Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, 128GB, Cloud White – Verizon (Renewed)

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  • 6.2” WQHD+ Super AMOLED, 563PPI, Gorilla Glass 6
  • Camera 64MP Front Camera 10MP AF F2.2
  • Standby Time – Up to:10 days Usage Time – Up to:25 hrs
  • Storage 8GB LPDDR5 RAM + 128GB UFS 3.0 – No MicroSD support
  • SM8250 Octa-Core, Gold Prime 2.8GHz (single) + Gold 2.4GHz (triple) + Silver 1.8GHz (quad)
Product Dimensions

7 x 4 x 5 inches

Item Weight

5.9 ounces

Item model number

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)




8 GB

Connectivity technologies


Display technology


Other display features


Other camera features


Form Factor



Cloud White



Date First Available

June 26, 2020

12 reviews for Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, 128GB, Cloud White – Verizon (Renewed)

  1. Paul C

    I was a bit hesitant to spend $250+ on a refurbished cell phone. However, after using my Samsung S20 5g for over a week now I can report it has exceeded all my expectations.
    It was advertised as in excellent condition by thegadgetdeals and indeed it was. Quite honestly, this phone could have passed for a new one.

    Being a “Boomer” I don’t use most of the techy features like face recognition or fingerprint access. I can say that it did come truly unlocked and when I transferred my SIM card from Cricket into the phone it worked perfectly, including the phone functioning as a mobile hot spot from my mobile data.

    So, all in all, I’m into a 5g, unlocked Samsung Galaxy at a fraction of the cost of a new one and couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase.

  2. michael

    I got the phone faster than it said which was great. I got the phone and the charging port is broke. Half time works to charge and the other times does nothing. I reached out to the company and all they can do is have me delete the hole phone and send back for a different one. Which means I lose everything I transferee to this phone. Or buy another phone and then return the broke one. So to me it’s lose lose. The phones are suppose to be inspected hmm not so much.

  3. david

    llegó dos días antes, es un producto de calidad es prácticamente nuevo y funciona muy bien.

  4. Me, Not You

    Update: customer service was surprisingly quick to respond. The phones are actually unlocked, you just have to keep setting the phone up as if it is wifi only, and then your sim card starts working anyways. Love the phone! But there were some apps on there that I definitely don’t think come with the phone, but they were no problem to uninstall. Love the phone, love the camera, in good condition (a couple small scratches on one screen, plus some app icons can always be very faintly seen (likely scorched into the screen)) though advertised as excellent.

    Initial review:
    Couldn’t even use it. We bought 2 and were super excited for them, but when they arrived, neither would work because neither had a Verizon SIM Card. Reaching out to the seller to see what’s going on, but super disappointing.

  5. I. Ortega

    Buen producto, de entiende que es un producto renovado por tanto no esperas accesorios originales. El equipo llego en la fecha establecida, el estado físico del equipo es muy eceptable, con un ligero detalle en el borde inferior izquierdo pero solo si lo evalúas con lupa. Funcionalidad al 100%. La bateria al 95%. Opera con cualquier Carrier, ya que lo he utilizado con dos SIM distintas. Lo recomiendo sin duda. No solo te ahorras una buena cantidad de dinero al comprar un artículo renovado, sino que además apoyas a no generar tantos residuos por este tipo de productos. Es el segundo equipo renewed que adquiero y no decepciona la relación calidad/precio.

  6. Brandon CM

    Llevo 48 hrs con el Samsung Galaxy S20 y me parece excelente. El producto llegó en una caja genérica con cargadores genéricos, y el teléfono en un excelente estado. La pantalla, batería, costados y parte trasera están impecables. Tenía mis dudas sobre comprar un producto renewed pero ahora altamente lo recomiendo. La salud de la batería es muy buena arriba del 98%.
    Continuaré usando el producto Durante los tres meses de garantía en caso de tener algún problema lo devolveré. (Aunque francamente dudo que eso llegue a pasar).

  7. Shane

    I was nervous about buying a used phone but let me just say that the phone was as described, excellent condition. The phone doesn’t even look like it’s been used, I checked all around the phone and there was only one tiny little scratch on the screen that’s not even noticeable. This was a big upgrade from my S7, it was time to let that one go lol. I messed up and chose the verizon version of this phone instead of unlocked because I am with US cellular so now I have to go to verizon and get a new SIM card and switch carriers, which I don’t mind at all. Overall a really good, fast phone and I am satisfied. The camera quality is nice too.

  8. Baptiste

    El aparato llegó como nuevo, sin problemas estéticos.

    He recibido el modelo S20 5G (SM-G981U1) con 128 GB de almacenamiento y 12 GB de RAM. Mejor que la descripción.

    Llevo casi un mes usándolo y todo está perfecto. Mi tarjeta SIM de Telcel funcionó sin problemas y acabo de instalar la última actualización de OneUI 4.0.

    Todo es realmente perfecto, estoy muy contento con esta compra, aunque algunos comentarios me preocuparon un poco al principio.

    Tal vez tuve suerte, pero estoy muy contento de haber comprado este teléfono a este vendedor y puedo recomendarlo sin dudarlo. 10/10

  9. Jamie R

    Face recognition is wonderful! No issues at all.. battery life is nothing special but lasts all day. Fingerprint recognition is terrible. I do have a screen protector on it with a cut out for finger print but it doesn’t help at all. Also the phone’s sim card tray was supposed to have a slot for SD card, well it didn’t so I wasn’t able to transfer my SD card to my new phone. Google photos is usually my default. I can not set it to save my life. Having a hard time getting photos on my smartwatch 4 as well. Since my SD card isn’t available, my photos are not and can’t get Google photos to come up on watch… Other than that, I’m happy. Especially for the price.

  10. Boyie

    I ordered this phone as a gift for my niece and she was wowed by it’s many features including 5G. But she said that there was no SD card slot which defied explanation as I had also sent a 512gb micro SD card. I contacted Amazon and explained the situation but they wrote back with instructions as if, as a current owner of an S20 Ultra and a long time user of Galaxy phones, I needed coaching. However, Amazon apologized for the error and was willing to reimburse me but how was I supposed to return the thing when it was already out of the country!
    So beware of this should you purchase the refurbished S20 as some models will not support external memory.

  11. 3kpagesperyear

    We just upgraded from our old S7’s to these S20’s. Love the additional power of the phone, the battery life is easily double the old S7 (even with more frequent use during the day than what we typical did on our S7’s). Screen resolution is super, camera is great.

    The things we didn’t like are:
    – the phone is slippery, especially with the curved front glass on the long edges of the phone
    – the slim/lightweight style phone cases that protected the S7 won’t protect the front glass on the S20, so you either have to never drop your phone, or you have to get a heavy, bulky phone case, which kinda defeats the purpose of having a thin, lightweight phone
    – depending on how you’re holding the phone, the curved edge can allow the phone to think that your holding fingers are actually trying to touch the screen and get interpreted as finger presses, which can lead to unexpected things happening on the screen or no action at all when you try to press a screen button or scroll with your other hand (because nothing happens since the phone thinks your holding finger is doing something). So you have to hold the phone the ‘right way’ to make sure the screen works. Unlike Steve Jobs, I don’t think you should have to hold your phone a ‘certain’ way in order for it to work correctly.
    – The curved edges make the front glass easy to shatter if you drop it front-glass down (see attached pic). Even with this little damage to the screen, the screen is half white, which makes the phone completely non-functional.
    – It costs *more* to replace the screen than to buy a new phone (as of 10/26/22, screen replacement is $270, and the new phone with tax is $230).
    – The phone doesn’t support a micro-sd card.
    – The phone doesn’t have the nifty blinking blue/red/green LED on the S7 that let you know if you had a missed call, notification, or low battery. I miss that feature.

    So, while it is a great phone and screen, the practical issues involved in everyday use fall short. We can’t recommend this phone.

    We are now looking at the S20 FE, which has a flat screen like the S7, a plastic backside (unlike the S20’s glass backside), which we think will be a much better choice for our needs.

    Note that the S20 FE as a new phone cost less than the S20, but the refurb’d FE’s cost more than the refurb’d S20’s. I think this is the marketplace voting that the FE is a better practical phone than the S20 flagship. And the FE front screen replacement only costs $150, which is a deal since you are much less likely to break the glass on the FE.

  12. Lester cruz

    El dispositivo me llego en buen estado, dentro de la fecha establecida.
    no vi detalles, llevo casi un mes de probarlo no le veo ninguna falla, un pequeño rallo en la parte donde están los botones de bajar y subir volumen, de ahi en fuera todo bien, pantalla 10 de 10, bateria trabaja como nuevo, todo le funciona.
    ya que la garantía cubre 3 meses sigo en fase de prueba para ver que no tenga alguna falla a la larga por eso pongo 4 estrellas.
    pero no creo que tenga fallas lo veo muy excelente.

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