Apple iPhone XS Max, US Version, 64GB, Space Gray – Unlocked (Renewed)

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  • This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket, Metro, Tracfone, Mint Mobile, etc.).
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a generic (Mfi certified) charger and charging cable.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm’s length.
Product Dimensions

7 x 5 x 4 inches

Item Weight

8 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




Wireless communication technologies


Display technology


Other display features


Device interface - primary


Form Factor



Space Gray

Included Components



Apple Computer

Date First Available

November 7, 2018

13 reviews for Apple iPhone XS Max, US Version, 64GB, Space Gray – Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. Jaleel Middleton

    I typically NEVER leave a review but I felt like it was VERY NECESSARY to do so. Time & time again.. I’m sure you’re online & wanting to treat yourself to something (a gift) until you click the reviews & your expectations are met with complaints by individuals who are (quite frankly) overly critical! I get it.. you are spending money on something.. but ruining someone’s experience/expectations because “the up button doesn’t CLICK with the appropriate sound” is ridiculous! I just had to get THAT out of the way.. forgive my rant..

    As for this product itself.. as the title reads..
    BUY THIS PHONE! I’m not sure if I just got extremely lucky or not but.. this phones LOOKS & PERFORMS like BRAND NEW! Seriously! Perhaps it was whoever owned this particular phone prior but.. I hit the jackpot! No scratches on the screen.. no scratches on ANY glass surface (to which this phone is made mostly of glass it seems).. I originally had the iPhone XR & was looking for a phone with a larger screen. As terrible as it sounds, I never knew the iPhone XS MAX existed. I came across by accident. To me.. this is basically the XR’s upgrade. Larger screen & literally does everything just like the XR. The only exception is the PHENOMENAL OLED presentation over the LED of the XR. Order yourself a case & screen protector ahead of purchasing this device but you WILL NOT regret it! BUY THIS PHONE & enjoy! It feels expensive too. 👍🏽🙂

  2. Mr. Mac. Harris

    Excellent purchase

  3. Merritt Wiley

    Purchasing a renewed cell phone involves 4 critical (and inseparable) buying decision components. Each component is as important as the hardware itself, and all 4 components make-up the Buyer’s final buying decision and subsequent purchase experience:
    1) The Hardware
    2) The Warranty and Related Seller Assurances
    3) The Customer Service (pre & post purchase)
    4) Overall value of the purchase

    Unlike a new, factory-fresh telephone; a renewed telephone has a greater risk of failure, long-term usability issues and cosmetic imperfections. The obvious reason for this is a phone’s unknown history of use, maintenance/care, and ultimate reconditioning processes.

    The following will describe, in as much objective detail as is possible, my recent purchase of an iPhone XS Max from the Amazon Renewed Premium program. I will briefly describe myself, as an Amazon Buyer, to add helpful context

    To date, I have made 697 purchases with Amazon across 3 accounts in the US, Mexico and UK. My return ratio is 2.3%. Purchases mainly include high-end electronics (computers, phones, printers, networking gear, headphones, etc.) and unique household items. I am a Prime member who maintains and gifts book related subscriptions, and regularly gift Amazon Echo devices to family members. In short, our household(s) use Amazon frequently and Amazon has become “a family friend” that we have learned to rely on.

    1 – Hardware . iPhone XS Max – The Apple flagship of late 2018

    The packaging was a 9”x 5” x2” white Amazon box with the phone and a charging cable. The white box was placed in 12’ x 10’ x 5” with 3 small bubbles. The white box “rattled around” in the outer packaging.

    The exterior of the phone was clean and scratch-free. The screen was protected with a sheet of soft plastic.

    Battery Health = 88%. Unlocked = Fully. iOS received = 14. iOS updated to 15.5.

    The configuration of the phone was a “quirky” and the screen flickered from time-to-time. Because of this, I called Apple Support (I have an account) to help evaluate the phone and assist with the configuration and pairing to my existing Apple accounts. The TSR connected with the iPhone XS Max and diagnosed that there were issues with the display module and (possibly) the antenna. The inability of the phone to recognize most nearby Bluetooth devices was thought to be the caused by the antenna issue. The Apple TSR suggested I return the phone. At this point, I had the phone for approximately 6 hours.

    Disappointed (I needed the phone and had already purchased another $65 of accessories), I agreed with the Apple TSR and she helped me annotate the precise reasons for her diagnosis. My next step was to contact Amazon, for the promised Premium Support, to describe the issues.

    2 – Warranty and Related Seller Assurances

    I contacted the main Amazon Prime number and described the issues (At this point, I was in possession of the phone for less than 20 hours). I was transferred to another department that handled Amazon Renewed Premium matters.

    Rep 1 – after describing the issues to the Rep and the Apple diagnosis, the Rep agreed with the Apple TSR and suggested I return the phone. I opted to have the purchase price refunded to me (to have some time to consider my next purchase options and availability). The Amazon Renewed Premium Rep told me it could take up to 180 days for a refund! I asked to speak with a Supervisor.

    Supervisor – agreed the phone should be returned and stated that the return policy allowed up to 180 days but said that 25 days after they received the unit was more normal. She also stated that I had to pay for the shipping from Mexico back to the US (which has not been not normal for returns from Mexico since 2015). Is this a new “standard return policy”? Why was it not clearly described on the website, they knew where it was going?

    I paid extra for the Amazon Renewed Premium phone and the assurances that I would be fully satisfied. When I made the purchase, that assurance gave me a “warm fuzzy feeling” and the confidence to complete the purchase of the phone.

    3 – Customer Service (pre & post purchase)

    Pre-Purchase: Went smoothly. I read all of the materials, decided on the higher costs Amazon Renewed Premium version and paid for it. The order was placed on 11 May and it was received at my home in Cuernavaca, Mexico on 15 May. I paid USD 525.70 ($429.00 – phone, $8.24 – shipping & handling and $88.46 for the import fees deposit). Please note the cost of shipping.

    Post-Purchase: Not a good experience. Details can be provided, upon request. To make a long story short, the refund and return process was an unexpected shock. The hardware/phone is defective and I promptly reported it. There was no reason for the sub-par treatment of the return. I offered to pay for the return but asked Amazon to arrange it through their low-cost contract rates – they refused. My cost for the return (via DHL) would be USD 95.35 and a 3-hour round trip drive to the nearest DHL office. Since 2015, I have not been asked to pay for the return of a defective device. Even DHL (the contract RMA carrier for Amazon) was surprised that I had to pay, and they handle Amazon returns every day.

    4 – Overall Value of the iPhone Purchase

    I securely packed the iPhone XS Max to assure it would arrive safely, and sent it via DHL at a cost of USD 95.35. That now brings the cost of this phone to $621.05.

    Despite the claims that Amazon will reimburse me for shipping, I have been told by an Amazon Prime Rep that I can expect to be reimbursed no more than $20 for the return. If true, I will take at least a $73.35 loss on this purchase.

    I will not purchase another phone until I have received the full refund for this one. That means I will be without a phone for up to 180 days.

    Buying a renewed phone has not been the experience I was hoping for. The hardware was defective and the warranty/assurances/services I believed I was getting when buying from Amazon Renewed Premium did not materialize.

    Summary Rating

    1 Star – Hardware (iPhone XS Max) – defective
    1 Star – Warranty and Relate Seller Assurances
    1 Star – Customer Service
    1 Star – Overall Value

    Again, when buying a renewed product, it is impossible to detach the actual product (hardware) from the other components of the purchase. It is simply the nature of selling and buying renewed products.

  4. Nova Jadore

    I love the phones! They’re beautiful!

  5. david

    Product showed a lil late due to the holidays, but when I got it it looked great. This is a great price for refurbished phone. Swift delivery and it took the holiday scheduling to make it a little late.

  6. MrsS

    Be careful when buying a refurbished phone that’s not supplied by Amazon as if anything goes wrong, you have absolutely no comeback unless you retain the receipt.
    It is better to buy brand new

  7. Catherine

    The phone is great but the camera quality is not great

  8. Abraham J.

    Un poco de mi experiencia con Amazon renewed.
    Hice la compra de un xs max de 64 Gb, estuve analizando varios vendedores en Amazon renewed y todos tenían buenos comentarios y malos comentarios, también en internet vienen varias reseñas de compras de celulares en esta misma modalidad de renewed, algunos su experiencia fue muy buena y la de otros muy mala, es como si fuera al azar, en fin. Escribo esto un mes después de que adquirí el equipo y describiré lo malo y lo bueno
    Empezando por lo malo:
    1. El celular venía raspado de ambos cristales como se aprecia en las fotos, los cuales si se notan a un brazo de distancia, como si al dueño anterior se le hubiera caído en el asfalto sin funda protectora, así como los bordes del mismo, venían golpeados
    2. Trae ligeramente pantalla fantasma casi imperceptible pero si lo miras detalladamente se puede observar bien, con el modo oscuro no se nota
    3. La batería venía con 81% de vida (en eso estoy de acuerdo que Amazon menciona que llegan de 80% para arriba) sin embargo eso significa hacerle un cambio de batería en un futuro cercano.

    Ahora si los puntos buenos de mi compra:
    1. Llegó al día siguiente
    2. Viene con todas sus piezas originales, me tomé la molestia de usar una herramienta para escanear todo el hardware y viene como salió de fábrica
    3. A pesar de que la batería venía al 81% le dura poco más de 24 horas en un uso normal
    4. Funciona Face ID
    5. La pantalla es la original (nada mas ese detallito que mencioné anteriormente)
    6. Aparentemente nunca se ha abierto el equipo
    7. Las cámaras funcionan perfectamente
    8. La pantalla no venía estrellada (solo raspada)
    9. Si venía liberado de fábrica como lo mencionan

    Si bien en mi caso no me fue tan mal al adquirir este iPhone he visto unos comentarios que no son tan satisfactorios pero como digo es cuestión de suerte, supongo

    Estaré actualizando este comentario si algo más se llegará a presentar, les recuerdo que esto lo escribo con un mes usándolo

  9. Jason

    The quality of the device was really good, the only complaint was the battery was below performance, they may have overlooked this in the refurbishment process, the seller did make it better and provided a small refund to assist with me getting the battery replace at Apple. They get 5 stars just for taking ownership and making it right, would definitely buy from seller kanga supply again

  10. Sheila

    It’s been a long time since I made this purchase (1 1/2 years ago) and this seller is legit battery works just fine with everyday normal use and camera is fantastic all in all a trustworthy seller with a very satisfied purchase!!

  11. Alejandro Iglesias

    El equipo llego antes de lo esperado, la bocina de la parte superior esta dañada y el sonido se distorsiona, pasando de eso todo funciona normal, la estética muy mal trae dos golpes considerables en las esquinas y la pantalla muy rallada una estética 5 de 10, no volvería a comprar un articulo usado, por lo que se pago podrian tener mejores filtros para valorar los equipos y revisarlos mucho mejor.

  12. Fire Boy

    I bought this device when it first came out back then it was 1000 and some dollars was actually a waste of money I bought this phone kind of skeptical of how the battery life would be, but I have to say it holds up well the the updates run on it very nicely. It might freeze every now and then but you just got to do a restart and getting a battery case to put on it makes me have extra confidence. I will always have a charge. I do recommend this product.

  13. Juan Jose Alonso Bustamante

    El producto llegó como lo menciona la descripción, la parte de vidrio de atrás intacta, el touch sin problemas y solo traía pequeños rayones en la parte de metal donde se encuentran los botones, nada que afecte el rendimiento del dispositivo.

    Desgraciadamente este tipo de compras llevan mucho riesgo, así como se pueden encontrar dispositivos rayados y con problemas, el mío tiene más de 2 meses de uso y la batería sigue en un 100% de capacidad.

    No esperes mucho también, el teléfono llego en excelentes condiciones, sin embargo, no traen audífonos, solo el cable y convertidor de corriente (genéricos).

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