Apple iPhone 12 Mini, 64GB, Black – T-Mobile (Renewed)

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  • This device is locked to T-Mobile only and not compatible with any other carrier.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a charger and charging cable that may be generic, in which case it will be UL or Mfi (Made for iPhone) Certified.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm’s length.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.

9495 reviews for Apple iPhone 12 Mini, 64GB, Black – T-Mobile (Renewed)

  1. Chelsea Engelhard

    About 2 weeks ago I ordered a 12 mini and after receiving it i was disappointed to find that the product wasn’t working in a fully functioning order. The audio wasn’t playing from the bottom speaker. After addressing the situation i reached out to the company for a exchange for a functioning phone. About 24hrs later they responded saying they would give me an exchange free of charge. Im extremely impressed considering i didn’t have to pay a dime to send the broken phone back. And the best part is that the replacement came in better condition on the outside. Would recommend just be aware that you might not receive a functional phone. 100% Will buy from them again!

  2. Mik Luk

    This was the first time I bought a used phone and so I was happy to see that it had no cosmetic blemishes, as advertised by its “excellent” condition rating. When I finally got through to the settings (long story below), I was also happy to see that its battery health is 92%, again as advertised (90% or greater guaranteed). One surprise was that it came with a screen protector installed, which is great, but it would have been nice to know beforehand so I did not have to buy my own.

    One suggestion that I would make for sellers of used iPhones is to update them to the latest iOS version. When I first tried to transfer my old iPhone to the new iPhone through the iOS setup process, I got to the software update’s “Install Now” step and it just hung. I tried twice, having to reset to factory settings each time it hung. I found an Apple Support Community discussion which said to go through the setup wizard as if it is a totally new iPhone (not transferring anything from the existing iPhone), entering the WiFi password manually and then doing the software update. (It was once I had gone through the setup as a new iPhone that I was finally able to see the battery health.) After that, resetting the phone again and choosing the transfer iPhone option finally worked. Putting in the SIM card from my old iPhone to the new iPhone was straightforward and there were no issues using the phone on my wireless carrier.

  3. Alberto Guerrero Tienda

    Con madre me llego, cero fallas todo good, no me llego con rayones ni roto, nadaa y pila al 100% de capacidad

  4. JC

    The phone was intact, good battery, everything seemed fine, but its ok,
    its just the mic on speaker phone it is too low
    but so far so good

  5. Omar Noriega

    Me llegó con el 85% de batería. Intacto, sin rayaduras y sin golpes. Fue una excelente compra. 100% recomendado.

  6. Ashle

    My phone works perfectly! I love it and I have not had any problems with it so far. Battery life is better than expected, I have read many reviews on this and I wasn’t expecting the best battery life but it gets me through a day easily. Some days I even failed to charge it at night and woke up with the battery still on 20%. I’m sure I could get a lot better battery life with a pro max version but I am perfectly happy with the battery life of this phone. Other than battery, the phone works great. Face ID wasn’t working at first but I realized that all I need to do is hold it farther away from my face and it registers just fine. I think I would prefer Touch ID. I have also noticed that my internet is not working over data and I’m not sure why. I have been having to use wifi to go on the internet, but since I have an Xfinity account I can use their hotspots and this pretty much solves my problem. Overall I’m very happy with my new phone and I would recommend this phone anyone who needs a new phone. I bought the phone in “acceptable” condition and I was surprised by the flawless condition of my phone, no scratches or anything. Definitely worth the money!

  7. Yerik

    El producto llegó bien el día que se indicó llegó con 85% de condición de batería y su estética de 9 solo tenía pequeños rasguños que no se notan a simple vista solo si te pones a buscarlos, llegó con un cable genérico y pues todo lo que se me indicó, si funcionamiento es excelente, libre para cualquier compañía, para ser la primera vez te compré un celular por Amazon, es excelente, si lo piensas comprar vale totalmente la pena ya que parece que está nuevo no tiene ninguna falla ni piezas desconocidas, solo el único punto malo es la batería, bueno para mí uso no me alcanza así que si piensas en comprar un teléfono mini ten en cuenta que la batería no te pueda rendir lo suficiente pero fuera de eso está excelente

  8. Juliet B Christopher

    While I am completely satisfied with what I got, I was made anxious by the fact that there was little to no communication between me and the product stages. I was never told when it was processed, never received updates on location for the product and I paid two day shipping. While Amazon maintained the idea that it would be delivered on the 6th at 10pm, I was never told when it was even out for delivery! I was at college in the middle of class at 6:45pm when it was dropped off. I know and realize that they did complete the agreement of 2 day shipping but I ordered the phone at the end of February and they couldn’t process or ship it until the Friday BEFORE the deadline? Kinda ridiculous that I even paid two day at that point. I would ask for a refund but they fulfilled their contract with little time to spare, but it’s complete none the less.

    As for the phone: All in all, for a refurbished mini, I expected the battery life to be equal if not a little less than my current SE (2nd gen). I was right as it arrived with 86%. Not awful, what I’m used to. The phone works well and runs as smooth as I could have hoped. Set up between two iPhones is a breeze now and I highly recommend the direct transfer over the iCloud if you’re someone like me who has had Apple devices since 2011 (I don’t need to text my peers from high school or my ex boss…). The color purple was stunning and everything I wanted! No dings or dents in the body or on the screen. I have loved this phone since it came out as I have tiny hands and gripping this phone makes it feel like I have normal sized hands!

    To summarize: The phone is great, the processing and order fulfillment barely passed requirements with a lack of communication. For an expensive purchase, I expect to get updates as regularly as I do my weights I ordered.

  9. Theodore S. Andrews

    Like the size a lot. Phone has a couple of scrapes on frame but screen and back are new looking. Price was very reasonable, recommend used phones to save a lot of money.

  10. Theodore S. Andrews

    Love the phone looks and works like new. Battery is not crazy but it holds. Love smaller size can use it with one hand when for a bigger phone you need both. So far so good time will tell. Happy with the purchase even more than I expected.

  11. tootalltonya

    Muy bien

  12. Cesar

    El teléfono está en perfectas condiciones y la capacidad de la batería es buena, muy recomendado

  13. Romric

    Ordering this phone was great, phone had no scuffs or scratches felt & looked brand new, phone was just as responsive as a brand new iPhone. Everything was great on the phone, the only issue I had was with the battery life, when the phone came it was already on 85% battery life. But hey other than that it’s still a great purchase would be a great phone for younger children/teens

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