Apple iphone 11 pro price in us dollars, 256GB, Space Gray

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Apple iPhone 11 pro price in us dollars, 256GB, Space Gray

  • Apple iPhone 11 pro price in us dollars This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket, Metro, Tracfone, Mint Mobile, etc.).
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a generic (Mfi-certified) charger and charging cable.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm’s length.
Product Dimensions

7 x 5 x 4 inches

Item Weight

0.023 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies


Display technology


Other display features


Device interface - primary


Form Factor



Space Gray

Included Components

Adapter, USB Cable


Apple Computer

Date First Available

October 29, 2019

11 reviews for Apple iphone 11 pro price in us dollars, 256GB, Space Gray

  1. Tim Gosser

    It’s way better to get Amazon renewed compared to any old joe of a company selling it but they still don’t go by everything they promise. I ordered this and it has scratches on the camera lens and it’s banged up, but other than that the whole exterior is great. The only problem is they boast a 90% battery health or above for AR but mine came at 85%. Not a super big deal to me but if that’s something you’re concerned about then make sure you know what you’re getting into.

  2. Ernesto López

    Es mi primer iPhone y estaba nervioso (como muchos de ustedes que leen esto) y no sabía si era seguro, me animé porque después de todo Amazon enviaba la compra, me llegó en un día y en la caja que se muestra en la foto, que la verdad no está nada mal. El celular venía impecable y con un estado de batería al 99%, sin rasguños en la parte trasera (en la delantera no parce tener nada, ya viene una mica por lo que se agradece)

    En fin, si quieren probar iPhone y casi a mitad de precio, es una buena opción. 😀

  3. Bradley A. Rindfleisch

    This was was an upgrade purchase for my daughter. We don’t believe in buying $1,000+ phones for teenagers. Amazon’s Refurbished was a welcomed gift! The phone comes well packaged and is in great shape. It works like new, as promised! But, it took us MANY HOURS to finally get this phone set-up and info transfered over. Here are some learned tips for set-up: First, fully charge the new phone and your old phone. If possible, leave them both plugged in during the process. We learned that your old phone needs to be at least 50% charged before it will even start the transfer process. Don’t bother backing up your old phone to the iCloud beforehand. It’s much faster to wait and do that with the new phone after all is said and done. Your first step, go into the new phone and in Settings, go into General, then update the software to the latest version. We had many issues with the process stalling and then we would finally get an error message? This wasted a lot of time! It’s so much quicker to update that software first, though it will take awhile (not lying). Once the software on the new phone is updated, then start the transfer process with your old phone. It will take a while (maybe 30 minutes). Once the whole thing transfers, your new phone will work and everything on the screen will look like your old phone. Here’s the one thing we did not think about, you will still need a new SIM card from your Carrier. They are free. Simply go to your Carrier’s store and explain that you bought a used phone and they will give you one. After everything is all set-up, call your carrier with your old phone and they will talk you through the process of installing the new SIM into the new phone. They will even test it out with you online until it works. Amazon Refurbished is guarranteed and definitally cheaper than other sites. The phone arrives fast too! After all is said and done, wipe the old phone to factory settings and remove the SIM card. Then you are all set! Newer phone at a cheaper price, it’s guarranteed, and my daughter is totally happy with it!

  4. TheScoskopp

    I declined to leave a unboxing video & picture on this one as its the 2nd device I’ve bought from this store/seller in a month, technically 3 in total from one of their affiliates. So , I’ll start with delivery & packaging , in my profession ( CyberSec/OSINT ) this is very important detail
    , it will typically tell the rest of your experience. They did great with shipping times, the got it to me early which is always welcomed and as promised came with a very generic charging block & cable and the device that’s about it and it all works great!. I will also say their
    after market packaging they used was actually very professional and looked great, sealed with care . There was some paperwork on the side I highly suggest reading as its about your warranty and thus is important. Remember you pay for what you get, especially with Iphones. I use Android and IOS in business, I bought a brand new 2021 NEW flagship android device for $320 less than this product but what I paid extra for was that Amazon renewed guarantee which not only promises your device to come with certain prerequisites like over 90% battery life etc BUT it comes with a one year warranty as well as a great return policy which is also a year. I saw alot of mixed reviews , and the details is where you need to look . This company/store did a great job. With its presentation, Now I’m not going to go to deep I go i to a deep review on the device as a iphone is a iphone, is a iphone. I have owned every model ,this was a replacement for me aside from business use. This would have been 5 stars all around given the check star system Amazon has in place However, for example the battery I gave 4 stars, it did come with 90% battery in its bank but like most Iphones unless it’s a new battery and has been conditioned ( charged ) properly the battery life is not great on any pro model unless it’s the max versions but it will do most great and as expected. The forest green was a color I loved and was out of stock when I bought it new so that was a nice addition vs the green iphone 12 pro I have which a total different shade of green. So I bought a bundle , a recommended case and some tempered glass screen protectors, I will say as they are sufficient, I made a common mistake as I do like to pay for convienance these bundles are not always the most cost effective route. Do yourself a favor & look around, so my total was about $730 , the phone itself was priced decent enough but remember that tax is going go be a least $50 added to the device. The phone came 100% Factory Unlocked as advertised and in great shape , the only blemish which I wasn’t heartbroken about However for that kind of money and knowing how inexpensive it is to fix the glass as I’ve done it many of times, there was a decent scratch at the top near the top speaker HOWEVER, I am a tad OCD about things like that especially when spending that kind of money and having actually bought 3 devices Factory Unlocked I have a high standard. I think most people wont take a 2nd look at it. Just a side note, the resell and value system of used Iphones especially are still very off in 2022 considering for another $150 I could’ve just bought the iPhone 13 NEW. That said, that has nothing to do with this seller or store just a observation as my business is in all tech. At the end of the day,I can o my fairly go off of what I git & my experience. I am highly impressed and happy with this purchase. This store/seller took great care in its delivery time, its great packaging, everything came as advertised and product for all Intensive purposes is basically NEW. After 3 devices both IOS & Android , I would not hesitate to do business with this company again. Don’t second guess these guys , in reality this was a 5 star sale . They did great business and as I said I was willing to pay more as yes you can find this de ice cheaper all day BUT you are gambling , when it co es to stuff like this I can’t stress enough you get what you pay for. The device was perfect, again great presentation, Factory unlocked,ive tested it on over 20 GSM carriers thus far and I paid for a great product but a peace of mind for a full year , it has a great warranty, and I have no plans of a return but that option is there if you want it . They did great, I am happy and would buy again!

  5. Gabriel E. Gallo

    El aparato llegó empacado en una caja genérica (como era de esperarse), con un cargador y cable también genéricos. El aspecto del aparato es impecable, no tiene ningún rasguño o señal alguna de uso previo. Venía con todo y un vidrio templado ya preinstalado.

    Sólo la instalación de mi AppleID fue algo trabajosa, porque el aparato no venía actualizado y pidió que se actualizara a la última versión del iOS para poder trasladar mis contenidos de mi viejo iPhone.

  6. Adrie

    I bought this phone because my previous one was cracking a lot, (back glass). But I’m so glad I got this. The back is like a matte material. It’s small and fits in my hand perfectly. And it came in perfect condition. There was a little water mark on the back but you could only see it from an angle. I have started to notice the phone dies at 7% though. It’s not that big of a deal to me but it should be mentioned. Overall I absolutely love this phone, I think it will last me a few years😁

  7. Akwinder Singh

    I got mines for a good price around $359. No scratches on the front screen nor the back or the sides. Battery life is good the only side effect I found was that it heats up pretty fast. Every app works perfectly fine. If you are looking for a bigger size phone I wouldn’t recommend the iPhone 11 Pro but I would recommend the iPhone pro MAX just a few dollars more wouldn’t hurt for a good value. It came with a charger and a USB cube but I would also recommend to get a legit apple cord and usb cube to charge the phone. Please read the instructions when you buy this phone, the cheaper ones are the ones that are a little big damaged and the higher prices are the ones that aren’t.

  8. Jair Balleza

    Comprar un celular Renewed con Amazon es equivalente a comprar un semi nuevo certificado con garantía de 3 meses, es la 3era vez que compro un renewed y siempre superan mis expectativas , llegó súper rápido , desbloqueado, detalles mínimos 9.5/10 ( solo los rayones normales que se les hacen a los iPhone con bordes de acero inoxidable) batería con condición al 96% funciona todo al 100% y si dejara de hacerlo Amazon te respalda durante 3 meses, sin duda una excelente compra

  9. Erika Maldonado

    Es una estafa!
    Me llego un libro!

  10. Lixania

    The Phone was in excellent and all but condition but the battery health was not that good. The battery health was 87% I thought that it would be around 90% to 100% because I got it in excellent condition. I was thinking that they only look out on the outside of the phone and not the inside of the phone or the battery health.

  11. Reyna Hernandez Hernandez

    Cuando recién abrí el producto se veía en perfectas condiciones. Ni un solo rasguño. Mi primer duda fue al encenderlo. No funcionó el botón de encendido. Después de encenderlo al conectarlo con el cable de luz inicie el proceso de configuración. El celular constantemente se bloqueaba y se escuchaba el sonido típico de bloqueo de los iPhone. Era imposible usar el móvil así, sin embargo después de un tiempo logré configurarlo. Intenté actualizarlo a la versión iOS 14.3 (la última a este día) con la esperanza de que esto solucionara el problema, sin embargo, al estarse instalando se apagó el móvil (pienso que por el falso que tenía el botón lateral) y al apagarse al actualizarse el firmware quedó inservible y no funcionó más, solo encendiendo en modo recuperación. Intenté actualizarlo y recuperarlo desde iTunes, sin embargo, me marcaba error una y otra vez y lamentablemente, después de varios intentos, tuve que devolverlo. Por lo visto fue una falla del Hardware que no “reacondicionaron” al sacarlo a la venta. He leído reseñas muy buenas y otras nada buenas sobre los celulares reacondicionados y creo que es cuestión de suerte, por eso es que ya hice la orden de otro celular en espera de la devolución de este.

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