use for the purpose I’m seeking and the quality was impressive. I would highly recommend purchasing a phone from this vendor.

  10. Suleyma

    Lo considero una excelente compra debido a que literalmente el teléfono está nuevo, viene con capacidad de batería al 100%, lo he estado usando y absolutamente todo le sirve, Bluetooth, cámaras, flash, sonido, carga inalámbrica, todoooo. Con respecto a la estética igualmente no tengo ningún golpe o algo así, pequeños arañazos en el cristal de atrás pero realmente solo se ven con el sol y en una cierta posición, nada que no le hubiera hecho yo al teléfono a las 2 semanas de uso si fuera nuevo, en el empaquetado venía en una caja genérica con un plástico que lo protegía y accesorios igualmente genéricos, no recomiendo usarlos pero con respecto al equipo todo bien, si viene desbloqueado para cualquier compañía y todo cool espero les sirva mi experiencia para saber si comprar o no. 👍🏻

  11. Abdías Lira

    Ya voy para los 5 meses con mi iPhone y todo excelente, sigue funcionando como en el primer día, incluso compré otro un poco después de comprar el primero y también todo excelente. Seguiré actualizando.

    Sin duda, una de las mejores compras que he hecho en Amazon. Ya tengo casi 2 meses con mi iPhone y hasta ahora todo EXCELENTE.
    Como seguramente muchos de ustedes, yo igual tenía dudas y estaba indeciso, pero el precio al que lo encontré me convenció para “arriesgarme” a probar un Renewed y debo decir que he quedado MUY SATISFECHO. (Volvería a comprar un renewed sin duda. Yo les recomiendo el vendedor BuySPRY, ya compré 2 y los 2 han salido muy bien)

    – Estética 9.7/10. Como pueden apreciar en las imágenes, el iPhone está prácticamente nuevo, muy leves raspones en la parte trasera pero no se notan a simple vista y con el case que le compré, menos.
    – Ninguna pieza ha sido cambiada. Todas sus piezas son originales y en el examen que le hice, salió con un 100 (en las ultimas 2 imágenes pueden ver los resultados)
    – La vida de la batería estaba en 96% cuando me llegó y tenía menos de 150 cargas.
    – La duración de la batería me agradó mucho. Tengo un promedio de uso diario de más de 6 horas (según Tiempo en Pantalla) y al final del día todavía me queda más de 25%. Aclaro que no lo uso para juegos, pero si lo uso mucho para ver videos y para leer.
    – Venía con una mica de cristal ya instalada.
    – Tenía protección y Garantía (Apple Care) por 4 meses. Termina a finales de Julio.
    – Envío super rápido y muy bien cubierto para protegerlo durante su envío.

    Por ahora solo una:
    – El cargador y el cubo que viene no me gusto para nada aunque está certificado. Pero es de entenderse, ya que no es un celular nuevo. No recomendaría que carguen su iPhone con ese cable, ya que dañan la batería más rápido.

    Voy a ir actualizando esta reseña conforme pase el tiempo para ir agregando más detalles o problemas que surjan.

  12. Amazon Customer

    The refurbished iPhone from this seller did not have the original Apple iPhone touch screen. I have major issue with the touch screen functionality. The non-original touch screen does not work properly after a few month of light use. (I bought the phone in January, and the touch screen starts to have issues around Feb/March). There are a lot of issues with the touch screen. It sometimes treat 1 tap as double tap, and sometimes does not respond to a touch action at all. It is very difficult to type anything, or even scroll through Instagram. The issue with touch screen is making the phone not usable. I wanted to return the phone but it is now outside of the return period. Not recommended.

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